What’s happening at the fisherfolk jetty in Bagan Ajam?

Notice the large rocks at the fisherfolk jetty in Bagan Ajam, Butterworth

The talk among a few locals familiar with the area is that the hive of activity at the otherwise quiet fisherfolk jetty in Bagan Ajam, Butterworth, across the channel from Gurney Drive/Tanjong Tokong, has something to do with land reclamation.

Notice the large rocks at the jetty. These were very likely brought here by lorries.

And look at the photo below. What are those pipes covered with reddish objects? These look like dredging pipes with floaters for dredgers used in land reclamation. See here for an example.

Dredging pipes with floaters
Dredging pipes with floaters

So where are the rocks coming from? Are they for land reclamation work, as the locals suggest? Usually, in land reclamation, the contractor has to get approval from the Department of Environment for the source of the rocks.

The state government and MPSP must find out what is going on at the fisherfolk jetty. If it is related to land reclamation work, then it must establish the source of those rocks and whether approval from the Department of the Environment has been obtained.

In a separate incident, a boat carrying seven quarry workers from Pulau Jerejak back to Penang Island capsized last month. One of the seven, a senior citizen, was reported missing.

The state government should investigate what those quarry workers were doing at Pulau Jerejak.

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David Loman

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why no complain about pollution in the sea? plastic bags, rubbish and treated as dump site. they are not importantl?j


It seems reclaimed lands need at least five to six years to settle first before any building be erected there in. Is Penang govt law abiding enough or only just keeping its big mouth ???


You want to do business spending millions and then sitting for 6 years + 3 years building construction ie to wait for 10 years to get back your investment? Are they greedy when they have to wait for 10 years? Can you work for 10 years to get the lump sum pay? Too bad don’t think enough.


Has it been confirmed that it is part of the reclamation project?
Please ensure that this blog has credibility without accusations without proof.


Anil may want to list urgent issues that require State Government to address, and the petition can be handcarried delivery to Komtar by supporting Penanglang. We then shall see responses from local government in Buletin Mutiara, which can downloaded from web link below for outstation readers seeking answers : http://www.buletinmutiara.com/downloads/

gk ong

Good suggestion.
Anil can compile the issues for the attention of state government.
Make it formal, as Anil is already a respected blogger who is a voice of frustrated Penangites.

David Loman

If the state government would not ‘respect’ the list compiled by Anil, I believe Gerakan will be more than happy to take it in formulating its GE14 manifesto for Penang.


Gerakan or MCA could not offer solutions either, although MCA is so eager for the next GE by naming its candidates prematurely ahead of Ah Jib’s endorsement.

Victor Sng

The delineation by EC will impact these 2 parties as their leaders are crying foul?


Anil is too obsessed with tram and reclamation issue and somehow no commentary on the EC’s gerrymandering? The delineation issue also affected MCA and Gerakan as Umno is willing to sacrifice the 7-11 minnows so long as Malay voters are shifted to Umno stronghold to ward off Bersatu?

David Loman

Malaysiakini has evaluated that redelineation by EC will enable BN to recapture Selangor:

Lim Siang Yee

Many prominent bloggers are now steering away from commenting local politics, as the authorities are watching them closely. They are playing safe, by reporting unfavourable stuff on the opposition. Are they selling out? You can judge for yourself while the bloggers can search their conscience.


Is this happening to this blog?


“Is this happening to this blog?”

What is this type of herd-mentality doubting?
Is Penang development an Absolute Vodka Untouchable???
Think for the future generations, pls.

Liu Bowen

South China Morning Post: Malaysia’s government has been criticised over plans to redraw electoral boundaries ahead of possible snap polls, with the opposition accusing it of gerrymandering to keep embattled Prime Minister Najib Razak in power. The Election Commission, whose members are picked by the government, has said it intends to reorganise boundaries in 112 parliamentary seats – about half the national total – as well as 445 of the 576 state seats. With Najib Razak’s popularity at the lowest in the history of prime ministers, and a 1MDB scandal that just refuses to go away, Najib has to find… Read more »

David Loman

The redelineation proposed by the Election Commission (EC) could allow BN to keep federal power with as little as 1 in 3 votes cast in a general election, according to the deputy chairman of the Institut Darul Ehsan (IDE) think-tank, Dr Mohammad Redzuan Othman, who also claimed that previous delineations had resulted in stronger performance by BN. Redzuan also pointed out that out of the 20 constituencies with the biggest amount of voters in the last elections, BN only won three seats while Pakatan Rakyat won 17 of the seats. “When you look at the seats with 20 least amount… Read more »

gk ong

Could it be upgrading work for the jetty?


Tun lang shows hillslopes cutting carried out during the days if gilakan in but kukus but he is quiet on this issue.

Will Barclay

Looks very much like behind our house in Batu Ferrringhi!

Murali Ram

They say it’s to store the equipment etc and supply material for the EnO reclamation off Tg Tokong.


Anil, DAP rocket can always bring these rocks from the moon!
Too bad I can’t see the full moon as it is now raining at 1:42am Sunday.
May try again for the witching hour 3am!


Of course you can’t see the big and bright moon but can always see needle like rocket. Bible’s karma seeing needle in haystack but cannot see rafter in your eyes.


1997 when gilakan and amno are the Penang Gomen of the day. Massive Hill cutting happen and bus size rock flatten a factory bus which is worst than today. How come tun lang and penang forum is pussy cat quiet with gilakan gomen at that time! Now a big hue and burst.


DAP made a big cry out of this 1997 landslide trying too hard to be Eco-Hero! We Penangites thought for a moment (only for a moment) that DAP would someday come & change all that was environmentally disaster-prone ONCE & FOR ALL in Penang. BUT the reality of the 1997 Sandiwara is: DAP is no different from the predecessor (even more recalcitrant in all manners of land development) BUT has somehow readily morphed into Developers Association of Penang favouring more disaster-prone hill cuttings + killing the coastline marine life, unprecedented in numbers since the 1997 landslide in Paya Terubong that… Read more »


You mean at that time you did not make a big cry and agree to gilakan gomen cutting the hillslopes and approve rolling stone hitting the factory bus.


Can Gerakan make the difference if given another chance?


more cuttting and reclamation as johor and melaka has done it before pg. follow by silence from those making the most noise today

gk ong

True. BN Johor & Melaka are actively reclaming land. Gerakan will be given the license to reclaimed even more by Putrajaya. Be careful what you are asking for.


Anil, Paya Terubong valley of hills has many outcrops of huge boulders (just go to Petronas Station before the Paya Terubong Road goes uphill) which you can see from the road. Before the insanity of hill cutting of Bukit Kukus, the serene hills held many of such huge boulders undisturbed except for one 1997 landslide incident @ Sun Moon City Apartment where a bus size monstrous boulder crashed downhill & flattened a factory bus. Everyday, lorries cruise from the controversial Bukit Kukus botak hills ferrying sands & possibly rocks to other construction destinations where they are in demand. Suspect: some… Read more »


The seaside boulders of Pulau Jerejak are jinxed. According to Malay urban legends (esp. the hobbyist anglers), Pulau Jerejak is home to many ‘Jin Laut’


you can continue to believe in malay jin whereas china harbour has built the pg bridge and launch a space craft during moon cake festival to see the legendary lady godness and her rabbit. soon china will have. a space station on her own but penang lang still wants to be jinx and jin.