How about helping the poor at home first, Najib?


According to Najib, the government is willing to help Malays advance in other countries where they are a minority.

He said this when opening the the Malay World Muslim World (DMDI) forum’s ninth convention on 23 December, reports Malaysiakini.

The deputy premier said ethnic Malays in the Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Cambodia, South Africa and southern Thailand could be assisted.

What would have been the reaction if the deputy premier of India and the vice premier of China had offered to help the ethnic Indians and ethnic Chinese respectively in the various countries of South-East Asia? Wouldn’t the governments of this region have asked them to butt out, citing foreign interference in domestic affairs?

Najib’s statement is outrageous given that the plight of the poor at home: the struggling lower-income group of all ethnic groups, including the Malays, the non-Muslim bumiputera and Indians in this country.  Then there are the Orang Asli poor… And what about the plight of one the most marginalised groups in the country, the Penan, about a thouand of whom will now have to make way for the Murum Dam in Sarawak?  Let’s also not forget refugees, stateless people, and exploited migrant workers on our shores. How about lending them a helping hand?

Najib would be better off focusing on the small matter of a recession that is about to shake the country like never before. Thousands are expected to lose their jobs.

He should also be defending the right of all Malaysians to move freely in the country; he seems to have had little to say about PKR MP Gobalakrishnan, a Malaysian citizen, being denied entry into Sarawak.

The deputy premier’s comments on lending a helping hand abroad should be juxtaposed against MP Dr Jeyakumar’s observations about poverty in our backyard:

38 per cent of Malaysian families have a monthly household income of less than RM2,000. I believe that RM2,000 should be used as the poverty line and not the current unrealistic standard of RM720 per month for a family with three children. Only 5 per cent of Malaysian families have a monthly household income of less than RM720.

The second significant point is that the prevalence of poverty among non-Malay bumiputera groups is much higher than that of the Malay community – 25.8 per cent of Kadazan families and 35.8 per cent of Orang Asli families receive household incomes of less than RM1,000 compared to 9.9 per cent of Malay families. Numerically, however, Malays still make up a huge majority of the poor in Malaysia because of their population size.

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Do what you can for your OWN country and NOT do what you can for the OTHER countries, …


It is quite fortunate umnoputra do not take away whatever you have in Malaysia, you expect help for the poor from him????


Don’t believe to a word our future PM of Malaysia had said. He is just trying to impress the world and specifically the rural people of the country. Come on lah, charity starts at home. If, you walk the streets of our wet market see how many beggars can you rope in and please help them. Don’t use our tax payers money to help others when you can’t even solve our local povery issue.

Minority Malays

Ok now the future PM of Malaysia has made it clear that Malaysia will help the minority Malays in other countries. How about start with setting up a $5 billion trust fund for this purpose. We the minority Malays will be watching whether the DPM walk the talk. Don’t just talk and no action, we are not Malaysia Malays and will not accept false promises.


This is what we call establishing a new channel. Do you really think that they have the interests of Malays abroad when they care two hoots about the poor Malay in Malaysia.

Another scheme on another day. Same s*** only different circumstances.

Lets see how much lower they fall.

I have become so paranoid that I see a scheme in everything that the BN does; or am I?


Seem to me Pttan and Pop got that right, both of you are real smart indeed!!!!

Ex Neutral

It really scares me to know that this guy is going to be the next PM of our beloved nation.
It also shows that this is the quality of leaders available in UMNO.
I’m looking at it as weather this is going to be good or bad for the rest of us.
I really hope that the forces are with us and help us GOD.


Waah! Now Malays so rich ah can help others. So why need NEP and special discounts for this and that? Help Malays overseas ha ha! Straight into their overseas bank accounts? Who will know? Oso relatives can go and stay overseas and get free money. Another scam?


Najib the intending Jaguh Kampung going international, perpetuation of arrogance of the Supremacy of Malay, ill fitted to be the next Prime Minister as he is implicated in (alleged) Corruptions and in the case of … Altantuya, the Mongolian Model, but still UMNO is blind or deaf to still have supported him.

UMNO, BN and Malaysia deserve a grossly better, clean & untainted leader to lead them?


an excuse to transfer a billion or two out of the country?


he was talking about helping those who ‘looks’ like Malays aka citizens of other countries (eg. southern thai and philipines).

telur dua

Charity must begin at home. No?


///Gov’t offers to help minority Malays in other countries Dec 24, 08 1:01pm Deputy Prime Minister Najib said that the government was ready to help in the advancement of Malays in other countries where they are a minority. ///–Malaysiakini The above statement shows the working of Najib’s mind. If the land titles in question are for the benefit of Malays, then Najib would not have raised the issue of approval by whatever authority said to have a higher authority than the elected representatives of the people who were appointed by the rulers. By raising that issue, it shows that the… Read more »

What poverty?

First, we are told the Malays in this country is a Supreme race, so they must be treated as such, with supreme privilages. Move over all others. Then, we are told, the Malays were poor and still are, so need cradle to grave benefits and privilages in order to compete with the non Malays. After 51 years of special privilages so that they “can compete”, whilst everyone put up with sub standard quality and corruption in the civil service and government sector, we are still told they still need privilages and benefits. Now, we are told (by certain people that)… Read more »


How about helping the 1,500 factory workers at Western Digital in Kuching first, Najib? They are about to be retrenched.

phat wah

it is the same issue used to boost his popularity as the champion of the Malays..and now the Malays in the whole world..if possible.

The stupidity of thinking sometimes even astounds some lesser morons.

Children of the natural father are chucked outside while (outsiders) are taken in as his own…and that is because of a streak in his character that shows legitimizing of the illegitimate and illegitimizing of the legitimate….sometimes one cannot help seeing is so very clear…a dangerous flaw in character…


Read the below and laugh. How to survive with RM1500 and have to feed 4 to 5 mouths? (after paying housing loan, car loan, study loan, EPF, income tax, medicine and supplements, Astro bill, water bill, electric bill, insurances (health, car, home etc)? Can you blame an officer if he becomes corrupt? Those days, corruption meant satisfying your wants and desires illegally. But I think these days, people become corrupt merely to survive ie to make ends meet. NST Online » Frontpage 2008/12/27 ACA officers feel ‘demoralised’ over new salary scale PUTRAJAYA: Anti-Corruption Agency officers are crying foul over the… Read more »

Samuel Goh Kim Eng


Charity always begins at home
Before we dare venture into Rome
But merely looking towards the dome
How come we offer help only to selected some

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 271208
Sat.27th Dec. 2008.


The poor in our backyard Najib doesn’t want to help Going all his way to establish Helping others than Malaysians The simple rule in life Charity begins at home He has forgotten He thinks he is good in international relations The poor back home Living under the bridges Roofing holes one meal a day Lonely and group of poor families Irrespective of race Many in the country And Najib wants to help others He doesn’t want to help Malaysians Maybe he feels Malaysia is rich The people will be well fed and happy This type of leader We don’t need… Read more »

najib Manaukau

This is Najib !

He (appears to be) diverting attention from the murder of the Mongolian lady,
he wants all Malaysians to debate on any other subjects instead of the Mongolian lady.

He does not want anything to happen to his Prime Minister’ post….


So much had been plundered under NEP and bumiputra entitlement, this racist still want more for the rich ….sigh!!! How can a man like that see thing solely on race can get elected as leader of Malaysia is mind boggling to me.


He wants to help malays of other countries?Even ijn,where poor malaysians can get affordable heart treatments,he intends to privatised it.

Ngawang Jimpa

Najib is merely being rhetorical. He wants to show the world how rich Malaysia is when she actually isn’t. He wants fast and cheap publicity with the announcement but knows deep inside his heart, Malaysians won’t condone such an offer to other countries Malay when there are local Malays still living from hand to mouth.


DPM Najib should make the announcement in the middle of Baling district here in Kedah that his government is willing to help the poor Malays of the other countries. And then repeat the statement again in Kuala Trengganu in the coming by-election!


Help the poor Malay in Malaysia? Better help their cronies to enrich themselves.

Help the Malay abroad? What an ingenius way to cover up the failure to help our own poor Malay.