How bad is Sarawak deforestation?


Sarawak Chief Minister Taib Mahmud says that 70 per cent of the rainforest in Sarawak is intact and he is prepared to invite independent and international inspection teams to verify this.

But Mark Bujang, the executive director of Brimas, says that 85 per cent of Sarawak has been deforested. He says the Sarawak government includes plantations in its calculations of forest cover.

Aliran interviews Mark here.

Also take a look at this map on the Aliran website.

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Suraya Hamdan

I have written a little insight on deforestation of Sarawak, along with satellite imaging from a recent report published by Sarvision. Sarawak ministry has been known to be providing ‘far too optimistic’ report when it comes to land use report. More info here

(a little technical)


AS BAD AS NAZRI HEAD…too bad nothing more will be missing!!


I agree with Gerakan K on this one. The simple truth is that the bare-foot workers of East Malaysia don’t deal anywhere near directly with any of our least favourite ‘leaders’, they deal with the local urban bejewelerati who are the all-too-willing powerhouse behind the conversion of East Malaysia from one of the Earth’s most precious ecosystems into migrant cash. I have my extreme doubts that the urban bejewelerati will change their political affiliations at all while there is still swill in the trough. Neither are they likely to be affected by Semenanjung opinion, preferring to visit overseas to HK… Read more »

Gerakan K

Pek Moh so bad meh ??? Why people support Pek Moh for 3 decades ??? Is deforestation a must for the local people ???


YOU tell me, so bad meh? The Dayaks and the orang ulu are simple trusting natives of Sarawak, mostly living in extreme poverty and impoverish condition with no electricity, clean running water and paved roads into towns. They hadn’t the faintest idea for decades they were dealing with a man with no moral or ethical consideration, someone they thought was their leader! He and his lot were having free runs – curi tanah, curi balak for well over 3 decades while the rest of the Dayaks and Orang Ulu population live in dire poverty, illiteracy and ignorance and had no… Read more »


Gerakan K
Supporting 3 decades and still so poor. Aren’t they gullible. But you are not because you are worse than gullible cos you would sacrifice own yourself and r. for a pittance.

Deforestation will affect not only the local but the world as well. The issue is not just deforestation but the corruption that goes with it.


Who was that toothless Pek Moh trying to kid? No wonder all his teeth had dropped off! Lies and more lies, let’s hope the Hornbill will go peck off his dentures too! I heard him being interviewed over BBC aired in London some 2 weeks back when he said and I quote: “There’s 80% land still around in Sarawak and anyone who wants to verify what I said are free to do so but they must be independent on their own. Poverty has been eradicated to now at 4.5% from 40% when I inherited…..” WHAT?!! I thought I heard wrong.… Read more »


Conclusion, umno and taib hate google.

Google historical map and current map comparison , are cheap and easy way to discover deforestation.

This show how current Malaysia government corrupt…


I just left a comment on this article at Aliran – the interviewee suggests looking at Google Maps to see the amount of deforestation for yourself. What must be understood when one looks at Google Maps is that the imagery is often many years old. You can download and install Google Earth to see (sometimes) the age of the pictures you’re looking at. I just did that. I knew the pictures of my residential area were at least 5 years old, but the Earth application tells me they’re from 2003.