DAP rep unhappy about draft plan for commercial development in Penang Island northern belt


The Penang DAP State Assembly member for Tanjung Bungah Teh Yee Cheu is unhappy about a draft plan that would classify Tanjung Bungah, Teluk Bahang and Batu Ferringhi as a future development zone that would include commercial development.

The Penang Island Structure Plan, gazetted in 2007, classifies the northern belt as a secondary development corridor for residental and tourism use (although a sketch map in the Plan was surreptitiously amended to show Tanjung Bungah as a primary development corridor).

The maximum density for a secondary development corridor is 15 units per acre. A primary development corridor would have a maximum density of 30 units per acre.

But now the Penang Island Structure Plan is up for review and amendment (a review is allowed after five years).

Teh is unhappy over draft proposals, prepared by a consultant or architect, to now classify the northern belt as a future development zone that would include commercial development. Commercial development would presumably include Soho property development (which tends to sidestep planning requirements imposed for residential development projects).

Teh wants the secondary corridor to remain. He also wants the confusion following the amended map of Tanjung Bungah in the Structure Plan (which conflicts with the text of the Plan) to be cleared.

Finally, he wants a height limit for any new towers in the northern belt.

Many Penangites would support him on this.

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Losing my Penang heritage

The fond memories of Penang past are being overtaken by massive development that is resulting in an island without a soul.



I am surprised that, faster than I anticipated, we in Penang are coming to the point when we shall be rudely shocked by plans and projects that boil the solid grain of values of true blue Penangites. Surprise yourself by running a cursory check on the composition of the State Executive Council. How many are true blue Penangites? It is ironical that Penang which used to supply well-grounded English-educated Baba leaders to even China and Singapore at the turn of the 20th century has not been able to throw up local leaders such as the late iconic Tun Lim Chong… Read more »

marvel hero

Sad to note that many Baba n Nyonya memorabilia from Penang and Melaka have been donated to Spore Peranakan Museum. Reason given to Spore press some time back : Red for folks can better take care of them as Bolehland has poor maintenance culture.
true or false you can debate but do ponder over it.


Sunny, I do not think Adun Teh is an old man. I suspect that like many a Penangite, he wants development but not at the price of killing our character that our environment and lifestyle afford we Penangites. The next election, we must make sure that more Penangites are elected, not those imported ones who know not our ethos and mores.

marvel hero

MANY Penang breed got liao ones now residing in Singapore. Many can be tempted back to serve Penang with incentives like delicious original local food prepared by locals AND good healthcare services and Nicer homes than that at Sentosa Coves.


Sunny, ever heard of balanced sustainable development mindset which is not dependent on age? Shouldn’t the development of Penang be dictated by the people and not the state-envisioned developer-type development?


Looks like this Adun Teh is an old man always clinging to nostalgia.
Its kinda funny in Penang there’re quite a number of (old?) people get so used to object whatsoever new development. Is this something they called Sunset mindset ?

marvel hero

Sunny speaks for young ones who prefer the abundance concrete shopping malls lifestyle BUT he must realize most pocket money not enough to sustain such wants….


Sunny got daily pocket money from Rich Daddy?
Blood, sweat & tears hard-earned money has no meaning in his / her vocabulary.
Slippery cosmo-lifestyle = tua-khang, tua-khai, tua-sng (assumed deep pockets, spend as if no tomorrow, bleed hard-earned money of daddy or papa richie)

This is the financial heritage of Cosmopolitan Penang development frenzies without sensible wage creation for the average Penangites nor sustainable + balanced wealth distribution but the 1% richie.

marvel hero

Soon there will be new definitions of Rich Ones in Batu Feringgi/Tangjung Bungah belt that Loh Boon Siew if alive can only envy!
These (newly migrated?) Rich millionaires in US$ should be of the Super League status, relegate the present rich millionaires in ringgit to premier league class following local football jargon.
The Meows can gain tax Monte Carlo way and finance the working classes of islanders like social welfare like education and free broadband for all.