Hill destruction: No one above the law, says Guan Eng


Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng has responded to questions about the hill destruction at Bukit Gambir/Bukit Relau, saying that no one is above the law.

It remains to be seen how Chow Kon Yeow will handle the destruction at Bukit Relau and Bukit Gambir, especially since well-connected individuals appear to be involved.

We also need clarification as to whether such areas were rezoned from hill-land or farming to residential use, and if so, how and when.

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billy cudk

There is no development zoning in Penang for land above 250 feet. Only hill land and/or agriculture land use. NOT UNLESS converted or rezoned AND approved by the State Planning Committee (SPC) chaired by the Chief Minister and his EXCO members/head of departments. So, who is going to spill the beans?

True, NO one is above the law (unless the law has been circumvented) and NO sensible businessmen would spent millions to built ” an illegal” development. Food for thought!!!…more to come.


No no no DAP PR welcome constructive suggestion not minor issues like parking fees or tow car in the night

Gerakan K

Tone down please. If you everyday complain against the dap gomen, they will lose it in next GE. Do you want UBAH or not ??? If you want UBAH, then shut up and close your one eye.

Hill destruction is a small matter. Nobody die and do not exaggerate the non-issue. Don’t be so jealous about the profit by developers. Do you want back BN gomen kah ???

Let us let LGE be the CM longer than the Sarawak CM no matter what.


I hate to see more development in Penang too. But this is looking more and more like the mob pressuring the government to lynch the rich.


Let us see what LGE PR, MPPP and the govt will do before we jump to conclusion.
Is the areas forest reserved land. Has the developer committed an offence under the law or is it permissible under the law to allow development of double or triple storey house. So many Q & A

Orang Miskin

Ada banyak duit, boleh buat apa-apa shiok sendiri!!!
Sila tengok apa CAT boleh buat yang adil kepada Rakyat Pulau Pinang.
Ini bukan issue nak hantam orang kaya. Ini issue keselamatan alam, satu hadiah Tuhan kepada kita. Ingat baik baik.
Jangan berotak kecil.


Lim Guan Eng claimed that Penang is the only state in Malaysia which bars any development on hills above 250 ft. He insisted that his administration never approved any project on hills above 250 ft. If this is true, why bother to rezone the land on Bukit Relau? One more time, Guan Eng proved to the world that he is a big fat liar on hill slode development.
Read about his response on hill projects in Anil’s blog at http://anilnetto.com/governance/accountability/hill-projects-response-from-penang-government/


Private land rights is not a haircut fancy.
One may have a botak head, but a botaked-land has environmental repercussions on thy neighbours. This is a red line all land owners have to be mindful of, esp. on hill slopes & water catchment areas.
Are we learning the “Angry Bird” lessons from Mother Nature?

Gerakan K

Looking at big picture (that is UBAH). It were only trees and landslides. No need to overly dramatic !!!


When election round the corner, Gerakan people were too dramatic. That is why they lost heavily.


According to MPPP secretary Ang Aing Thye, the developer is very cooperative after the stop work order was issued on 24 April,2013. Just don’t understand if no one is above the law, why the identity of the developer is withheld? The reason that the MPPP should be prudent in revealing the identity of the developer sound so absurd and ridiculous. Is this what you call no one is above the law? More than a month has lapsed and Guan Eng just kept mum until he realised that there is no way to run and hide. The worst scenario for the… Read more »


Actually which law was broken? Private land right? Please help to educate.


CAT my foot.


What law? CM ah, pray tell us how are you going to punish Tan Kok Pin? Fine him is it?

How can all those hundred year old trees be replaced? CM ah, you better do the right thing wo. Put back the trees can ah?

Kesian YB Chow, kena buta buta. No wonder MPPP chief Tan Cheng Chui plead ill health and quit.

CM ah, you keep doing this, the whole of MPPP can sit back and do nothing cos at the end of the day, You and certain of your concillors calling the shots no?

Gerakan K

See, I already said our superhero will settle it CAT way. Grab your popcorns and the sandiwara begins !!! @Yang: 3 policemen today charged with murder of detainee Dharmendran. The police has said it loud and clear so let them get on the job and don`t make any preposterous accusation. Do you agree with me ??? To be fair to the police, anil should update his dharmendran article regarding to the latest development. You can see double standard reporting here. Anil will defend cases involving Dap gomen like this hill destruction. So, little action (actually it is statement only) from… Read more »


GK you hypocrite didn`t you said stick to the subject. I have not even rebut to your stupid retort earlier. As always I will always rebut to your comment on how ignorant you are. Has not been DAP, PR been all along fighting such cases of Kugan & Dharmedran and many others. Well maybe the GREAT PRETENDER Watha now want to get the credit. Credit or not, DAP & PR have been fighting these issues for the past many years. They are not making preposterous accusations but with facts and evidence which it why it could not be covered anymore.… Read more »

Gerakan K

A typical red bean.


A typical ignorant moron


So YB Chow has to make a statement lah.
Show us who have to be hauled up to face the music – no favours, no kong kam cheng.
If so much money was spent to save those scores of trees in Green Lane, let us see the same weight of concern & fine money use for rehabilitation of the Gambir hills & trees.


Dear Yang,

You know “who” will be commenting here about the corrupt DAP protecting their cronies =)

But I agree, let LGE show that he means business by bringing the culprit to dock. Then we can comment.

Andrew I

You’re surely not suggesting Ubah K, are you?

semuanya OK kot

Well said, but will the building be razed and the hill restored to its original condition as a lesson to all big gansters?


LGE has said it loud and clear so let him get on the job and don`t make any preposterous accusation.