Gaping scars on hill-slopes of Sungai Ara, Penang


What’s going on at this steep hill-slope in Sungai Ara? It should be visible from the Jalan Kenari area, not far from Divine Mercy Church.

Is it a property development project? How steep is this hill-slope? Is it a Class III or Class IV hill-slope? Is it less than 250 feet above sea level?

sungai ara hill-slope development satellite

This is the view from the east:

Sungai Ara hill, view from the east
Sungai Ara hill, view from the east

The MBPP has to explain.

Cleaner, greener Penang?

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GHB is the latest PAS breakaway party just like Hamim and Berjasa once were. Hamim was formed in 1983 and Berjasa in 1977. Both were formed after the gulungan kecewa (frustrated group) in PAS left after failing to grab power, just like the latest gulungan kecewa that formed GHB. One interesting point to note is that DAP divorced from PAS because PAS is said to be an extremist party. Yet DAP goes to bed with Abim and Ikram that have links to the Muslim Brotherhood and Iran. This is like rejecting the Taliban while going to bed with Boko Haram.… Read more »

gerak khas

What is the connection of your argument with Sungai Ara?


Anil loves rojak. Kl or Penang style. Latest gado gado.

Ying Ying

Yang better migrate elsewhere since he is islamphobia?

Ed G

I believe that the IS is not Shia but Sunni. Also, Shia mosques are often target of attacks in Iraq. But this does not mean that a person of the Sunni denomination is radical.


Just don`t vote DAP or Pakatan next GE. If you do not like both then don`t vote at all…
That the best solution as GHP could be another PAS in disguise or even worse.

Be as cautious of GHB as you are of PAS
Gerakan tells non-Muslims that GHB is a “trick” and that they too will pursue the issue of hudud like PAS is doing in Kelantan.

Ed G

UMNO voted alongside PAS for HUDUD in Kelantan. Najib is the President of UMNO and the head of BN. So what does this make of BN, UMNO and Najib? Are they all HUDUD supporters by virtue of their association and actions?

gerak khas

Now you know why MCA has got nothing to psycho the Chinese community as hudud is becoming a common interest of PAS-UMNO collaboration.


Could you post pictures of those Transformers in Penang and the Transformer Street Arts?
Useful for readers outside Penang.