Heritage lost?


Is this what a heritage city is about – derelict land, decaying buildings and a high-rise construction site?

Photo by a Penangite

The sign just about sums it up.

It reads “George Town, Penang – Unesco World Heritage City”

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Dear Anil, I applaud the speech by Councillor Lim Kah Cheng. This is what democracy is about – one should be able to make informed and rational views even if they are not in line with the views and actions of the government of the day. But let us also hear what other councillors have to say..how do they reflect the concerns of the rakyat? On another note, I think those who do not follow your comment guidelines should not have their comments posted. I believe your esteemed blogsite should not be allowed to become a PR vs. BN, LGE… Read more »


Yeah and this is AFTER the rent control act was repealed. Just imagine the tenants suing the owners for not keeping the buildings in a habitable manner!
Is that a WW2 ruin or a supposed heritage building?

Actually, can the state sue the owners for keeping the buildings in a dilapidated state? Or is the solution is ala KBP where the government (state of course, not federal) is supposed to cough up the money to buy up the gazetted sites?


There are tons of laws to punish dilapidated house owners, but lack of enforcement is a common issue in Bolehland.

See traffic compounds also can get discount if you refuse to pay in-time, consequently we have second highest road accident rate in the world.


I agree that the heritage issue has gone overboard for some – yes we need to preserve, but we cannot preserve every single old and decaying building. The government just cannot afford to buy up and restore all these buildings by its own, where is that money going to come from? It would definitely be nice if we could save all the old buildings but this is not really realistic especially once we factor in the cost involved. Some of these decaying buildings are in such a bad shape that any developer would not even dare to take it up… Read more »


Haha, I really enjoyed Gerakan K’s posts …. dripping with ridiculous sarcasm 🙂


Who is the real commie and followeer of Kim NK -NKK itself stands for North Korea Khoo and not kool.All slogans and not meat.


A stupid and childish poor guy. You need parental guidance to visit Anil’s blog. LOL


I think “Gerakan K” and “K” has gone berserk. Please, if you keep going on like this, you will definitely go crazy. Calm down. Take a deep breath. Relax.

In the photo above, the building under construction was approved by the previous BN govt. Construction started even before Pakatan came to power. That should be obvious.


Without any concrete preservation plan by 2010 from state governments, Georgetown and Melaka world heritage status will be in jeopardized and can be delisted by UNESCO

Gerakan K

I think it is very likely that Georgetown will be delisted by UNESCO by 2010. It is LGE fault.


Gerakan I have just two words for you … …


Gerakan K, you got nothing “constructive” to say… Wasting other people’s time and space only. Want to comment, say at least something reasonably intelligent lah.

Gerakan K

I honestly think that I have made some constructive opinion, ie to affirm LGE as incompetent leader that leads Penangites to disaster.


You all must be blind- what do the pic tells? A row of Dipilated shophouses. Why? One owner buy up the rest of the shophouses? Some owners are willing sellers?

Why the shophouses have to be abandoned? Why talk so big you cannot spent millions to buy up and spend millions for renovation? Why Gerakan do not … BN Federal agency national heritage to do something? It is still not late and good time for BN to overcharge the buying value and make profit.

Gerakan K

We even regard ‘longkang’ as part of heritage. Do take a look at the design and who is the designer.


DAP cybertroopers running wild again, making no attempts to debate but only intend to defend the “honour” of the “pure and untainted” Great Leader.

Like North Korea, we are creating the cult of the Great Leader, thanks to the blind loyalty and fanatical and slavish devotion.

It is hard to debate with all these Cybertroopers getting into the act. Any one who criticise LGE the Cheap Minister must be a BN toady and anti-Pakatan.

Gerakan K

That’s why PR is unfit for forming government. Keep on good work of reminding public of LGE/PR bad deeds.


Where is that MIC RM3.2million?


Gerakan K

Good work done not need to advertise. Do you undestand?

Gerakan K

Well said, K

Only BN know how to value heritage. See how MIC pour in RM3.2 to save Kg Buah Pala.


K/ Gerakan K (same person?) is definitely right. As everyone knows Pakatan Rakyat has been running Penang for well over 20 years now and has a lot of subsidies from the federal government, hereby showing Najib’s true respect to Penang voters and taxpayers. Pakatan Rakyat and Lim Guan Eng should therefore take the blame for luxury condos disrupting Penang’s environment. Since he personally sold Kampung Buah Pala before March 08, he should clearly take the blame there too. Not to mention the 40 million compensation land case. The huge Wisma Pakatan Rakyat in Georgetown clearly shows they made a lot… Read more »

Gerakan K


Well said, it is LGE fault. Vote him out next GE!


Anil Talking about this issue, I have often seen foreigners taking pictures of the many decaying heritage that are eyesores. One can imagine why and where these pics going to end up. When I see these scenes, I can only feel ashamed of being a Penangite. Just yesterday I had a guest from the UK whom I took out for lunch in one of the local eateries to taste some authetic Penang dishes. He loved it of course. His comment was that while we have gleaming towers and luxuty condos built and maintained spotlessly, the real asset of Penang, the… Read more »


Satu Lagi Projek Kerajaan Lim Guan Eng and Pakatan Rakyat !

DAP – Development Above People

Gerakan K

Yes, we must bring back BN government ASAP!


Heritage is where it happens, and not defined by administrative arbitrariness. If you want the Heritage City status you have to recognise the value of more than the token conservation.

Gerakan K

It is LGE fault again. LGE must stop issuing any property approval in order to preserve the heritage status. I think we must bring back BN government in Penang as DAP lead state government has failed in any area. At least with BN no corruption at all especially on land issue. DAP was solely responsible in Kg Buah Pala demolition.


I think the idea of heritage protection in Penang has gone overboard. Should every derelict building in Penang be saved? I think not. Life has to go one. Chose the area to preserve and do a good job in preserving that location. In other parts of the city, development need to go on. I would suggest a cess be levied on these developments so as to pay for the preservation of the heritage sites. This will be win win. Dont fight over every cow shack and run down building.


That part of the city is not in the core or buffer zone at all. The current zone, both both and buffer is already large as it is. Development shouldn’t be done by sacrificing heritage protection, but heritage protection has a limit as well.