Fishermen hold #PenangTolakTambak protest in the rain


Some 200 fishermen from both Penang Island and mainland Penang converged to stage another in a series of protests against a 4,500-acre land reclamation project to create three artificial islands off southern Penang Island. Full report on the Aliran website

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Meanwhile Muslim NGOs tolak Liberalism and Christian evangelism, seen as a threat to Muslim community:

Can understand their sieged mentality, as they were jajah for centuries from 1511 to 1957, thus the fear for all sorts of bogeymen.


MTUC demands Putrajaya reveal actual figures on poverty after UN study

Question is what has MTUC done to improve productivity of workers to earn higher wages? MTUC needs to learn from Singapore’s NTUC. NTUC has nationwide chain of Fairprice supermarkets in Singapore with competitive and lower pricing essential items.