High standards of Penang hill-slope management?


Take a look at these photos on 6 April, after just a few hours of heavy rainfall in Penang.

You be the judge as to how hill-slope development is being carried out.

Persiaran Tanjung Bunga 3
Persiaran Tanjung Bunga 3

A landslide resulted in a tree crashing into what apears to be quarters for the workers.

chee seng garden area

What class of hillslopes are these? Class 2, 3 or 4?

Is there much protection of the cut and exposed slopes? Is there a silt trap and retention pond? Muddy water is allowed to flow directly onto public roads.

What happens if there is prolonged rainfall? A scary thought.

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Anil Instead of complaining, NGOs should educate people not to buy any building along hillslopes. Any retaining structures and steep slopes should be checked and certified by Engrs like Ah Soon Ghor. The house owners should engage engrs every 5 years for certification. If they can do for a building lift, why not high slopes and earth retaining structures which has more uncertainity than a lift. If it is not certified, the owners cannot stay there as it is deem to be unsafe. If remediation work is required, they have to pay. So those owning properties should pay for frequent… Read more »


I agree with King Kong, if the people stop buying hillslope projects, I am sure developers will stop building them on hillslpoes. It’s our own people who any how buy anything that any developer throws out these days that is also partially causing this. If no demand the supply will stop.


Opp what about the arches at the Botanical Garden by that idiot tourism minister Yen Yen that need to be torn down.


The majority of the people want those highways and tunnel, just a bunch of idiots and trouble makers who are opposed to it. The majority have opposed the Bukit Bintang monorail and what we got is janji capati. Ask your cheap PM to stop the monorail first before you start your idiot ranting. BN UMNO has got 55 years, Yes 55 years of collapsed stadium that collapsed 2 times, highland tower collpase, collapse slopes along the highway, stupid idiotic crooked bridges that was not built but cost 100 millions to compensate, bridge in Penang Rawang Road to Lorong Kulit that… Read more »

Gerakan K (Team)

kinkgeorge: “I say give the PR govt a chance.”

PR had their chance in 2008 GE. We should change this this pro-developer PR gomen in GE 2013.

Come on. Can’t you see those ugly facts of suppose “high standards” hill slope management ??? Then how about those crazy highways + tunnel ??? It can’t be good for Penangites when CAP and other NGOs also opposing those insane highways + tunnel.

Act now to stop those crazy highways + tunnel. Give BN a chance as protest to those crazy highways + tunnel.


The state government should focus on solving these problems faced by the public. Being too development friendly brings wrath to Penang. Enough of blaming the past government or federal for every wrong. We can’t undo the past. The state government could be more keen and “creative” to come up with ideas to tackle the problems. As a Penangite, we should continue to voice our concern and not remain silent just because we want to vote BN out. We, the people and the state government are caretakers of our land and it’s everyone’s responsibility to ensure Penang is a liveable place… Read more »

Ong Eu Soon

The state government want to approve hillslope development , yet has no idea to prevent landslide that might occurred. A cost effective and simple solution call slopegrid that won’t cost a bomb should be deployed to solve the problem. Watch the video at http://youtu.be/siCMN-u_AT0


If the complain is whether hill-slope maintenance should be improved. Definitely..Don’t think anyone says otherwise. Again, the problem is who is going to pay for it if house owners object to higher levy?

This mess is a result of heavy rainfall that now appears to happen more often suspected to be due to climate change but proof is not absolute. Its simply up to house owners to decide, the govt can only lead the argument against their political interest. Its not about business, its about voters themselves..

Ong Eu Soon

Anil, you want to kill somebody? hillslope can’t have retention pond. stormwater runoff must clear as fast as possible, otherwise soil saturation will caused landslide.


Agreed with Ong, the water run off must clear fast and not onto surrounding areas.

That is why the MPPP/govt must make sure that developer build the run off drain and tar the surrounding area first instead of after the project has been completed which is the case in most projects.


Highland Tower is a long time (20 years) reminder for those still playing with Mother Nature. Our tropical climate of high annual rainfall does not permit the kind of 30ยบ plus slope development ala Hong Kong’s tall joss stick buildings, notwithstanding the high iron content in our soil that easily corrodes any metal concrete pilling no matter how deeply piled to Hell. Plus the unseen soil + water + rock movement every time a new nearby housing development occurs, we can imagine what a slow ‘under carpet’ pulling effect of our homes-sweet-homes nearby these hill development of unpredictable horror. Mother… Read more »

Ong Eu Soon

this year the rain come earlier. by july -august there will be drought. The next couple of months will see the peak of rainfall. if now with venus shifting over into the evening sky you can’t stand the downpour i wonder how you gonna survive when mercury rule the night sky during long summer. this year saturn rule the night sky meaning more rain will come.
Saturn will be closest, brightest, opposite the sun on April 28. Early May will witness the worst downpour. Most likely a terrible landslide might occur. good luck.


The said building is under construction and hence lots of uncover soil that turns into mud when it rains. Once the building is completed, those bare soil will be covered by TAR or JAP GRASS. Thank you!


The said building is under construction and hence lots of uncover soil that turns into mud when it rains. Once the building is completed, those bare soil will be covered by mud or grass. Thank you!


How would you feel if your house was the one directly below it and u get the mud flowing into your house every time it rains? Why do I not see mud flowing into other ppls houses and property when such construction goes on in other countries. I have stayed long enough in Australia and Sg and never have I seen such an occurrence. If you want to build by all means but there are correct ways to do things. Letting your construction soil and waste flow onto public roads and other ppl’s property is not one of them.


Tis not the way to get super-rich (listed on Forbes Mag) at the expense of others’ safety & property & public utilities destruction. These nincompoop developers should be selling Kopi Susu kau kau on rainy days or else be grave diggers, some of whom also dig & spoil others’ beautiful marble tombstones without much care or concern.
Much of what’s been done on hill slopes are at the gate of death throes, both for Mother Nature & the unfortunate neighbours of these hill development of horrors.


I say give the PR govt a chance. Remember they are ruling the state only and the federal govt not only does not help but always trying it’s best to sabotage this state government. I say give them a chance.


Before some jerk tried to play politics, let me remind that such incidents has happened in many building development in the past from the 70s right to 2008 in Paya Terubong, the new Balik Pulau Road, Air Itam and Tg. Bungah, Batu Feringghi etc etc. We should also not forget the Highland Tower.


Right nobody is saying it did not happen before. There is no need to get defensive. We all know incidents far worse than these have happened. But unlike the previous govt who did not care, this one promised to protect the environment, ensure the safety of Penangites and make Pg cleaner and greener. The previous one did not bother about such things and they made it clear to us and so we kicked them out of office. Now that you have made such promises, people will naturally expect you to fulfill them. Nobody is saying don’t build new houses or… Read more »


This happens when governments are business friendly