Eulogy to another hill stripped bare


Now who approved this project in Paya Terubong and on what basis? The gradient of the slope looks steep.

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Thanks to tunglang for the photos. He writes:

Devastation of a once tranquil forest fringe on small rainforest hills where birds of migratory and local species once thrived. Where the water-loving kingfishers once built thoughtful nests for their daily fishing trips to the nearby man-made lake. Where bird-lovers could enjoy the melodic “kroo, kroo, kroo” of the merbok in the early morning and late afternoon. Where nature trekkers could delight in the cool shade of the rainforest trees. And where Lebuh Rambai residents could safely sleep while dreamy children and nature lovers could relish the natural sounds of a cricket philharmonic rendition.

Now these are all gone, thanks to the wilful human acts against Nature. And the red earth and digging has gone too far almost reaching the back doors of nearby residents!

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Today, June 5, Tuesday is World Environment Day. Let us reflect on good green earth, unspoiled natural spaces, abundance of Nature’s wealth, sustainable use of God-given natural resources, and sanity of mind as entrusted stewards of diminishing remnant of Nature & existing man-made civilized spaces. Rein in greed, speculative profiteering, corporate social & environmental irresponsibility, habits of littering & spitting, and personal aggrandizement thro’ covetous egos (greed & more is good mantra) in the likes of Donald Ducky Trumpeter. Give Penang Island a greener space for thought today. Food for sanity of thought: If I have more money, should I… Read more »


plant more hardy trees and plants to beautify and to absorb carbon gas….very simple yet take so long to implement ?


We heard about Ong Eu Soon’s tree planting project in Balik Pulau.
What say you, Ong?


Ah Soon planting trees as business venture ?
Nowadays home gardens plants fetch high prices !

ong eu soon

My paulownia trees planting have been quite success so far. They seem to be able to adopt to local climate. I need about a year time to harvest the root stock for future planting. Present state government spent about rm1000 per tree planting ornament trees. I can easily do it with half the cost.


I think this is the new road connecting to bukit jambul which has been planned many years ago and perhaps long overdue.


when money flows in.everything turned into something….


I knew that he would fume because as always he has would not check the facts and always shoot through his mouth like a moron. The project has been approved within the stipulated guidelines. Don’t just guess from appearance that it look steep. Only professional engineers not layman will understand the measurement of the gradient. If not satisfied that it has not been approved within the guidelines, the people including GK are welcome to sue the MPPP for any wrong doing. May be Ong Eu Soon can give some comment.


Looking at the Geo Eye, the only green hills left sandwiched between housing developments east & west is likened to a fat dragon with its tail end eroded by this present hill stripping at Lebuh Rambai. Imaging the volume of rain water flowing speedily down its ‘tail’ on any given torrential rain (based on the topographic visual of Geo Eye), how will the bared earth & truncated tree roots withstand the added weight of torrent water above & below soil? Taking into account the already nearby occupied flats, the later part of piling development could possibly affect via vibrations &… Read more »


Just wonder can all the hill projects be stopped even though they are approved by the previous government, i.e. before 2008 ?

My friend told me there was one in Shamrock Beach, bungalows are to be built at the top of the hill. There are some terrace houses right now.

Developers should explore and build in the main land and no more on this tiny Island !!!

Gerakan K

Someone inside the chairman LIM group must tell him that money money money money principles are not going to work for Penang. Stop it now before too late. Dont wait until “ada orang mati”. Maka dunno is not going to work again. Take your salary and go working now. Pop pep pop pep talking in ceramah will not help us. Joining kotor group protest will not help us. Talk with city council staff now and do it fast.

Andrew I

Pop pep pop pep. What’s wrong with you?

Ho Ho Ho

Ho 🙄 Ho 😆 Ho 😯

😆 Ini GILAkan betul betul sudah ‘cau hoay’ n must go to ➡ TG RAMBUTAN to pop pek pop pek…..heheheheheheheheeh 😆

Ho 😯 Ho 😆 Ho 🙄


well gk must be fuming again