‘Distressing’ photos of ‘Botak Hill’ (Bukit Relau)


A group of nature lovers and hikers sent in these photos of the degradation of Bukit Relau following hill-top land clearing which they described as “distressing”.

They also made the following observations:

The land clearing appears to have been done about 1000-1300 feet above sea level, at the peak, on the eastern ridge. (That’s well above the 250-feet threshold above which major property development is generally prohibited.)

After six months, there seems to be no sign of replanting or restoration work (despite MPPP’s assurances that this has been attempted?).

Large gullies and erosion are seen.

Some of the degraded hill-slopes appeared to be steep, around 50 degrees.

The ‘band-aid’ blue plastic sheets offer little protection from rain and erosion. Instead, they are badly torn, leaving many bare sections exposed to the elements.

The erosion may be affecting the greenery in nearby properties, which might include state land.

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Is it a Federal project? MPPP and MPHS(Hulu Selangor) seems to be under seize.


Rasputin, According to the recent article by the US scientist we once came from Mar. Now we may have to go back there.


Printing the banner will cost about RM80. Who is going to pay for it


Ha ha.
Now you know you need money to do things.
No money no talk (also no honey!).
Spare the same thoughts for the Penang government that is deprived money from Federal government.
So I think it is OK to get funding from developers who are willing to develop Penang.


Yang can also collaborate with Perkasa, Kimma or Umno Penang for sponsorship of banner.


Penang island will soon be for the rich and powerful only. Remember how (they) sold some of the turf club land to Vincent Tan at 200 per sq ft. Now its worth 500 per sq ft and it will be bungalow soon at the site.


Yes, Yang, i can see that coming… What can we do? I wonder what will happen to Pg if it is still under Gerakan ??? But properties all ovef have gone up skg high. My friend said her flat in Lip Sin is now selling for 300k bought at 75k. I think we cant stop development but…. am lost …


We should not call it Botak Hill. Botak Hill has a light-hearted connotation. It should be called THE PENANG HILL OF SHAME or Bukit Memalukan Pulau Pinang to remind everyone its serious crime against nature. This afternoon, I was indeed embarrassed when asked by a visitor in my car while approaching Penang island on the Penang Bridge.


The recalcitrants were slapped with a light fine, but Penangites were slapped like fools.
CAT is mere slogan but playing the fool. CAT: Cosmopolitan Anyhow, Tai-Tai.


All politicians are alike. Empty talk. They promises heaven & hell but the moment they win they deny everything. They treat rakyat like fools. Am sure PR will lose Penang next GE just like Kedah in GE13.
10 years is enough. Likewise the same to BN.


Albert, how many choice do we have ????


Ya i agree with Yang do we have a better choice. Albert, do you mean you have not screwed enough by BN for the past 57 years???


Tua Lang,
What you say absolutely correct.
That’s why CAT in the dustbin.
rajraman. 2 party system with different Political Trader and all sells their saliva.Not much choice.Lets makes noise that’s our choice currently.


All sandiwara by Karpal and son. Remember just like the Jeff Ooi who complained of 72k house being sold for 145k in the Perak Lane areas but is now just as quiet. The developers continue with their illegal activities (oh not so illegal after all) as the state govt will finally approved their development plan and also allowed them to sell LMC 72k at 200k. Yes upgraded with a few tiles here and there for the 72k houses while the botak hill will be built with the Chay Sua Kua Hai bungalow. In fact the developer (allegedly) already starting their… Read more »


The earth is our only home. We have no other. She is our only material source of life. Failing to realize this makes some people to take the environment for granted and treat it without any sense of caring. Wealth and power have remained the major attractions and problems of people everywhere, more so in modern society like ours today where profit and power are so intertwined that business and political elites with easy access to bureaucracy can seriously harm the interest of the weaker majority. Due to greed and insatiable appetite for greater profit these elites scheme Ill-conceived development… Read more »


Penang’s Grand Canyon in the making (see 3rd picture). Who will act as Lone Ranger with a Red Indian sidekick chasing after recalcitrant Indian tribes who attempted to build Chay Sua Kua Hai teepees? Maybe our Little India barbers should stand by to give these recalcitrants a final botak haircut with anti-hair growth lotion since our land laws are ineffectively CAT toothless & not enough a deterrent to break the laws (where got face the harsh music as promised). It seems 308 promises are as hollow & echoing like a cathedral’s Sunday pipe organ dreams of foolish hopes within the… Read more »

Awang Selamat Ori

Itu LGE punya kawan! Close one eye la.

LOL, This is what we call CAT governance.

No matter what, in our quest for change, I will still support Pakatan Rakyat but NOT LGE!

LGE looks like he has so many obligations to developers and that is BAD for Penangnites, especially close to Botak Hill friend.

LGE, speak up and tell Penangnites the truth!

You went to jail for fighting for a Malay girl who was allegedly raped by some big shots? Dei, podah!

Tua Lang

Please allow me to be 100% honest here. As an old guy in observing people behaviour, those of you that made the similar and same complaints, will vote the very same party who you were complaining about. PR’s LGE will win with even greater majority next time. Marks my word.


The problem is UMNO and unless they change it will still be ABU but I think LGE might not be so comfortable next time around. But I will definitely assist the candidate there and make sure that Jagdeep go if he is still in Datuk Kermat where he will not be so safe.


Yang, Tua Lang is not tunglang!
A different species altogether!


Tunglang, oop apologies for the mistake. Too distress just like the botak hill


Print it on a banner and display it at Komtar as a sign of protest.
Else stop making noise without any action.

Daniel Bryant

Yes, Yes, Yes!