How politicians fail to see the people’s silent suffering


Politicians mistakenly believe that ordinary people are impressed with the big things – mega-projects and big-ticket announcements. But often it is the little things that matter.

Take, for instance, these four different episodes that show what ordinary people have to go through.

1) Lift breakdown at new Butterworth railway station

There is only one lift at the entrance to this station – and the alternative is walking up several flights of stairs.

What happens when one of the lifts is not working – as happened a couple of days ago?

Expectant mothers, senior citizens, some of whom walk with the help of a cane (see photo above), parents with children and tourists with lots of baggage have to walk gingerly up and down these steps. Full article on Aliran website

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Zunar the cartoonist sees racism or hate culture being a subject so common among some politicians these days to consolidate their influences.

Time for more to reject racism but the government must have the political will to avoid racial discriminations.


Are these not the responsibilities of those Majlis Bandaraya folks to turun padang and make improvements???

But this is Malaysia, most of them get gaji buta.
Need meritocracy and purge poor performers!

Xiao Xiong Kou

Civil servants still get their pay and bonuses regardless of their performance. So no incentive for them for continuos improvement.

Need real reform to pay and reward for performance.
Deadwoods should be purged.


Penang Gomen too over dependent on PFIs (Private Finance Initiatives) that Majlis Bandaraya opts to relax and let PFIs to run the show????

Yao Qiang

Mahathir said cost of living went up because of weak Ringhit, causing misery and suffering to rakyat.

But what makes Ringgit low in value?
Poor governance? Infighting among PH members?
Unclear succession plan?

Ask why Singapore dollar is 3x better than Ringgit.
Because of meritocracy! High productivity!

Dennis Lau

Cost of living is going up because most people willing to pay to dine in fancy restaurant s like Hai Do Lao and drink expensive bubble tea and Starbucks!

Be frugal, no excessive spending on branded stuff, especially on Lazada or Shopee!


Ordinary people vote in the government that in turn screws them.

Pay taxes yet nothing beneficial coming our way.

But important is to speak up your rights.

Milk Tea

The government is busy on flying cars that will help improve standard of living. We are heading towards third tier nation with clowns in the government and opposition.


We need people like you to show us the way. Now you are the savior the light and way of life. So don’t hide under the key board and kbkb. Penang and Malaysia needs you now


Mahathir’s prescription for the poor: “Do not wait for the government assistance as this would make us dependent on the government and those who depend on the government, surely they are not in a secured spot. On the contrary, they would be able to increase their income through their own efforts. “This is what the government officers need to inform the rakyat (people) from the poor community, why they need to work hard to address their problem and not to depend on financial aid from the government,” Mahathir said South Korea was behind Malaysia in terms of development, but… Read more »


Corruption and power abuse, which used to be at the top of people’s concerns in the run up to GE14, has now been relegated to sixth position, according to EMIR Research’s inaugural National Worry Index (NWI). The research, conducted between September 5 and October 10, polled 1,992 respondents with a 3 per cent margin error. The demographics from the total respondents were 65.6 per cent of Malay and Bumiputera, Chinese 28.2 per cent and Indian 6.2 per cent. Replacing corruption and power abuse at the top of Malaysians’ worry list were the cost of basic needs (86 per cent), unaffordable… Read more »


You want to play play with the new macc chief? Who think they are better than her? Try to test her mantle


Mohamad Hasan keps saying UMNO must change but the president is a massive (allleged) thief, Tajuddin of Salak talks like an uneducated, Bung Moktar is worse. How are they ever going to change. They have to remove these uneducated as MPs so that we have a parliment that has an intellectual discussion. We need a strong educated UMNO not an UMNO with (this kind of) mentality. Try that language somewhere else Tajuddin. You are not the most powerful, there is always others more powerful than you. You and Dung bring shame to UMNO when we desperately need a strong oppositition… Read more »


Cannot blame the infrequent ferry service when most cars prefer to use the two bridges? This is a possible cause and the ferry service need to cut cost to avoid more losses.


Our education minister is really clueless of education! He should focus on raising education standard and moving with technology rather than creating controversy! Spend more times in doing the most important things which is to help Malaysian to compete with the world not introducing useless policy after policy!!


Hong Kong residents who have chosen to move to Malaysia are drawn to this country as their second home for reasons such as property prices that can be five times cheaper and a less stressful environment to live in, financial paper The Edge’s property portal has reported.

A respite from property overhang?


PAS should first learn how to generate income for kelantan instead of depending on free income such as oil royalty. I was shocked to comprehend that PAS has taken loan from federal government to pay salary for its staffs and cover administration cost. PAS has been running the state for years yet unable to formulate an income scheme by realizing its available resources. This suggest, you are are not fit to administrate. If you are unable to be self sufficient despite administrating for years, how are you going to run the federal government if elected. I honestly believe PAS do… Read more »


“Malay hegemony “is still alive and well on matters considered ‘sensitive ‘to the Malays. The non-Malays must accept them without question. Unity and racial harmony, according to these Malay leaders, are predicated on this “sufferance” by the non-Malays.


Datuk Seri Najib Razak told the High Court today that he had delegated the management of his AmBank accounts to others, and “cannot” be held responsible if they misused their authority in conducting transactions.

“Accountability” is not in his dictionary.

Don Anamalai

Malaysia is doomed: – We are ruled by a kleptocrat for so many years who keep taking money from us. – Our economy is going down the drain under the rule of that kleptocrat. – When PH finally win & TDM became the PM we thought Malaysia is saved but so many issues plaguing is are not solved. There’s still a racist bunch running free, Zakir Naik still roaming free, racial divide is still apparent, Cina & India still being treated as a le datang, DSAI is still not a PM, our economy still bad, many modern global policy derecognized… Read more »


True but what the rakyat does not see is that issues like Zakir Naik, Chin Peng, Supposedly LTTE supporters, Jawi in Vernacular Schools, even TAR College funding etc. are MANUFACTURED/REMANUFACTURED to exploit the rakyat own weakness.. What the rakyat does not see is they too easily become tools of exploitation solely for power not for their interest.


We know Penang forum always want to exaggerate shortcomings, zoom in on minor issues, take advantage of temporary problem and make a mountain out of a molehill…but these are not suffering..these are inconveniences at most

Milk Tea

So you are saying we shouldn’t bother about the small stuff la? Like an empty tin, inside kosong right.


Have been telling tu lang who had been kbkb to go for election. You must stand as a candidate as you are so detail and care for sub atomic particles. Otherwise just another kbkb and empty vessel makes the most noise

Milk Tea

All for the looks and portfolio! Hard times ahead for Malaysians, the worst of all is the R&R part. Want to talk about race but don’t bother to reflect on themselves, typical low IQ talk.

Xiao Xiong Kou

Suffering is not silent at all.
It is so obvious among the Malaysians.

But many pretend to be ok? Bin Chui factor?


Parliament’s Public Accounts Committee (PAC) has called for an audit on the RM20 million in public funds invested in Aerodyne Ventures Sdn Bhd, the private firm behind the flying car project.

This is to scrutinise if the funds had been used for the project.


“Politicians mistakenly believe..”

No, they have very little belief of any sort including this. They do believe in the supreme faith: capitalism — that great wealth will provide pleasure and security, regardless of how they acquire it. They muffle negative feedback using layers of communication, protocol, etc. Even an unelected town council member styles himself YB. Unless you are Somebody, you can only contact his assistant.