Interview with sacked TV2 producer Chow Z Lam


Chou Z Lam, a former TV2 producer sacked after two parts of his 10-episode documentary series on the jinxed Bakun Dam were screened, speaks his mind.

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29 May 2010 9.44pm

RTM most likely owns the copyright of the documentary, so he can’t simply release it to alternative media.

1) … leak it on the net via torrents/file sharing and let it spread like wild fire.

2) Remake the series based on his research. Hmm… RTM probably owns his research too.

28 May 2010 5.12pm

ya, Lam, air it through other media…

be brave…be bold…

28 May 2010 10.30am

The price been paid dearly in Sibu by election!
These (people) are responsible for what Karmic effect has on the Malaysian political, social & economic events unfolding day by day.
Chow Z Lam is now more blessed than ever after this sordid sacking done by evil pepetrators of media sensorship.
The Universal Law of Cause & Effect is never more real than in Malaysia.

28 May 2010 8.06am

Chow Z lam could have shed some light on how Sime Darby lost millions in the Bakun project.

Maybe this is what BN does not want us to know?

clear conscience
clear conscience
28 May 2010 5.00am

Why don’t you air it yourself in alternative media instead through RTM?

D Khaw
D Khaw
27 May 2010 8.58pm

Lam, not to worry. God is great. Those responsible will pay a price just like what happened recently in Subang Jaya