Fisherfolk stage protest at sea against Penang land reclamation

Photograph: Dr Kam Suan Pheng

A flotilla of about 150 fishing boats with about 500 on board has converged off the coast of Tanjung Tokong to protest against the inadequate compensation for land reclamation off Tanjung Tokong in Penang. The reclamation has jeopardised the livelihoods of the fishing community here and threatens to further undermine food security in the state.

flotilla protest
Photograph: Neil Bennett

A marine police boat was spotted at sea as well.

Online publicity material said the protest was organised by a group caling themselves Jawatankuasa Bertindak Hak-hak Nelayan (Berhak). Local residents believe the fishing settlement in Tanjung Tokong predated the arrival of Francis Light.

One of the fisherfolk at the protest today told a Penang Forum activist that he was reluctant to venture further away from the fishing area as he was unfamiliar with the waters beyond and the obstacles beneath the surface that could damage his nets, making the returns from the catch not worth his while.

He said he has been trying to fish a bit further out from the reclamation area. But even up to 0.5-1 km away from the cordoned site, the waters below are already barren, depending on how far the deposited silt has been dumped by currents – this despite the silt curtain that is supposed to be in place.

Photograph: Dr Kam Suan Pheng, Penang Forum

Massive land reclamation in Penang and elsewhere in Malaysia has been controversial, raising searching questions about the model of development those in power are pursuing in collaboration with high-end property developers. Not least is the question of sustainability of fisheries and food security. And many wonder why the price of fish and other seafood has soared in a state almost surrounded by the sea.

Well, wonder no more.

Photograph: TH Lim
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Brunei-Singapore joint venture for land-based vertical aquaculture farming.

The ground breaking ceremony marks the commencement of the construction phase for the establishment of vertical, land-based, bio-secured, high density aquaculture farming in Brunei Darussalam by KR Apollo Sendirian Berhad. With a total investment of over 20 million dollars, KR Apollo’s integrated fisheries project at this site, will realize the production of aquaculture food-fish and aquarium fish from this year onwards.


There were suggestions that Penang fishermen affected by reclamation projects should go out to deeper seas to cari-makan. This news is salt fish for thought: ‘Foreign fishermen with military training in M’sia waters’ There is truth to media reports that foreign fishermen who aggressively encroached Malaysian waters last year, had military training, says Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Shahidan Kassim. He said the claim was further strengthened by the aggressive approach of the group of 150 boats escorted by a Coast Guard patrol boat, causing them to even brazenly collide with Malaysian enforcement boats. “In the report, we… Read more »


Nowadays can never really trust the reporting of Bernama, mostly promoting BN agenda.


Mega projects in Johor to give big boost to country’s economy

Perhaps the fishermen in Penang must see the ‘bigger picture’ and learn from their Johor counterparts?


Already, Johoreans cannot afford such high-end properties which inevitably leads to higher costs of living, cost of doing business (high rentals) & more repatriation of our Ringgit to foreign shores, what exactly are you talking about a ‘bigger picture’?
What kind of future is in store for Johoreans?


The future of Johoreans is dependant on the economy of Singapore – providing jobs and Singaporeans spending power in JB. Therefore most Johoreans are hardly impacted by the poor economic situation in Malaysia so long as Singapore is thriving.


Man beats up security guard for clamping car
A security guard was assaulted yesterday at a condominium in Green Lane, George Town for refusing to remove a tyre clamp from a car parked at the visitor’s parking.
Eye-witnesses told Malaysiakini the assailant struck T Ramaraj’s torso with a bolt cutter which he was using to free his Mercedes Benz.

Go Money, Can Do Anything!
Such is the price of Cosmopolitan Penang Frenzied where some Richie think they own the lands & can do anything (samseng)!


Man allegedly assaults security guard filming his failed attempt to remove wheel clamp
A Richie Latuk?


Got Datukship does not mean you have license to bully!


Even to punish those living who Facebook-offend them after death?


Whether you are rich or poor, a CM or YB, a Datuk or Datuk Kong.
Rules & laws are there for Homo Sapiens to follow as a highly proclaimed civilised species.
Without which we will be living in a social jungle where money, status & bad vibes thrive over others less endowed.
No wonder my Orang Bunian friends have an averse for humans with bad vibes entering their forests.


Got $ can sap sap sui pay the fine, so know advocate tougher jail sentence with day doses of curry rice besides caning! Human lives matter not $.


A Datuk Seri driving a Merc S300Lansi?
But won’t pay Rm100 to unlock the clamp is beyond comprehension of a Richie.
Maybe the ego was too big & kia-su ai-bin combo released an ugly angry bird below civilised status.

The next time I see a Datuk badge on a Merc, I will harbour a derogatory perception.


All the pollution with irrelevant and out of topic posting. Simple English and can’t walk straight


Protest by 300 Penang fishing boats against reclamation This compensation thing is going to be tacky, contentious & personal as no 2 fishermen are alike. As claimed by Penang Fishermen’s Association chairman Nazri Ahmad that the association was not objecting to stop the reclamation project, the issue is unhappiness of fishermen with the compensation package offered to those afffected. Now, how are the developers to continue paying different amount of compensations as & when problems of fishermen arrive like the winds of Gurney Drive? Or are these compensations time-limited or agreed once upon a time? I feel the fishermen… Read more »


Belated show ! Why wait till now ???

PJ Roberts

Ha ha. No such protest in Southern Johor where massive reclamation to build condominiums for PRC folks to make Malaysia their second homes?


Because cannot offend influential person there.


Absolutely Correct.
Otherwise, get hauled up by authorities. Whether offence is online or in flesh + blood.


The powerful ones talked nonsense, as though average Malay like me can afford to live in Forest City!


Dear Arifin.
Have you not heard of: Got Money, Can Talk?
And worse still: Got Money, Can Shut Others Up or Sue!
And worst of all: Got Money, Can Demand Loyalty!


Even Mahathir also cannot comment.
Dr M has gone too far, says Johor sultan


The Sultan said that Forest City’s mixed development project was not targeted at Chinese investors, but for anyone around the world, inclu­ding Johoreans. “This project will increase Johor’s land size and sovereignty,” he said in noting that the spill­over effect would include re­venue for the state go­vernment in terms of taxes and about 200,000 job op­­por­­­­tunities. The sultan said this in response to a series of comments and blog posts by Mahathir, who had claimed that huge tracts of land around Johor Bahru were being sold to fo­­reigners with no restriction, and there would be mass immigration to take up… Read more »


700000 new homes at Forest City meant for rich imported Bangsa Johor?
The authority must really be out of touch of reality that most Johor folks cannot afford such luxury houses.


to make the losses you have been.blowing water like dedak


Dr M responds to royal jab, prepared to face lese majeste charge Dr Mahathir Mohamad has penned a letter in response to Johor ruler Sultan Ibrahim Sultan Iskandar, who accused the former prime minister of crossing the line with his remarks. In an exclusive interview with The Star, the sultan challenged Mahathir to show Johor the big investors from Arab countries, Australia or the United States “instead of China bashing”. Mahathir, in a letter published in page 33 of the The Star’s letter section today, said he is not sure if it is true whether the sultan issued a… Read more »


XiaoBee: The authority must really be out of touch of reality that most Johor folks cannot afford such luxury houses.

Isn’t it the same story in Penang? Maybe, to you it’s not so!
I am not sorry to say this: “CAT is truly, insidiously out of touch with Penangites!”


Muhyiddin: To me, loyalty is not blind PETALING JAYA: Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia president Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin (pic) has said that no one should question his loyalty to Sultan Ibrahim Ibni Almarhum Sultan Iskandar of Johor. The former deputy prime minister said that as a Johorean, it is already a given that he is loyal to both the Sultan and the state of Johor, though there is a caveat. “To me, loyalty is not blind. It must hinge on the principle of truth. This is also taught in Islam,” said Muhyiddin in a statement Wednesday. He was responding… Read more »


Tunglang: Isn’t it the same story in Penang? Maybe, to you it’s not so!

You must not forget many Penangites have been working and earningstring Singapore dollar to afford the properties in Penang. Those earning Ringgit can only look in dismay.


the type of development in Penang is skewed & manipulated to the present situation whereby these greedy developers are now desperately asking for government relaxation of rules & Bank Negara leniency of bank lending. Which shows one thing:
these greedy (including property gurus) don’t read the market well but arrogantly built what is not saleable in Penang.
It can happen anywhere where arrogant greed rules over state gomen plan.


Iskandar is all about building frenzy to enrich the already rich and powerful.
We do not need those excuses as recently published in The Star.
Selling land to PRC and build homes for foreigners – new breed of Bangsa Johor soon?


And soon, more capital outflow to PRC.
And soon, Malaysian Tanah becomes commodities to sell or gamble like Ringgit.
No need to take purchased Malaysian tanah-tanah + homes back to China!


Remember our Sejarah how the then Johor gave away Singapore to the British?

Deja vu once again, now giving up freehold land in Iskandar to PRC chinese?


Better don’t sing the phrase “Tanah Air Cinta Ku”.
It is meaningless to those who only see foreigners as Gods of Wealth….

Wilfred Sung

China’s CCTV reports on Forest City in Malaysia:


Forest City logo is on the jersey of JDT football team – big sponsor to allow big spending on players.


So, Johor is courting big corporations to sponsor its football clubs, & what else?
Corporate tango with blind eyes to adverse issues affecting the state?
Like affordable housing, rising prices of food, rising crimes, etc.
What a model state!


MCA is strongly endorsing China investment here. This could affect local SMEs?


MCA see no (future) in Malaysian Chinese businesses, but PRC Chinese businesses as answers to BolehLand economic development.


Najib siad MCA is easiily satisfied with 3 ministerial positions.


After the slippery Cosmopolitan Penang Frenzied has fulfilled its slippery recalcitrance, Penangites will face these prospects: bo hu, bo he, bo Koay Kow, bo tau-te (pomfret), bo ikan kembung, bo chim, bo ham, bo jiu-hu. Only the rich & famous can afford imported Thai seafood & Japanese sushi seafood & American Salmon while ordinary Penangites will make do with kiam-hu. Enjoying seafood will just be fond memories of dining @ Teluk Bahang End of the World Seafood Restaurant or Paya Terubong’s famous Ah Chooi Seafood Restaurant. But some fat CATs will dine & wine with famous developers at the highest… Read more »


Kiam Hoo (salted fish) these days not cheap anymore. Also too much of it sodium content can cause cancer.
Some say no worry as developers after no more to reclaim will be very creative to feed the need of fishes by turning into caged fish farmers.
If Boon Siew Motors can become Boon Siew Developer (BSG), E&O Properties can next becoming E&O Fisheries importing fishes from elsewhere to feed Penang-langs.


Of course the type of Kiam Hu manufac by any corporation as per your halo-suggestion may most likely be full of chem-sodium,
where got time + patience (of local fishermen) + moral concern (of CAP) for health to mass manufac E&O! Kiam Hu like Speedy Gonzales (as per brick & mortar building frenzy). Also, not cheap as these are GST added by halo-corporations!
If no more land to reclaim, can take some time to answer environment horrors in the making & be prepared for law suits by Penangites!
No need to be creative!

Phua Kai Lit

Must listen to the people !

Otherwise, those negatively affected must be very well compensated.

Isn’t this what Social Democracy is all about ?


Compensations to fisher folks, no matter how well paid will never solve our food security problem in the future nor affordability of seafood for locals. A holisitic approach (of socio-economic-environmental-cultural) to development is still the way forward, sans all these unbelievable greed & recalcitrant + arrogant habits of corporate-political tango. If any vote is worth fishing by any sincere & caring politician, it is by way of putting the people’s interest first & foremost above any corporation. Don’t give the … excuse of job creation when the very recalcitrant act will extinct other existing jobs. Even a 9-lives politician won’t… Read more »


why one sided? orang asli and asal for thousand times have their planting and hunting ground taken by loggers and oil palm planters and yet pg forum, tun lsng amd pua has keep s lip seal on their predictment!! big bully.


Still shooting from the hips?
Pls learn the finer art from Niao Kong Elvis’ The Pelvis Rock & Twist from the Hips.