How logging destroyed an ancient civilisation


What caused the disappearance of the Nasca people in Peru?

Archaeologists have discovered that the destruction of forests pushed the ancient civilisation, noted for their compex line drawings on the ground that are visible only from the air, across an ecological tipping point.

The loss of the forests exposed the area to the impact of the cyclical El Nino phenomenon and affected irrigation systems, they found.

This should hold important lessons for us as our own forests vanish at an alarming rate.

Check out the BBC report here.

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Kaki Tambak

I have been to the PG botanic gardens a few times. My gosh the monkeys are aggresive over there.

Gerakan K

No medicine available for these PR cheerleaders. Whatever good things are copyrighted, patented, and only available exclusively from PR. Even beer ban and female & male segregation are good. Pathetic state of mind. Such nonsense behaviour will be noticed by the public. For instance, another independent DUN join Gerakan instead of PR. So, dream on with your rhetoric.


Gerakan K,

Come on, Segregation is only practised in a state where the population is above 95% Muslims. Do not generalize ok? Do you have segregation in Kedah, Penang, Perak and Selangor? Perak, because it is legally and still is a PR state according to the constitution. It was robbed by BN.

Independent joining Gerakan is the only way for Gerakan, as if it is to contest any election, it can only dream of winning, as their chance is slim and none. Did anything change hands?

Cheers bro.

Gerakan K

I noticed that PR on the verge of collapsing. PKR secretary general has quit. The secretary general is an important post in any party. PKR also in legal battle with PRM. PKR supremo in sodomy trial. Tian Chua possibly be jailed if his appeal were gone wrong.


“… must be blind or anti-BN, during past 5 years, BN Government via its agency have planted 5 million trees.”

Yeah right! Oil Palm Trees.

During KTK times, our Botanic Garden was superb.

The trees or the monkeys?



Anil’s not even talking about BN you have to drag the whole Pakatan vs. BN thing into an article on environmental destruction.


Gerakan K

Hello blog owner,

you must be blind or anti-BN, during past 5 years, BN Government via its agency have planted 5 million trees. Enough say and look at our Botanic Garden. They simply can’t manage even money already allocated by Federal Government. During KTK times, our Botanic Garden was superb. Nowadays, I prefer stay at my own backyard.

Kaki Tambak

BN’s tree planting licensing is quite a grey area. Sometimes companies use this license to cut down the all timbers in the designates area and later planting oil palm on it. Essentially the forest is gone in the process and being replace by cash crops. Its common practice in Sarawak.


Gerakan K

Monies allocated by Federal Government is for Federal Projects. The project in Botanical Garden, please check is a Federal project, and kindly correct me if I am wrong. These Federal projects are to wreck the credibility of the PR Government. That is why the mess there.

I cannot blame you if you prefer to stay in your own backyard, really the Federal Government is such a mess. Just look at UMNO, MCA, MIC and Gerakan.