Exporting pollution to Pengerang?


CPC Corp, the Taiwanese firm interested in building a RM35bn petrochemical complex in Pengerang, Johor, had wanted to push ahead with its project here reportedly because its facility in southern Taiwan would be shut down in 2015 following strong protests from environmental and residents groups.

The Edge (16 July 2012) reported the plan initially was for the plant to be built in Taiwan but Taiwanese president Ma Ying-jeou withdrew support for the project after environmental groups opposed the plan.

Kuokuang Petrochemical Technology Co, 43 per cent owned by CPC, was supposed to spearhead the project in Pengerang. The project consists of a 150000-barrels-a-day refinery and an 800000-tonnes-per-annum naphtha cracker.

This sparked allegations that the firm was exporting its pollution to Malaysia, as reported in Asia Sentinel on 27 April.

The 2,000 hectares of Changhua’s rare and pristine wetlands, the natural habitat of the endangered Indo-Pacific humpback dolphin near them and last but not least the predicted significant increase of air pollution, which environmentalists say would produce particles fine enough to invade even the smallest airways, led to the emergence of a powerful civic movement that decisively frustrated Kuokuang’s plans.

So now they want to come to Malaysia.

Meanwhile, the China Post reported the following in April:

Explosion rocks CPC plant in Kaohsiung
A major explosion at a CPC Corp., Taiwan plant in Kaohsiung has caused local residents to worry about their safety and disrupted the local petrochemical supply chain.

The explosion, which occurred at about 3:28 a.m., sparked a fire that gutted the plant for about five hours before being extinguished.

No casualties were reported. The state-run firm also claimed that no pollution was detected because of the accident.

Operations of the plant and other areas of the same refinery complex were halted, with Kaohsiung Mayor Chen Chu instructing that the heaviest possible penalties be imposed on CPC over the accident.

The southern city’s environmental authorities slapped CPC with a NT$1 million fine for creating a hazard to the environment.

In Pengerang, the issue has worried local residents and fisherfolks and could cost the BN votes in the coming election in its stronghold of Johor just as the Lynas rare earth refinery could cost the BN votes in parts of Pahang.

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Bolehland spent millions to bring in 2 Pandas from China but failed to protect its own endangered species the Dugong.

The reclaimation work of Rapid at Pengerang has affected teh habitat of Dugong there.

Sad to hear that the carcass of a 2.1m-long male dugong has been found beached at the banks of Sungai Rengit in Pengerang.


Polisi BN bagai “Anak di riba diletakkan, kera di hutan disusui”.

Panda didahulukan, Dugung diabaikan?

Loke Ming Xian

Pengerang folks are not happy with Rapid:

Alan Chew

Please support Himpunan Hijau at Raub on 2 September at 2pm to say no to cyanide.



This Sept 2 anti-gold mine demonstration will be held at a football field after its application to hold the rally at Dataran Raub was rejected by the Raub District Council.

Shame on Raub District Council, it must be ‘ikut perintah’.

Phua Kai Lit

Bukit Koman today and Bukit Merah in the past
already tell us what our
ruling regime authorities are capable of.

semuanya OK kot

Taiwan achieved developed status in the 1970s or so without fanfare. Even their shoe factories were not economical from 1980s. That is another way of saying that they started the “out-sourcing” business long before Americans discovered it. Why do you think they want to “invest” in a steel mill and other dirty industries here? For those who want to understand glbalisation, CAP as good, simple books. Even Bangladesh is trying to stop its dependence on electrical waste and the cutting up of ships. “Learn from the mistakes of others; you can never live long enough to make them all yourself.”… Read more »

Gerakan K

“Money is king. FDI is the source of nation and people wealth. No money no talk. No money still talk talk and talk promises is the sign that you are listening to pakatan pep talk. If you never fedup of those talks, chances are you are highly likely contracted pakatan rhetoric syndrome” – Gerakan K

Andrew I

Better than contracting barisan lies syndrome like you. Makes you tipu as well.


Yes money is kind to you at the expense of selling your soul. race and dignity.


The government is expropriating (forcefully taking away) the locals’ lands and homes, causing strong resentment and dissatisfaction among the people. Moreover, this project can cause unimaginable environmental damage to the surrounding area. Pengerang is well-known for its seafood and beautiful beaches. When the storage terminal is built, the local marine ecosystem and beaches will be harmed, thus destroying its tourism industry. No one is spared, even if they are unaffected by the land claiming and the fall of the local tourism industries. The pollution caused by such heavy industries can threathen the health of the locals, therefore harming the people… Read more »


NTV7: Pengerang yang lenyap (sari kata Bahasa Malaysia)


Satu dokumenteri dari NTV7 mengenai projek RAPID and impaknya terhadap penduduk-penduduk Pengerang yang sudah bertempat di kawasan tersebut bergenerasi demi generasi.

Gerakan K

Exporting pollution to Pengerang ???

No, if they have the chance to rebuild their new facility in Malaysia and use the latest technologies. Their old facility of course lousy and problematic. But given the chance to build a new one, they will do better. Learn from mistake mah, do you agree ???

On the other hand, anil anti-FDI attitude must change lah. Otherwise nobody wants to come here and invest !!!

Andrew I

You would sell your own mother if you could.

Gerakan K

Just hope you don’t do it yourself or you son don’t do it to you. So sad you have follow Sze Tho style ~

Andrew I

Don’t worry, when Pakatan forms the federal government, we can afford not to have to sell anything or anyone.


GK just like Ah Cheap AMMo BN togethers with their sycophants will never oppose because its the benefits and money that counts. Money into their pocket and rubbish for us. That is why we must change or sooner or later our country will be accepting rubbish and s… that other do not wants. Soon 1Malaysia will become the No 1 1Rubbish Dump.

tan tanjong bungah

Hi Gerakan K, “The Edge (16 July 2012) reported the plan initially was for the plant to be built in Taiwan but Taiwanese president Ma Ying-jeou withdrew support for the project after environmental groups opposed the plan.” Hence, you are caught red-handed spinning that “Their old facility of course lousy and problematic. But given the chance to build a new one, they will do better. Learn from mistake mah, do you agree ???”!!! So, why then CPC Corp NOT build the new one in Taiwan?! Why are you so UNASHAMED spinning that Anil, and even others, are anti-FDI? People oppose… Read more »

Andrew I

He’s just an unemployed local graduate cari makan.

Gerakan K

This line makes me feel good:

“local graduate”

Andrew I

Yes, it would, because you’re the type who would grovel for praise.


GK, He will not learn. He only wants to keep on lying

Gerakan K

Ma Ying-jeou = LGE. Will reduce development density when election is coming. Will approve hill-slope special project when in fact it doesn’t need to. Both qualify as failure. Ma Ying-jeou is the most useless leader when planning, organizing and implementing rescue and relieve effort for taiwanese being hit with typhoon. That is a fact even his own party people have admit it openly. Ma survives only because his friendly relation (kow towing ???) with China. Same here for LGE. LGE survives because of ABU. MA and LGE only know how to talk and cannot fulfill any election promises !!! Can… Read more »

Andrew I

Would your porn star survive if he wasn’t a closet hudud supporter?


Its a fact when I say you are a liar Its the truth when I say you are a wannabe willing to sell your soul for a pittance. Unlike MCA and the pornstar adulterer, LGE and DAP have said time and again that they have rejected hudud. Unlike MCA UMNO BN, DAP. PAS & PKR (PR) have come to a consensus that there will be no hudud LGE have survived alone without PAS and PKR before. They can also do it now. Only MCA and CSL cannot survive without clinging to their master UMNO. And the truth is when their… Read more »

Gerakan K

Hello brother, jangan tipulah. LGE boleh jadi CM kerana dia terima Pas hudud !!!

Sebelum ini LGE boleh jadi CM kah ???


GK my goodness how could you say Ma is useless. He gives your master a 35 billion project and your master has accepted it. How can you be so ungrateful to him and to your master.

Gerakan K

For more info/failure about Ma, see here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ma_Ying-jeou

But for the best up to date info/failure list, see tvbs political talk on astro.

Andrew I

So sad Anil’s blog is used to advertise for Astro.

Gerakan K

Who knows if Ananda see my comment and invite me to his GREAT EMPIRE ???

By the way, tvbs is very taiwan centric and IS the best source of taiwanese political and social news.


GK We are not interested in Ma. We are interested in how our country have been cheated and ripped us of biliions through corruption such as the cowgate, scorpene and prawn gate. We are interested how to protect the rights and democracy of the country and people. We are interested in why when some one who become a pornstar and … do not get arrested for an illegal act. We are interested in protecting the health and enviromental damage to the people and country such as Lynas and this factory in Pengerang. We are also not interested in how you… Read more »

Gerakan K

Why don’t we accept that RM35B investment first and followup with strict operating rules ???

Man, it is RM35 BILLIONS !!! Don’t follow LGE style of rejecting FDI outright without a fight !!! Or paying compensation without a fight !!! Hmmm Lynas mentality here ~


LGE has dignity and concern for the rakyat. What have you and BN UMNO MCA got. Lies, corruption and immorality. haha