Floods in July: Ecological disaster in Sibu?


Sarawak Voice sent in this comment which I thought I should highlight:

Talk about the dams in Sarawak? Hmm, apparently it seems that the government created an ecological disaster! My hometown is in Sibu, Sarawak (at the delta of the Mighty Rejang River) (and you) can clearly see the effects (of) logging, jungle clearing and hydro dam development up river.

Once a clean river now muddy and the river is getting shallow due to the mud that was washed from upriver. Even now at this moment, as I am typing this, we are experiencing floods! Yeap, floods in the month of July….

Read the details in this piece from The Borneo Post:

Troubled waters

Numerous efforts have been made to implement a flood mitigation plan for Sibu town but without any concrete follow-up action to date, residents complain they have been living in fear of floods whenever it rains for too long

FOR years now, the people of Sibu have had to put up with floods that seem to occur whenever there is heavy rain. While many are trying to bear with it, others are growing increasingly frustrated.

What causes floods? How can they be prevented? When will the nightmare end? These are questions commonly asked by people living along the mighty Rajang, the longest waterway in the state.

Poor drainage in the town and siltation in the Rajang are often blamed but there may be other contributors to the perennial problem that might have been overlooked.

Sibu residents are now asking besides heavy deforestation and earth-digging activities upstream, could development on the banks of the Rajang or over utilisation of these areas be another major cause of floods?

Are the on-going projects narrowing the channel for water to flow downstream by causing greater erosion of the river banks that leads to siltation? Click here for the full article.

Is there an ecological disaster in your area that has not yet been highlighted? Tell us about it and who you think could be responsible for it.

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Taib Mahmud. Please build more dams and create more oil palm plantations. Keep it up and soon your towns will (rise) against you.


Hi Its easy to mouth global warming, etc while we hide from our errors OR hope nobody realizes that the moot cause is due to our actions. I am from S’gor, we had a MB who happened to come from my Parlimentary area, and was amenable to the erection of a “machine” that will burn rubbish in Broga (a small, sleepy, nothing to should about village/township). This genius who was one of many intellectual giants decided that it would be OK/alright to place this giant incinerator in Broga. Nobody knew how to join the dotted lines a bit more to… Read more »

Juan Taman

Flood is everywhere in our world.Climate change and man’s disturbance in environment worsens the flood situation, A lot of great civilisation in history disappeared due to change of climate and of river course. The only way for human to survive is to acknowledge it and adapt to the change.Nature behaves in a dynamic equilibrium, like erosion is followed by accretion.Nature does not follow any physical boundary. With the predictable sea level rise, in 50 years time one third of Sarawak could be under the sea like it used to be 6000 years ago. Unless you have the resources like what… Read more »