Industrial production limbo: How low can it go?



Industrial Production Index plunges further Source: Statistics Department

The old model is dying. It can never be business as usual again.

We have to come up with a new model to replace the old. A model that is more just, more sustainable, more resilient to external shocks, and ecologically friendlier.  A model that does not rely so heavily on FDI, which is rapidly drying up.  A model that empowers local communities, respects workers including local farmers, fisher folks and those involved in traditional trades. A model that puts people above profits. A model that can harmonise human activity with Nature.

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Anil, the ‘new’ model you state there sounds like having old abandoned virtues. Old does not necessarily mean bad as when good things are abandoned for bad ones. One of the main ones I’m interested in is simple – food security. There have been reports of land grabs in Indo-China and surrounding region, it is very apparent in Malaysia. The Port Klang fiasco originated in the ‘land grab’ problem. Dont know what supply displacement it had caused apart from the ugly money debacle. Money supply? Perhaps trade infrastructure in primary food has improved and may suggest different reading of food… Read more »


Frankly, I am extremely pessimistic regarding the future of the next generation in Bolehland.

The leaders are just incompetent and they have no vision at all.Mere talks, no walks.

The corruption is just too rampant and the burden on the shoulders of ordinary Rakyat is getting heavier day by day.

The recent stimulus package is a big let down. How it is going to increase the IPI is unclear.

However, many rich guys out there do not think so.They are still having gala time.

The people on the streets will have to suffer, no choice.



instead of harping about what the “new model” should have/look like/must have, can you just write it about it instead?