High crime rates? Nah, just change your perception…


First, when the price of petrol was hiked, they told us to “change our life-styles”.

Now, when the crime rate appears to be high, they are telling us to “change our perception” of crime…

… and all will be well.

Najib was saying that our perception of worrying crime rates should be viewed in perspective: apparently Malaysia has lower crime rates than Japan and Hong Kong.

Maybe it was just my perception that my apartment was broken into last year and my personal belongings stolen.

As one commentator told me, “What on earth is he talking about? What perception does he want us to change? Just like before when the price of petrol went up, he told us to change our lifestyles. Now when there is a crime crisis facing the country, he tells us to change our perception!?!”

Malaysiakini reports:

“Based on the statistics given by the police, it indicates that the crime rate in Malaysia is lower than Japan and Hong Kong.

“It is also just slightly higher than Singapore to the basis of per hundred thousand of population… but the perception of the public is not the case,” said Najib at a press conference in Parliament after the economic council meeting.

Adds the commentator: “Also, where are the statistics to back up his views? Nothing in the report. As far as I can tell, crime statistics are often better indicators of prevalence of law enforcement and a willingness to report crime, than actual prevalence.”
How reliable are the the official statistics? What about crime that isn’t reported?
Najib also spoke of the need to improve public confidence in the police.
Actually, the best way to improve public confidence is to implement the recommendations of the Royal Commission on the police especially its main recommendation: the establishment of an Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission.
We should also look at the failure of our economic system as well, the alienation of ordinary workers by industrial development, the rising disparity between the rich and the poor (the richest 10 per cent of the population earn 22 times more than than the bottom 10 per cent), and the creation or urban high-rise slums.
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Malaysia is like a big circus run by united monkey that consistently crank out “monkey dance” to make us a big laughing stock for the whole world to see.


Did we not learn on school, that statistics lie.
Statistics can be used to explain both side of the coin.
How come no one ask how the statistics were collected, classified and analysed?

The way the police collect the crime statistics is pathetic. You have to see to believe.


We gonna have another clown PM after ABD Badawi. Lets sit and enjoy all their stupid jokes. Lets have perception that Malaysia is a big circus company and the politicians are clowns entertaining us.


No wonder Altantuya was murdered,only our perception that she was killed,she is actually alive and kicking.Very funny !


najib and the IGP wil never feel the threat of crime coz they are well protected.
gee, hope they wont suffer the same fate of an ex-CPO who resides in Jalan Gasing when they retire.
as usual, they left their brains at home.


What Najib is actually saying is that he is safe and has nothing to worry about. So who cares about you?


this country is getting worse and worse! moronic UMNO ppl


I wonder if the lower crime rate reported is due to the fact that many people couldn’t be bothered to report “smaller” crimes due to the hassle involved and the inability of the police to solve anything?

If no important documents were stolen or bodily harm was encountered, I doubt anybody would even want to make a police report. I think looking at Kiaw’s link above, that may be the case. Serious crimes are higher than both Japan and Hong Kong, while the overall rate of reporting of other crimes are lower.


I have a simply question “Why must our ministers, VIP and wives move around with bodyguards?”. Simple as that, don’t tell me all the crab about perception.


Realise how everyone is in unison about this issue? It’s really sad that our government cannot see it. My house was broken into last week and the police can’t do anything about it. And last night a friend’s house was broken into and probably the police can’t do anything as well. They call house break-ins, snatch-theft petty crimes, funny to think if they don’t stop these scumbags, they’ll probably think they can get away with bigger crimes. And they’ll upgrade to being arm robbers, rapist, murderers…etc. Crime are so rampant nowadays that anyone you talk to nowadays know someone close… Read more »


To hell you with your statistics. So what if Malaysia really has lower crime rate than Japan & HK? We still feel threaten when we walk on the street even during broad day light. When you have time, Najib, go take a walk by yourself in Section 17 PJ which is populated mostly by UTAR and UM students. The crime rate there is rampant and beyond recognition. What has been done? Nothing!

p/s: And we don’t believe that our crime rates are lower than Japan & HK.


My perception is that ten years ago, we could safely walk in the park alone, let our kids run around the neighbourhood, sleep soundly without fear of the house being broken into, drive safely without being harassed by rempits and road bullies, allow my wife, daughters,and other womenfols out alone without their being molested or raped. But then, according to Najib and the IGP, it is alll my perception. Crime rate has not increased. We are still in relatice safety.


Did anybody notice that Singapore, Japan and Hong Kong government did not even want to lift their finger in response. True to any BN government, they are more happy to spin the data than to use the data to work out solutions. Reported cases are just an indication of the efficiency of the system. ( hence the 3 highly efficient country are up there). Would Bukit Aman CID director Datuk Mohd Bakri Zinin care to compare that with other developing countries?


The level of crimes in city areas has reached epidemic proportions.
Many of the policemen manning the front desk at police stations are quite weary if you try to report what they consider trivial crimes. Off the record, policemen will tell you they are overwhelmed by the number of crimes reported. Most police reports (probably) end up as “No Action Taken” unless somebody got killed or something like that.

But somehow I’m not surprised. The “C-4” perception of crime would be very different from you or me…

Big time crime boss

I have been to many cities and I believe many others have been to many cities around the world. Honestly I feel safer to walk in streets in Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh and Hong Kong than Kuala Lumpur or Petaling Jaya. My staff was robbed in front of a bank in broad day light last month in SS2. Just sit in the police station in SS2 and you will know how bad the crime is. Even Syed Albar admitted (later retracted) that police is so scared of criminals in Haji Taib that they got to close shop there. Why fool… Read more »


I guess najib is right about the statistics. But i dont think its a proper way to compare. Please note that he said crime rate “based on 100k residents”, thats the trick. Most crimes in Malaysia happen in more developed areas, bigger cities, such as KL, Johor, Penang, etc. But we have to know that a big percentage of population still living in less developed places (kampung). So if you calculate the crime rate based on total population then i believe Malaysia has lower ratio. I guess they have to come out smarter ways to compare instead of fooling us… Read more »


Yeah right, safer than Japan… I am living in Japan right now and I can 100% say that compared to Japan, Malaysia is like a hell hole in terms of crime rate.
Primary school children can walk 20mins to school every single day by themselves without their parents coddling them every step of the way. Whereas in Malaysia, you cant even take your eyes off your child for 5 mins without getting worried that your child can get kidnapped.


Funny enough, the top most accessed page in The Star at the moment is: Tuesday December 2, 2008 Snatch thefts rampant in Section 17 I wish to highlight crime in Section 17, Petaling Jaya. Snatch thefts are becoming so rampant in this residential area that people are now fearful to go outdoors. Such crimes happen in the morning and late at night. I have personally witnessed three out of four snatch theft incidents on the road where I live.There were eight snatch theft cases in this area in the past one week, what about other areas of the neighbourhood? These… Read more »


next he’ll ask the media to not publicise crime news to ‘correct’ our perception…btw, let’s make it a pain for the public to make police reports so that the crime statistics come out rosy…oh, wait…isn’t that already happening?

Loken Palanisamy

NST Online » Local News 2008/12/01 Gang robberies up by 14,143 KUALA LUMPUR: Could the global economic crisis have caused an increase in Malaysia’s crime index in recent months? Bukit Aman CID director Datuk Mohd Bakri Zinin does not rule out the possibility, but stresses that it is not the main factor. “I don’t deny that economic pressure such as not having enough money can contribute to crime, but crime will happen only when there is an opportunity due to an individual’s negligence and carelessness.” Armed gang robbery cases had risen by 14,143 cases, from only 3,691 cases last year… Read more »

malaysian niah

in singapore you can be dead drunk sleeping on the street … you probably be slapped with a fine … but your wallet won’t go missing or get raped or mugged.

PM-t0-be … take singapore as a benchmark lar …dont talk s*** over the public. malaysians want to live on par with singaporeans not on par with Somalia…

malaysian niah

the current government is out of touch, and on the fast track out of reach from the hearts of malaysians.

like obama say: Vote Change in the the GE!

Elvis Bob Marley

WTF!! Ask the parents of children who had gone missing. Ask those rape victims who are traumatized through out their life. Ask the people of Mongolia about Altantuya. Try to explain to them about perception…i.e. crime should be seen as relative. Hmm..really what it means is that every citizen is only a number in the statistics. Your life is a perception against statistics. And it is scary, hearing that from a man who in matter of months will be the 6th prime minister of Malaysia. Fellow Malaysians, be prepared for an era of perception of life through statistics..well..you voted for… Read more »


What if I told you that Najib was telling the truth? Of course, that’s not the end of the story lah…



(What if) his family members suffer in the hand of robbers. We will wait and see if he says “Change Your Perception”.

God willing, please let idiotic DPM open his damn eyes and coat it with fear of all kinds…