DOE SHOCKER! Conditional approval speedily granted for Seri Tanjung Pinang Phase 2 detailed EIA


The ‘super-efficient’ Department of the Environment has hurriedly given a conditional approval for the detailed Environmental Impact Assessment for a massive 891-acre land reclamation project under Seri Tanjung Pinang Phase 2, which has alarmed a string of civil society groups and concerned Penangites.

The conditional approval was granted in a letter dated 10 April 2014. One activist, upon hearing the news, exclaimed, “Surely it must be a joke.”

It was only last month that the period of so-called ‘public display’ of the draft DEIA had ended. The Consumers Association of Penang and Sahabat Alam Malaysia flatly rejected the project. A team of scholars and professionals from the Penang Forum, a coalition of Penang-based civil society groups, studied the three thick volumes of the DEIA and then submitted a 21-page objection letter to the DOE outlining a host of alarming issues and concerns about a month ago.

How on earth was the DOE able to properly assess and address those issues in one month?

Mainstream business analysts had tellingly anticipated that the project would get underway in the second half of the year. It was as if they expected the DOE approval to be a mere formality, never mind that this would be one of the largest land reclamation projects in the country and that the ecological impact of Phase 1 is there for all to see.

But who pays for the dredging of siltation in the future? E & O in the Detailed EIA expects the Penang people to ultimately foot the bill – while E & O keeps the super profits on a land reclamation concession it had very cheaply acquired. WHY should the public foot the bill for dredging?

Who pays for the traffic nightmare and the infrastructure needed to deal with it?

Who pays if the land reclamation goes wrong resulting in a bigger ecological disaster than the current mess and eyesore at Gurney Drive, which no amount of silly mudballs can address?

Who pays for the devastating loss of fisheries and marine biodiversity and higher fish prices? Can you imagine, the DEIA puts the economic value of fisheries at a paltry RM33m-50m.

Who in the federal DOE is responsible for approving this DEIA? Will they be held responsible and accountable and fired if things go wrong?

Unfortunately, we can’t rely on the Penang state government to intervene, as the state itself is a joint developer with a 21.2 per cent interest in the developer Tanjung Pinang Development, with E & O holding the balance. E & O itself is under the grip of Sime Darby, a federal GLC. So the fingerprints of both federal and state interests are all over this project.

With the federal interest via Sime Darby present, don’t expect the state BN opposition to make much noise about the project.

Of course, a chunk of Phase 2 is also part of the land-for-tunnel swap deal, the tunnel being a pet mega project of the state government. So they will want to push this project through.

So the main political parties are mired up to their necks with Big Business interests.

In the end, we are on our own. I am shocked and saddened that it has come to this.

This was the announcement by:


Type Announcement
Subject OTHERS


We refer to the announcement dated 12 April 2011 in relation to the in-principle approval of the masterplan for Phase 2 of Seri Tanjung Pinang.

The Board of Directors of Eastern & Oriental Berhad (“E&O” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce that Tanjung Pinang Development Sdn Bhd (“TPD”), a subsidiary of E&O, had on 11 April 2014 received the conditional approval letter dated 10 April 2014 (“DEIA Conditional Approval”) from the Department of Environment, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (“DOE”) for the Detailed Environment Impact Assessment (“DEIA”) study and conceptual masterplan submitted by TPD for the proposed reclamation of Phase 2 of Seri Tanjung Pinang at Tanjung Tokong, Penang (“Proposed Project”).


To briefly recapitulate, in 1992, TPD was granted the exclusive right to reclaim and develop land in the district of Tanjong Tokong in the north-east coast of Penang. To date, the Group has reclaimed and is continuing to develop Phase 1 of the project.

The Group through TPD had sought the State Government of Penang’s approval to reclaim the balance concession area and by letter dated 11 April 2011, the Jabatan Perancang Bandar dan Desa, Pulau Pinang, communicated the State’s in-principle approval to the masterplan for the Proposed Project. In our announcement dated 12 April 2011, it was emphasized that many steps remained to be taken and approvals to be obtained before reclamation works can actually commence, not least of all a satisfactory environmental impact assessment study.


The DEIA Conditional Approval is conditional upon the following terms and conditions:-

  • It is applicable only to the proposed reclamation of 760 acres (307.60 hectares) of man-made islands and 131 acres (53 hectares) of the Gurney Drive foreshore, and dredging activities at the “flushing channel”;
  • The provisions of the Environmental Quality Act, 1974, must always be complied with;
  • The Proposed Project must be in line with the project concept stated in the DEIA and is subject to the approval of separate environmental impact assessments by DOE for activities prescribed under the Environmental Quality Order (Prescribed Activities) (Environmental Impact Assessment) 1987;
  • The necessary approvals from the State Government and relevant government departments must be obtained before the Proposed Project is implemented;
  • The DEIA approval conditions and recommendations of the DEIA Consultant must be incorporated as conditions of tender documents and contractual agreements, to be fulfilled by any contractor/subcontractor involved in the implementation of the Proposed Project;
  • The DEIA Conditional Approval is valid for 2 years from the date of issuance; and
  • All works to be undertaken in the Proposed Project must further comply with specific work-related requirements and specifications as set out, including reporting obligations under the relevant laws and regulations.

With the DEIA Conditional Approval in hand, the Board of Directors of E&O is of the view that another key milestone has been reached for the Proposed Project.

This announcement is dated 14 April 2014.

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Anil, ruler state n Umno Penang are buddies. All havoc are opera. What can we do?

Don Anamalai

Here is where Penang can learn from Singapore to improve the design of public spaces:

A giant swing at the open lawn in Marina Bay and an elevated green deck at the Singapore River Promenade are just some of the 11 winning design ideas from a competition on how to redesign public spaces.

Ong Eu Soon

Should we jst ignore the faking of feasibility study for Penang undersea tunnel project? When Penang NGOs want to take action against this malpractices? We have all the opportunities to kill the CAT now. Why waiting?

Peng Cheong

While readers turn their attention to STP2, they forget to mention Komtar’s top (botak space) to become WORLD’s Tallest Sky Bar ! May become World’s Tallest Halal Sky Bar later when Mad Man goes amok carrying black cake/coffin to the top of Komtar ? Also amusing to note Keng Kwee Lane Chendol now charges RM2.30 (was RM2 so more tthan 10% increase although sugar santan do not rise that much). Thanks to tunglang’s promotion Chendol no more cheap to quench thirst these days. for reader, just a mere RM1 you can get ice cold can drinks from vending machine… Read more »

Peng Cheong

Also Keng Kwee Chendol charges RM2.50 for bungkus (ta pau chendol). He still makes some sen (>50% profit) when rubber band and plastic bag cost lest than 10 sen.


Ta Pau is bigger than the normal bowl so cost more

Peng Cheong

just to share money saving tips in barang naik era.

don’t you think it’s also a rude shockerwhen an ori-maestro hawker cashes in on his popularity to raise prices (may be he’s chasing his STP2 condo dream ?) at the expense of his loyal local supporters all these years ??????????


Cry foul please organize something for the people to voice their concerns like the one in queensbay.


Conditional approval or by any other dubious deceptive terms, this Grandmother of all Penang Coast-mud-Politan Development at All ‘Costs’ is already a done deal with thunderous Yam Seng Cheers to Kapitan Diety in the wee hours prior to 11 April, 2014. (No need RMAF radar to detect this event). As in most of Penang’s city development, one can often see a red shrine erected nearby to accommodate a Datuk Kong, which is most likely the original resident of the developed land. You can’t chase it away. In this shocker case, do expect to see very soon, a huge Red Shrine… Read more »


DOE is a federal government department, not within the purview of LGE or Penang State Goverment.

Mr Yang, I am OK if you support BN but please argue reasonably. You only reaffirmed the impressions that Gerakan, Teng and BN and all its members are incredibly stupid.


yes LGE DAP have to go soon…voted for him twice…damn…what to do..look at the wind blowing teng chang yeow..really cannot put my vote for bn..hahah….. politician!!!!!!!! ..they are all the thru their butt…..


The Tanjong Tokong land was reclaimed in the early 80s bit by bits and for more than 20 years it stay idle until the mad CAT took over and developed in a frenzy. It took less than 2 years for it to be developed and took even less years to reclaim and develop the whole Tg Tokong right to Gurney area. The mad CM and DAP PR always complain of BN as not competent, accountability and transparency. Well we see it very clear now what type of CAT we have. … an unaccountable and untransparent one or an incompetent one.… Read more »