Few aware that Seberang Perai Local Plans on public display


The North and Central Seberang Perai Local Plans are now on public display – but most people remain in the dark.

Apart from determining the type of development that would be allowed at the local level, for me, these plans are important in safeguarding our agricultural lands – our sources of food supply – from encroachment by property development. We desperately need to ensure food security for the local population as we cannot rely on food imported from elsewhere especially in times of scarcity and climate change.

Has the tunnel project been included in the draft North Seberang Perai Local Plan?

And how will the extension plans for the North Butterworth Container Terminal affect residents of Bagan Ajam, Teluk Ayer Tawar and beyond.

The Local Plans are available at the MPSP office, the Land and Mines Department offices in Seberang Perai and the Penang Town and Country Planning Deparment in Komtar.

The details of both draft Plans are on display until 12 April (less than a month) and the deadline for feedback is 19 April.

The duration of the public display is too short. Even the display time for the Special Area Plan for the Penang Botanic Garden was extended from one month to two months.

With the low-key publicity given, most residents of mainland will be in the dark about these important Plans, which will determine the direction of development on the mainland.

Meanwhile, we continue to wait for the draft Southern Seberang Prai Local Plan and of course the long overdue draft Penang Island Local Plan. What’s holding back the latter, which was already ready back in 2008? From what I gather, development densities appear to have been increased beyond what was contained in the draft Plan.

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17 Mar 2012 12.10am

Respective ADUNs of affected areas should be in the know and have such drafts/plans available in their office too.If local councils ain’t putting such plans in their websites then ADUNs ought to do so.
Some of the ADUNs and MPs do need volunteers to update their websites/ blogs everynow and then.
And it is true that some of us ( myself included ) rarely reads The Star, As it normally feed readers with unbalanced reporting from bernama.

16 Mar 2012 8.31pm

Anil, the news was reported in the Star ( I don’t know about other papers) and on the internet but if people are still unaware, I wouldn’t know how else to bring the news to their front door. Maybe the “old newspapers” vans can be roped in?

18 Mar 2012 7.27pm
Reply to  Anil Netto

Disappointing response lah, Anil, I can sense your sadness at the lukewarm attitude

Ho Ho Ho
Ho Ho Ho
16 Mar 2012 6.52pm

Ho 😳 Ho 😳 Ho 😳

😳 Itu Naik Ini Naik all under ‘Barang Naik’ incompetent gomen n they can spend lavishly on their Daughter wedding 400k ++ n splash a Birthday party 80k ++….S… X3… 😳