Six towers to sprout in heart of Batu Ferringhi tourist belt


The relaxed charm of Batu Ferringhi – at least, what’s remaining of it – could be a thing of the past when half a dozen towers, four of them exceeding 30 storeys, sprout in the heart of the tourist belt.

The site of the proposed project - Grapic:
The site of the proposed project – Grapic:

The 33-acre site lies on the inland side of the mainroad between Lone Pine Hotel and Holiday Inn Resort, close to Uplands International School.

The plan comprises the following:

  • Phase A – 38-storey tower with 480 low-cost flats
  • Phase B – 48-storey tower with 293 mid-range apartments
    – 49 storey of high end condominium comprising 84 units
  • Phase C – 57 three-story houses
  • Phase D – 24-storey tower with three floors of retail outlets and 246 service apartments
  • Phase E1 – 33-storey tower mixed development with two blocks containing 167 service apartments
  • Phase E2 – 7-storey commercial plaza
  • Phase E3 – 20-storey hotel with 368 rooms

The entire project would take 12-15 years to complete.

Neighbouring residents were served with an MPPP notice dated 18 August, informing them about the project and requesting them to submit objections within 21 days.

One resident expressed several concerns:

  • the EIA needs to be made available to the residents
  • similarly for the Traffic Impact Assessment
  • the green space requirement under the project should be made public
  • can the supporting infrastructure in the area cope with the additional sewage and will other effluents be treated before being discharged into the sea?

There is also concern that the Phase A and B components are too close to an adjacent residential area, separated only by a 20-feet service road.

The developer of the project is little known Orientside Development Sdn Bhd. It will reportedly build a stretch of road within the site that would be part of the state’s proposed North Coastal Road. The developer is reportedly providing 350 flats of 700 sq feet each “at no cost” to the settlers in the area. Another 140 low-cost flats would be handed over to the state government. Some of the affected settlers in the area have already moved out to temporary accommodation and are having their rentals subsidised.

By the way, how are the nearby commercial complexes in Batu Ferringhi faring? Fully occupied? Or only half occupied?

What is sorely needed is a special area plan or master plan for Batu Ferringhi, bearing in mind that the Penang Island Local Plan has still not been gazetted despite the MPPP approving it in 2008.

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Not sure if its luxury to be caught in traffic bottleneck on that narrow Gelugur “highway”..

These days 250-350 units development for such near-beach properties is small by global standards. Even in Macau, they build like 2,000 units development 40-50 storey buildings.

Phua Kai Lit

Thanks, Phua. Very interesting & motivating.


This is expected.

Ketua Umno Bhgn Bkt Bendera
– Dato Ahmad Ismail.

Chief Minister Penang
– Lim Guan Eng

Anyone who realises these two relationship, would never “terkejut” anything sprout in Bhgn Bkt Bendera.

Even if Jurassic Park with real dinosaurs exists here, nothing surprise me.

Very sick of politics all politics in Penang.


During gelakan time, farlim farmers were (targeted), in fact one was killed. The rest were compensated with LESS than 700 low cost flat.

Penang lang muda lupa !!!

Kg buah pala squatters now happily living in the double storey houses, landed properties, wonder what is the fate of the 9 families that listened to the promises of Bn ? All the best !


The fate of the 9 still got their houses given by BN in the place do I need to tell you

zack PAS says Penang pro-developer, like BN MUKTAMAR Penang PAS today lamented at its muktamar that the state government led by DAP was adopting BN’s pro-developer policies at the expense of the rakyat. Penang delegate Iszuree Ibrahim (left) said those from the village were being “slaughtered” in the courts by developers. “Pakatan Rakyat has failed to create pro-rakyat policies and has instead used BN’s pro-developer policies when it comes to issues involving villages and developers. “Penang PAS stress the practice of turning a blind eye on the issue of development – especially in Penang involving villages over 30 years old… Read more »


He is spot on right. These people are now at the mercy of the CAT pro developer. During Gerakan time, the developer will still negotiate. Now there is no more talk of negotiation. Take it or leave it. This is what the CAT and his pro developer is telling these poor.


PAS passed a resolution at its muktamar urging Johor Menteri Besar Mohamed Khaled Nordin to quit if he fails to institute measures to arrest the spiraling cost of property in Johor.


So true Tunglang, “What’s the Deal?”. Our state government is allowing rampant development of a lifestyle that most Penangites cannot buy into under the guise of the CAT. A pedigree purebred CAT would have made public the Penang Island Local Plan, instead we’re left in the dark about the justification, need and benefits of another heavily skewed development. Long established traditional kampongs on the island are fast being demolished under this government’s watch, and they say 700 square feet compensation is enough. For an average household of 4.5 people, 700 square feet is already a tight squeeze, how much more… Read more »

eng hock

Twa Pek Kong from Myanmar likes Penang so much that he refused to leave. May be the residents of Batu Ferringi can offer a Twa Pek Kong to bless the place !


Did we not ask for one & only Niau Kong? It turns out to be more of environmental curses than blessings! Time to engage Ho Yeah (Tiger Deity) @ Goddess of Mercy Temple to exorcise this Niau Kong? As a small child, my mom used to get us children on a trishaw to Goddess of Mercy Temple @ Pitt Street for annual ‘cleansing ritual’ to get rid of bad luck, vibes & ‘siu yan’ (enemies). This was fulfilled in front of Ho Yeah, its effective ritual known to Hokkien as ‘Kai Ho Yeah’ involving spitting & slapping with a slipper… Read more »


Ho Yeah has long abandoned Penang when the plan for Tiger Park is scrapped?

Hor Yeah Soo Hoo

Hor Yeah Kong is still at Kuan Yin Temple.
Just buy some siu yan, raw meat and joss sticks from the roadside stalls and go to the back hall to get your cleansing perform for a small fee.
If you are kay boh, ask Hor Yeah for tiger courage.

Anyway, Esso petrol stations are still around.


9th Dragon Festival on the way…… No Meat for 9 days to clean your soul even HongKau lang also practise out of respect !


Kau Ong Yeah to clean kapitan cat’s unsavoury misdeeds in Penang.
Vietnamese foreign workers can do Penangites a favour:
catch & consume more arrogant kapitan cats species bred in Komtar.


From the above, I must have been the biggest idiot to have sold the three acres of land along Batu Ferringhi for a song when I left Penang just a few decades ago. But at the same time looking at the shambles are taking place in this country I have no regrets whatsoever. I just do not want even to live in a place that has anything to do with Umno/BN or LKS or member of his family as the chief minister !


Since you have migrated and given up your citizenship, please reserve your comment to your new adopted new country.


Anil, though my immediate feedback was WTx … I wonder if MPPP approvers work based on a checklist that contains items that could either be optional or waived. It would be great if such list as well as flow chart of such approval process is made public or if it’s already public, point us or publish for us so we could see where things are going wrong … if this is already flawed, we should highlight and feedback to fix.


WHAT’S THE DEAL? For approving this: 293 mid-range apartments + 84 high-end condo units + 57 three-storey houses + 413 service apartments + 3 floors of retail outlets + 7 storey comm. plaza + 20-storey hotel To get this: 480 low-cost flats = 350 low-cost flats @ no cost + 130 low-cost flats @ some cost? + a stretch of road Q: What socio-economic return/benefit from this kind of more-high-end development? Q: How will the 350 low-cost flats be distributed “at no cost”? No frills? No carparks? or will there be S&P add-on surprises like 5-figure carpark & higher than… Read more »

Boh Looi Lang in Penang

Tunglang, Penang lang is spot on – Penang Island is now for the rich and famous and Cat-bodek.
Vote for Cat, vote for pindah ke Seberang.

eng hock

It’s time to move on to Bagan Ajam as Batu Feeringi has lost the charms !


Do not worry, tunnel is not visible!


Those who cannot afford such luxury will use this blog as a platform to vent their frustration, and blame LGE government, as usual.


The toons and the yangs and the bananars will start making noise again.
Ha ha ha!


Did not LGE and DAP said before the election that they are concern for the people especially the poor. Now its its high properties for the rich and powerful. Most of it are service apartment (Soho) and condo. I wonder how much will the medium one and low cost will cost. Could you believed in the … DAP (CAT) that it will be 50k and 72k respectively. Hell it will be !!!! …


You mean MPPP is independent of state gomen administration?
Then what is the use of Penang Local Plan, which btw is still missing or continuously in fluid interpretation according to developers’ fancies?

Where is the CAT?


The PPS incident has shown us that the state government cannot have their own plan without the blessing of federal government.


Penang Local Plan which has socio-economic implications is not under the jurisdiction of state gomen? Then why be the gomen of the day & promised this & that?
Blaming the ostrich, the Feds, the weather, this CAT blame-game is over.


The PPS has shown us that we must apply for license and permit for our organization and company and not become an illegal entity


Batu Ferringgi has always been the playground of the high society rich people.

I am belonging to a bo lui class and would not be bothered however dense or tall the development that is taking place there.


Those who cannot afford will be better off in their retirement.
Learn from the US’s dire home mortgage baggage into retirement years:

Many seniors trying to retire with a mortgage

And we will be seeing who will be cursing CAT in 30 yrs time.