Fisherfolk’s protest against land reclamation in Penang (video)


This video of their protest off the coast of Tanjung Tokong yesterday was produced by independent film-maker Andrew Han.

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Wilfred Sung

According to an article in Sinar Harian, 200,000 hectares land which was classified as forest farming in Kelantan had been cleared . However, only 5% or 10,000 hectare is re-planted. The article ‘Banjir Berlaku Kerana Manusia’ (Flood happened because of humans) was featured in Sinar Harian dated Jan 16. In a press conference, Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng questioned, ‚ÄúCompare this to 16 trees that are transplanted in Penang. Why the media did not give the massive jungle clearing in Kelantan any news coverage or frontpage it? Yet the media focus on Penang. This bias reporting is seen as a… Read more »

Wendy Tan

Desperately sad. Penang is known internationally as a beautiful and economically properous ISLAND. Fishing in the local waters should be proetected and respected, but draining away the ocean to build posh housing and roads is mercenary to the point of self destruction!!!

Jimmy Cheong

Any proof that the reclamation will affect the fishermen?


The Penang government must learn from the Johor government that has successfully convinced its Bangsa Johor to merrily welcome all sorts of development including reclamation and creation of 4 artificial islands to build Forest City…


Southern Johor’s fishermen: Sinking From ‘Development’


Earth Day: Listen to the pains of a fisherman The reclamation works on the Straits of Johor have affected coastal and riverine fishermen all along its coast. The destruction of mangrove, the quality of water, pollution and so forth have reduced the numbers of fish, crustaceans and other marine life that provide these fishermen with a livelihood. The Malay and a family of Chinese fishermen share Kampung Bakar Batu with an Orang Seletar community. The Orang Seletar live in a 14-acre Asli Reserve — at least for now they are safe from the property developers who now own this… Read more »


For whom are we developing a state or country? Easier said than done (depending on which side of the coin one is arguing). Read: Runaway global inequality could ‘pull societies apart’, warns Oxfam The gap between rich and poor has never been as wide as it is today, and growing inequality could lead to greater instability, a report by Oxfam warns. The report, released today ahead of the World Economic Forum (WEF) at Davos in Switzerland, identifies large corporations and the super-rich as drivers of inequality. “Left unchecked, growing inequality threatens to pull our societies apart. It increases crime… Read more »

Jimmy Cheong

No need to be concern about the Oxfam report.
Our country is itself with social divide and widening wage gap.
The BN cronies get datukship to further enhance their wealth with government contracts…


BN or not BN, all political parties, once in power will become political traders.
Traders of all sorts – selling lands, seas, hills, future of traditional trades & fishermen, anything in exchange for Money. Corrupt to varying degrees.
So, any wrong should be challenged otherwise our fate will be like Botak Hill – a future that is irreversible no matter how many trees (promises) are planted for show as sandiwaras.


Q: Why does a state want to reclaim land (from the seas) when there are already other available lands in mainland Penang?
Q: Isn’t it more expensive to reclaim land (from the sea) than to use existing land?
Q: Is the state ready to face the adverse environmental + economic consequences of land reclamation, even if an EIA report projected otherwise?

Note: This is questioning Penang State Gomen development approach & has nothing to refer or to compare to Johor development which has more than enough existing land than Pulo Pinang.


Should record what measly catch these fishermen will net for a day.
And record the surrounding sea water quality with a lab test.
Drone camera capture the entire sea showing a much reduced sea fishing area.
And record as indisputable evidence against halo-EIA, dead marine life & reduced jelly fish.
Any financial compensation should be video recorded as evidence of any hanky-panky.

And make a CAT replica to sacrifice to the sea gods if indifference of those recalcitrants persists.