High Chaparral villagers hold candlelight vigil


Photos by H S Lee and Anil Netto

Some 200 villagers and their supporters gathered tonight in Kampong Buah Pala in Gelugor, Penang, for a candlelight vigil and dinner in a show of solidarity against impending eviction.

Candles twinkled on either side of the roads in and leading to the village. A group of plainclothes police kept an eye but did not intervene.

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“A candlelight vigil ?”, sounds like a party to me.

anna brella

I enjoyed seeing the beautiful pictures of your candlelight vigil here. The lighted pathway reminded me of something good and it led me to light a candle here today in support of your good cause. I am sorry for your troubles but I know that with the help of other good and brave Malaysians like P Uthayakumar and others like him on your side, including your Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng I am sure, you will win your good fight to stay in your homes in your much cherished heritage village, so keep fighting and lighting the way to your… Read more »

Dr. No

Iam not an Indian but I sincerly want the village presereved as a cultural heritage not for some croony project. And I also hope the authorities will bring to book those corrupted officials, whoever they may be. The Penang State Govt. must, I say must gazette this village and close the topic once and for all. It is a delight to see something in the past being presereved with the villagers without motives for monetry gains but to retain the village a s it is. ” MALAYSIA BOLEH ” i.e. GE 13 change the Govt. at all cost so that… Read more »

Pretty Obvious

The politician who has ultimate responsibility in destroying the homes of these innocent villagers should reflect on his karma.


guan eng,

i am disappointed that you have not done anything to assist these people. i know its the deed of the past administration to give the land away to some well-connected developers but I want to hear a commitment from you to protect these people. is that too much from a Chief Minister?

siew eng

penang police more understanding of democratic principle of right to assemble peacefully hor?

kl/pj police need saving.


Everywhere it’s the same story. People are waking up to their rights. The greedy and well-connected can no longer ride roughshod over the powerless… because the powerless have reclaimed their power and are no longer powerless! Brilliant to see so many lights in these darkest hours before the new dawn. Thanks for featuring this inspiring event, Anil!



Sorry I was a no show despite telling you I would make it yesterday. Got arm-twisted into joining some friends for ‘happy hour’ yesterday afternoon and then took a nap after dinner, By the time I woke up, it was already 10.15pm. Sorry again.

Dalbinder Singh Gill

my dad is so happy tht all the candles he sponsored went for a 100 percent good cause..