Heavy downpour, flooding cause massive jams in Penang


A heavy downpour tonight resulted in massive jams in parts of Penang Island, once again prompting the question: is the island’s supporting infrastructure adequate to cope with the relentless higher-density property development witnessed in recent years.

flooding-in-some-parts-of-Penang 3 Oct 2014
Notice the billboard advertising yet another high-rise building project

A normal half-hour drive from Green Lane to Tanjung Bungah took three times as long in these conditions.

The scene at Macalister Road
The scene at Macalister Road – Photograph: Yeap Ban Choon/Facebook

Traffic around Green Lane, Scotland, Kelawei Road (which has witnessed high-density property development), Macalister Road and Pulau Tikus was reduced to a crawl.

MPPP workers trying to clear clogged drains - Photograph: Cheong Yin Fan/Facebook
MPPP workers trying to clear clogged drains – Photograph: Cheong Yin Fan/Facebook

Do you think the transport and drainage systems are adequate?

Share with us your reports and insights on the impact of this downpour.

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Flood in Sabah yestetday due to under or over development? Gerakan Teng need to be there to solve Sabah flood as pledge for next GE !

Don Anamalai

Banjir di Sabah:
Notice any high rise buildings in the video?

Cement Ah Pek

Cover the whole of Penang or anywhere with cement but with no high rise buildings, it will still / definitely be flooded.
Rapid water run off from heavy rain has no preference for high rise or no high rise. Drainage is the main issue. Understand ah???


Dumb 1970 mindset that keep widening drains will NOT fix the problem. Malaysia urban planning “SOP” is not upgrade fast enough to cope with population changes. Those SOP is just opportunities cost transfer for the 70’s, which hope used space will not spill rain water and causing flood. Since Maaysia so call “urban planning” SOP did not upgrade to make building to STORE and RETAIN rain water, once the space used up , all the water will just flush directly into the drain and prone to flash flood. I wonder whether state government has the authority to force the municipal… Read more »


There are comments that said floods happened everywhere, but so pathetic & helpless to a degree as to render it a natural occurrence by Nature, to be blamed on Grandmother Nature alone & not the fault of state authorities despite election promises to banish flood problems in 2 magical years. So pathetic when mankind has the technology & intelligence of Science & Physics & Geophysics to overcome to some extent the raw Nature power of destruction & calamities. So narcissistic we can claim with all the means to develop any land into glowing sleepless global cities of the status or… Read more »


Anil, dont you agree with Aaron that we should have the tunnel and while working in ptikus we can enjoy a bigger space, landed property with an affordable price in bagan ajam?

My question is only posed to Anil, the learned and those forward thinking readers, and not any tikus tikus that are CAT phobia. Tq!


You can just posed it to yourself in your room and then shiok shiok sendiri and say yes yes I agree. You are wrong, we are all for CAT (Competency, Accountability & Transparency).

Its the CAT that is becoming CAT`s (Competency, Accountability and Transparency) phobia


May I add this:
Its the CAT that has morphed into TAC – Twist And Change (into something unbelievable in the face of highly-revered-holy-grail of Competency, Accountability & Transparency).

Ask that SP minion who is master of U-turns & Saka of Niau Kong how can CAT ‘pusing’ into TAC.


Big waves of 2 storey building height at Gurney coastal swampland can be a tourist attraction when safety precautions are taken ? Imagine high spending tourists staying at G Hotel paying high at suites facing the channel watching natural fury in awe !
Think out of box to draw tourists money to sustain infrastructure in Penang now that Federal gomen is clamping on funding ?


… RM 520.00 per night for a normal double bed room.


Off topic ; Is DAP LGE & PKR Anwar sleeping or are they condoning and agreeing to hudud and islamic law. Look at this and why their their mouth so shut up. We should be very afraid of DAP and PKR co-operating with PAS. Just for power sake the CAT & the one who said Chinese are stupid to vote BN may have ulterior motives that could sold off all of us.

Khalid’s colleague in PAS, Nasrudin Hassan, said that Muslim authorities had a duty to shut the event down even though non-Muslims had a right to consume alcohol.



What is so wrong with anwar saying chinese who voted bn are stupid ??? Isnt it true they called you (all kinds of names) that despise you, chinese and indians, and you happily cium their hands and without fail every 5 year vote them in to ruin you, if that is not stupid, then, shall i term it as despicable, and no maruah and that is exactly 1st class idiot !!!

Penang Lang Tak Pandai Jadi Stupid

Should we not call Penangites who voted for DAP CAT stupid?
Vote for CHANGE but got to migrate to mainland or other states because this CAT doesn’t keep to its 308 ceramah words?
kee, you are one of those stupid-nak-perangai-pandai-pandai.
Go search your own soul.


Then what is wrong if BN, Najib or any organization called people like you stupid, idiot racist and so on. When Anwar call your race but not his race stupid, is that not despising you and your race. Yet you still like to cium his … What about DAP that still want to sleep with PAS despite PAS insisting of hudud and proclaiming of an Islamic state. Are you so stupid oh no, understand that you are smart not to realize. DAP is willing to sell their soul and conscience for Putrajaya. Yes we may be 1st class idiot but… Read more »

KK Khoo

Further to my earlier post, here is more evidence why unchecked development causes the matter to worsen. http://www.thestar.com.my/News/Nation/2014/10/06/Penang-Esplanade-giant-waves/ The tendency is to blame nature, freak weather. The real reason is of course the amount of sedimentation that development further north has created on our coastline. Reclamation for the various projects at Tj Tokong [not to mention the 800 more acres in the pipeline that have been reported] causes the currents to bring down and then deposit massive amounts of soil and silt. The waters off Gurney Drive and the Esplanade are now much shallower, so incoming water, driven by weather… Read more »


It’s payback time – Karma. Heavy rainfall, big waves, what next? CAT, by nature is forever blaming Nature even when its 308 promises to solve Sg Pinang clogged drainage (in grandmother knew how many years) is still unsolved to this day. But there are those who still applause such indifference of Cat in their worshipping antics! Henson is one. Big waves, good. The next one may be super strong howling wind (remember the UMNO building antenna?) to rattle Komtar Tower glass windows on Halloween Night. Fyi, strong winds have been known to bring down thick balcony ceiling height glass panels… Read more »


Pls do not steal that word from Patrick Teoh who has stopped blogging after being warned by MCMC.

Niamah C.H.

You so sensitive ah?
Niamah is a generic word.
Cannot register lah.


Lazlo is right, when patrick teoh used the word niamah it has got style but when abang tunglang uses it, alamak !!!

Niamah Kia

kee, your Lord forbids you to say the word “niamah”
Not even suggest got style!
Go back quickly to pray and cry for forgiveness!!!
Looks like you are not quite fit for Kosmopolitan Pulau Pinang of Niamah lifestyle!


kee 7 October 2014 at 6.49pm

Lazlo is right, when patrick teoh used the word niamah it has got style but when abang tunglang uses it, alamak !!!

This is what we call double tongue. To put it plain, it is lies and deceit and he is learning fast from Pakatan DAP PKR


oop its not just lies and deceit. Its twist and turn, Jekyl to Hyde and Hyde to Jekyl


Today the front pagw headline of The Malay Mail says Kota Kinabalu flooded.

Kota Kinabalu also over developed? But Kota Kinabalu has no CAT factor, how come can also get flooded?

KK Khoo

Need to explain this to bigjoe99 who says high density development isn’t the cause of flooding. Massive development creates massive runoff of rainwater because you seal off the ground with roads and concrete. Normally the rain would return to the watertable through natural percolation. Development also cuts trees and vegetation, which then causes erosion. Erosion washes into our drains and rivers; siltation builds up, causing the channels to overflow. Natural ground cover ensures that water is introduced into the ground naturally. The govt can institute programmes to counter the ill-effects of development. The use of porous surfaces in carparks and… Read more »


I think rain water ghas subsided. Rain has cleaned the road of Penang island per KiuLongYah’s “blessings”. Now the roads are cleaner, and those who are against high price condos in Penang can peacefully sleep on the road eg Gurney Drives, Jln Kelawei, Scotlnd Road, Batu Maung hills etc to highlight your plight and frustrations ? Taiwanse just did it : http://focustaiwan.tw/news/asoc/201410050011.aspx Taipei, Oct. 5 (CNA) About 1,200 people camped out Saturday night on Renai Road in front of “The Palace” — Taipei City’s most representative luxury residential condominium — to demand swift government action on soaring housing prices, according… Read more »


Not sure if those Penang folks who are unhappy with the high price of housing in the island will follow such protest?


Those disgruntled readers should embark on such action if they are unhappy that the housing here are beyond their reach.


I think rain water ghas subsided. Rain has cleaned the road of Penang island per KiuLongYah’s “blessings”.

You talk without using your eyes and brain. After the rain, left over are all rubbish, debris mud. In our home we have to clean and clear while on the road and public areas, the MPPP will have to toil and clear all debris


No eyes see, no brain think, no heart feel & no human touch but all-consuming evilness. Ini lah kebenaran Saka-Saka (minions) Niau Kong yang menghantui KosmoKapitan Pulau Pinang dan anilnetto.com! These Saka can only think of one thing: Water = Money (for themselves), & not for the wellbeing of other boh lui lang & kan-kho lang in difficult times. To tell them off as narcissistics in richie condos is being too polite! Kesian penduduk2 di Jalan Perak – Counter Hall yang menanti-nanti kenyataan perjanjian besar-besaran 308 (mengatasi banjir dalam 2 tahun) yang kian menjadi bising kucing pada malam Keliwon dalam… Read more »


Its not the heavy density development that contributes to problem In fact, the higher the density, the easier it will be to fix the problem. What causes the problem is the accompanied underdevelopment low-rises like malls, roads because of lack of public transport, and other services..


Is Anil suggesting that those home on high rise buildings are not affected by flood?


It is the same in every town and city – even one that are “Federal.” As for villages, ask the people of WM East Coast. In this tropical country, they all come to a screeching halt after about 10 cm of rain within an hour. In housing areas, schools, town centres, car parks, industrial areas and highways, the delays, losses and even deaths keep recurring. The VIPs keep coming for “photo ops.” The consultants keep consulting. The projects to resolve this keep expanding. The only magical area where it does not rain at all is a critical water catchment in… Read more »

Wee Chin

Asian Games ended yesterday. Malaysia only got 5 golds out of the KPI’s target of 8.
Sepak Takraw team are shamed by South Korea, Indonesia and Thailand.
Harimau Muda spent big in Australia trip but ended up with 1st round exit.
Lee Chong Wei failed to get past semi-final, but back home he won the bid for BMW6 car plate with RM97K!


In education those who don’t make the mark are given places in the universities and our standard of education plummets. In politics the system is manipulated to allow half past sixes to to be members of parliament and we have ministers who are laughing stocks to the world . In the civil service 90% are from the superior race and we all know how efficient the service is. Same goes for the arm forces who can’t even secure our borders against pirates from kampongs and allows unidentified plane to overfly our airspace without challenging it. So, it is the same… Read more »


For the readers’ information, the whole of jalan persiaran midlands has been retarred, thanks to YB yap soo hui !!!

Long life pakatan/dap !!!


Nothing unusual. Road have also been retarred on and off by the previous Gerakan BN govt.


Super, seteruk teruknya dap/pakatan is any time better than the AH govt, cant be any worse… dont worry the AH govt will continue to ruin you selama-lamanya…

Ivan Ho

Yes retarred by Gerakan and BN Govt just a few weeks before GE…Fed Gov no need to announce GE we already know GE coming soon during those days without internet.


Supercally ; Are we not better now than before except one who keep gloating and whining.


Such flash flood is very common in Klang Valley as more ground are covered by concrete thus less opportunity for water seepage during heavy rain.

Sungai Petani has no such problem. Another consideration for Penangites.


Lazlo, terengganu and kelantan, hardly developed, no concrete jungles, no botak hills but still banjir teruk, how to explain that ?


Compare with East Coast states with annual seasonal raining (of more than 30 days)?
You must be drinking more than your fair share of Sg Pinang Black Tea!
Why not go back to SP to smell the flowers?
Btw, how is Kelawai Road flooding affecting your awe & shock lifestyle trips to Gurney Paragon?



You are right. Even Najib has said that existing flood mitigation program cannot cope with unusual high amount of rainfall when the same thing happened in Kuantan (not concrete jungle) in 2013.


So this situation is not unique to Penang. But some will blame the cat as usual.


Please be prepared for the worse to come and don’t expect LGE to perform miracle ?
Even the repugnant Mahathir with the billions he spent on the construction of the ‘ smart tunnel’ has done nothing for KL. The city is in a gridlock whenever KL has a heavy downpour, it looks like the billion of dollars has gone down the drain of a man’s pockets instead of draining off the rain water.


Greedy developers & Niau Kong, what have you to say? It rained cats from yesterday till this morning, it will rain more. There will be more floods, more traffic jams, more accidents & more landslides + mud flows. Do you care? I don’t think so. You care for more over-flow of money … You, esp the Niau Kong care more for your own political GE Portfolio of glitzy buildings, cosmo-islands, highways, shopping malls & all the trappings of CosmoKapitan Penang (already in the making). I may sound evil, but I am waiting for an environmental disaster to happen. Anyway, Sg… Read more »

Eng Hock

time to go book Sg Petani. Check today KwangHwaJitPoh advertisement … for SP landed properties – still affordable – landed property. Can cruise to Gunung Jerai & Pantai Merdeka nearby with plenty Ho Chak food. Why wait until more flooding and potential hill landslides to change your mind ?

SP -Penang island just 30 minutes, 20 minutes if ramp-up with 4WD !

Orang Bunian@Gunung Jerai

Eng Hock, you stay in peaceful Sungai Petani ah?
Can I pay you a visit?


Eng hock i like your last para, ha ha ha


SP -Penang island just 30 minutes, 20 minutes if ramp-up with 4WD ! You must be hallucinating! Driving across the Pg Bridge alone takes 20 mins of no jam, to SP takes another 40 mins. Driving a 4WD can max at 140 km/h (90mph), otherwise exceeding the speed rating of N causes the tyres to heat up & explode! Plus the danger of a roll-over when speeding. An Orang Bunian who wishes to pay you a visit shows you are a good soul! (which does not apply to the ‘pandai-pandai’ with bloated ego & cursing mouth). When will you accept… Read more »


The last para show that BN development of the highway and Penang bridge really benefits the people.


Typical penangites only think Penang is solely the island. Need to change mindset as if the whole Penang reside in the island !? Sg Petani to Penang 20 min can be achievable by reaching Seberang Jaya which is also a part of Penang ! While i see many still grumbling, many that i know are now checking out developments in mainland Penang. Bagan Ajam (don’t mention developer as Anil vannot publish it) landed properties to be launched. Don’t be late comers and grumble in 10 years time that cannot afford housings at Bagan Ajam ! for example, in future if… Read more »


Sg petani is always safe, Alhamdulillah, puji Tuhan ku yang maha esa !!!


When will you perform Haji?


CAT just conveniently blames the weather, a once-in-40-year occurrence!
If I can recall 1974, there wasn’t a ‘super-heavy’ rainfall in Penang. Neither was there any in 1970s. A heavy rainfall did occur in 1983 which caused traffic jams everywhere.
Blame the ostrich, blame the weather, next blame what???


In 1983, on that day of massive flood reckoning, I left office after 6pm to fetch my mom home from Macalister Road. It took me several detours, bravely driving my Morris Minor thro one to two feet of flood water, & finally reaching home in Sg Dua past 10pm. Practically, the whole of George Town was turned into Venice City of Water! The one flood in 1991 is little brother in comparison. Most annual floods in Penang happened during or immediately after Hungry Ghost Month. This year, it was overdue till after Kau Ong Yeah Celebration (Nine Emperor Gods). Was… Read more »


What is the difference between 1983, 1991 and now? Was the flash flood worse now compared to before?


I had the ‘honor’ of walking from Island Hospital to Union High School area. It flooded between Penang Medical College and General Hospital, Governor’s gate is on top of a river, and road around the bend of Scotland Road was also flooded. What an experience!


Incompetency or sleeping on their job. Sungai Pinang is as dirty and polluted as ever. I remember DAP the CAT promise to solve the flood problem with 2 years. Its been 6 years. Big mouth