Heritage conservation, Penang-style


Here’s how not to carry out heritage conservation in Penang, says Lim Mah Mui.

Address to the Full Council Meeting of MPPP
23 July 2014
By Lim Mah Hui

Selamat pagi dan selamat sejahtera. Dato’ YDP Patahiyah, Ir Ang Aing Thye, Ahli2 Majlis, Pengarah2 dan Ketua2 Jabatan, Para Wartawan, tuan2 dan puan2. Saya telah diminta oleh beberapa NGO membangkit beberapa perkara tentang warisan. Saya minta izin membahas dalam Bahasa Inggeris

Last month, I raised questions on two heritage buildings that were threatened by demolition and disfigurement. One was Soonstead and the other at Jalan Evergreen. I hope the Council has taken note and will do whatever is necessary to preserve the integrity of these heritage buildings.

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Please beware of the syndicate “guaranteeing”applicants of affordable housing a unit in Penang if they paid up RM10,000 to RM30,000.



‘173 dishes have been enlisted under Section 645 of the National Heritage Act 2005 as part of our national identity as they carry the significance of society’s culture and beliefs, hence we must not have non-Malaysians preparing local street food.’ – Nazri (Tourism Minister)


Looking back to what I wrote about ‘back to the past’, some of my predictions are coming true. More scarier than 15th day of Hungry Ghost Month: (http://anilnetto.com/penang-street-food/street-food-museum/a-penang-street-food-museum/) ‘Reliving’ Street Hawker Food Memory in Cosmopolitan George Town, 2033 As I stagger half awake out of my father’s shop at Macalister Road, I wonder how long I have been in slumberland at my former birth place. It is now 7 pm, a time for hearty dinner and relaxation with Kopi-O kau kau. As I walk down the street, I soon realize a different scenario unfolding right before my still sleepy eyes… Read more »


Error: Looking back to what I wrote about ‘back to the past’
It should be: Looking back to what I wrote about ‘back to the future’


The popular 2 sister fried kway teow may go upmarket moving the stall into the air-con food court style at 218@McCalister ?


I think this scenario is possible as those masterchef hawkers can serve ‘premium authentic’ Penang hawker fare at upmarket price. The 2 sister char kway teow is already charging upmarket price. For cheaper alternative, you can go for hawker fare cooked by foreigners…

Michael Chee

What happened to 128 McCalister?

Michael Chee

Sorry, it should be 218@McCalister.


eng hock ko, kam-sia lu e kuan-sim. Now, my kuan-sim for heritage assets taking place in Cosmopolitan Penang: I was told my favourite Mee-Sua Th’ng + Bak Moi (outside of Ho Ping kopitiam) at Kampung Malabar has shifted indoor in a new slippery-clean kopitiam next to its previous customer rendezvous. No more the 60s ambience dining in an alley, no more the sweat + tears of hot summer night under the moonlight after (accidentally) biting a cabai-burung hiding in the thick & steamy moi + pork brain. My guess is this 2-Brother Ori-Maestros has prepared well ahead for the eventual… Read more »

eng hock

Surprise no comment on this important conservation posting.

tunglang must be out in forest or at Teluk Kampit Nature world ? 🙂 to post his controversial comments ?