Democracy Tree plaque vandalised again


Two nights ago, they smashed the edges of the Democracy Tree plaque. Kinta Kid now informs me that the plaque has been vandalised again.

This time they poured road tar or black paint on the inscription on the plaque, so that it can’t be read.

What a bunch of losers! This shows their utter contempt for any symbol of democracy.

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Angel Gab
Angel Gab
15 Mar 2009 12.48am

Let’s start a nationwide campaign to contribute towards the replacement plaque and the pledge to protect the Great Democracy Tree! People, It has clearly become a symbol for justice and democracy for all Malaysians and not just Perakians. A powerful one that is! 3rd March, 2009 shall go down in history well. Let’s participate in the replacement plaque, no matter how small the contribution or how far we live from that great tree! Won’t that be a great story to tell your future generations that you contributed in some small way? And where best to tell that story than under… Read more »

14 Mar 2009 10.54pm

That was part of the several unscrupulous damages, severely inflicted on the stature of democracy in this cauntry. An unexpected acts of vandalism…

… the democracy tree was first selected and perpetuated as a symbol of dedication and commitment of the Pakatan Rakyat’s Speaker and State Legislative Assembly Members of Perak.

14 Mar 2009 7.47pm

biasalah itu, kalau tidak mana kan kerajaan PR Perak boleh tumbang, satu kerajaan yang besar itu pun boleh dia tumbangkan, apalah ada pada plug konkrit itu, sapsapsui je, orang-orang PR kena banyak sabar je lah, rakyat memerhati dan tunggu je …….

14 Mar 2009 4.57pm

It’s just a simple “innocent” tree that happened to be PKR’s choice for their sitting..!

If these so called human beings believe that by destroying the plaque & wanting to chop off the tree will solve the Perak issue or they just wanna show their might.
Then these people are just very “Dengki”…!!!

They must be soo….. “stupid” to the core to not understand the situation.
These are the people who do not want democracy..!

Anil.., put a cctv somewhere hidden & then the culprits can be caught. Then tie them to the tree…!!!!!!!

14 Mar 2009 4.18pm

SICK. Some loose nuts see escaped from the grounds of Hospital Bahagia – Malaysia’s mental hospital lah!

14 Mar 2009 4.11pm

Let’s get the culprit who destroy public property. It is plain simple. Instal a secret CCTV, and let’s see. No need to buy one; just rent or borrow one for some time. With the evidence, let’s see what the police will do.

sword of justice
14 Mar 2009 3.50pm

Good Day, Bro Anil, I pray to Almighty that they (Pakatan) apprehend the culprit in the act … Why don’t Pakatan post an unsuspecting someone to hide … and catch the culprit in the act?… I believe someone from Pakatan who feels all riled up will do it one of these days. DO IT(Nike Advert). The guy or guys who did it must have the blackest of the blakest heart in the whole of the universe has ever seen or know…. APPLY THE HUDUD LAWS!i ONLY WISH PAS WOULD ENACT THE LAWS! THIS IS THE TIME FOR HUDUD LAWS TO… Read more »

14 Mar 2009 3.40pm

Vandals hit Perak’s Democracy Tree – again!!!

More Photo Read Here!!!

The Story Of Perak Democracy Tree

What a shame to the democracy of Malaysia…

14 Mar 2009 3.26pm

Anil, these uncivilised rowdies… can they smear tar to democracy loving people`s heart ?

Samuel Goh Kim Eng
Samuel Goh Kim Eng
14 Mar 2009 3.15pm

Let’s get to read what the plaque tries to share in as many blogs as possible. There may not be enough tar to pollute. Thanks.

Samuel Goh Kim Eng
Sat. 14th Mar. 2009.

14 Mar 2009 2.56pm

Why do They feel so threatened by an old tree and a stone plaque??!What small-minded, sore losers! This must be the work of a bunch of small men with small ….!

14 Mar 2009 2.54pm

This only could happened when these samsengs were confident that they would not have the police at their tails. They could repeatedly damaged a plaque but, they will not kill our spirit to uphold democracy.
The result of Bukit Gantang by election will silence these hooligans!
The Court of Appeal have now granted the Speaker to have his own lawyers, simply pointed out to the public, we have such incompetent personnel in our judiciary…even the benefit of the doubt was not accorded to him. What a shame!

14 Mar 2009 2.48pm

I guess sore losers are sore losers. Let’s see what happens when they lose the 3 seats. I will be the first to rejoice!

14 Mar 2009 2.38pm

The double-vandalised plaque should be kept as a part of democracy in Perak. Those low-downs are really sinking to the bottom-most.
Watch how low can they go.
All true right-thinking Perakians are watching.

14 Mar 2009 2.32pm

every minute an … is born and it invariably happens from the ruling umno the signs of doomsday are coming and they don’t even realise that.its going to be mackenna’s gold story, … can’t be modified to natural beings

ng k t
ng k t
14 Mar 2009 2.16pm

PR has to monitor the democracy tree properly cos maybe the next few days someone may (try to kill) this tree as well.