D-Day is on Monday


That’s Demolition Day for the two Penang Botanic Garden arches – scheduled for Monday. Or rather it should be Demolition Night.

Penang Botanic Garden protest

Cranes are expected to slam into the arches from 8.00pm to 11.00pm, and work is expected to last six days.

So catch a bit of history tomorrow, Sunday, and head out to the Garden to pose next to the Leaning Arch of Penang before it is brought down 😉

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Penang Voter

I agree with LimBC. Ong Eu Soon sure sound like a frustrated old man. Why blame LGE and not Ng Yen Yen?


Ong Eu Soon sound like a frustrated old man.


Any government which is clean and transparent with money will have my support. Competency of judgment will come with experience. Even if a clean government loses money because of poor judgment, it’s a lot better than losing money to corrupt officials and politicians. I remember in the last general election DAP was attacked by BN of having zero experience in governing and hence the implied danger should the party win in Penang, they curtly countered that they had no experience in corruption. It’s everyone’s hope that their party leaders will not only remain clean throughout their mandate but also seen… Read more »

Andrew Aeria

I like Jong’s proposal that Ng Yen Yen stands next to the doomed arches for a Kodak moment before they are torn down. But I think that Lim Guan Eng should also stand next to her. Both are complicit in this fiasco and both remain political clowns desirous of opportunities to advance their own political careers. As for “serving the public interest’, well, both of them don’t have any inkling as to what that means. So, yes, a nice Kodak moment for both NYY and LGE.


Stupid fools to pay $$$ to bring down those arches. The afghan taliban are willing to come over and knock them down for free, as they had done with the Bamiyan statue of Buddha


Odd that they need 6 days for it. Was there any explaination why? I’ve seen my contractors bring a whole house down in one day. Well i guess more federal tax payers money wasted. Its like some conspiracy to build something that nobody wants just so that can they spend to bring it down again.



Ng YenYen should be there to pose for photography her pet project, maybe for Tourism advert huh? LOL!!!

Makes good ceramah topic in coming general election

– expose the corrupt BN!

See how that ignorant fool keeps blaming Lim Guan Eng’s Pakatan Rakyat govt for BN’s shameful blunder …Sigh!


Six days, and why at night?
Are they using cranes made in Bangladesh?


Anil, the whole area is fenced up, so how to take pictures?
May be the contractor already figured out for this opportunity to make some ticket money!
RM…. per entry for posing photography!

Satu lagi kang tau!


Yeah, and Photoshop it with decorations and explicits to one’s heart content!
And also add the popular farewell (funeral) music for audio effects!

Wondering whether you can provide a gallery specifically for our creative expressions of the Ugliest Arches Finale!


Is Ng Yen Yen going to officiate the demolition ceremony – ‘Satu lagi projek BN’?

semuanya OK kot

We have ceremonies for laying foundation stones, opening factories or businesses etc. In the Boleh tradition, why not one for demolition? As long as the buta gaji keeps coming…

So now we have 2 more contracts – to put up the temporary safety scaffoldiing, and to demolish and clear. Then, maybe 1 more to replant and further beautify, based on a survey…


Victory to the civil society.


Of course, only the best to the job.

Special Cranes born and bred in the Antarctic — their courting dance simply spectacular. We have here a special moment to commemorate ma. The lady says, I simply must have — only the best… for the people of Penang you understand.

LGE, I wonder how much would you spend to celebrate such a victorious moment for the Penang people?

RM70k sub sub soi la, yen yen hoh?

Pity you are doing it during my bedtime, otherwise I would surely be there.

BTW, got … ribbon cutting or not huh?


Auld Lang Syne would be more fitting!
And Penang State Symphony Orchestra & Chorus (PESSOC) performance would add ambience to the Grand Finale!
And of course, conducted by Penangites!


After a deeper look at the two arches again, they appeared to me like two “Gladiators” confronting each other…perhaps, we should name them LG and nikki!

Ong Eu Soon

The demolition work proved that LGE is not competent, … not professional, cowardly and should resign immediately. LGE get high pay and (does little) for the people but instead cause losses. We hope LGE can be more professional. LGE can run but he cannot hide. LGE should answer to the people of Penang of the mess in botanical garden. The illegal sand mining activity, the botanical garden and the Penang Hill train upgrading work, all are under the jurisdiction of the exco with land portfolio. LGE claimed that class A land title is exempted by National Land Code from the… Read more »


Ong Eu Soon,
You seem to be out of touch just because something LGE did that does not please you. Don`t you realize that this is a federal project. Moreover the director in charge is under the influence of BN to sabotage PR. It is all so clear and yet you are too blind to see it


Ong Eu Soon, Talking of competency, you should be telling that to Zero KPI KTK. Maybe you did not know about the bridge from Rawang Road across Lorong Kulit. Built at RM 100,000 it was demolished 2 months after it was completed. And the RM 300,000/= hibiscus flower at Udini roundabout, maybe you term this as competency. For all your accusation, I think you should apologise to LGE and not him to Penangite. Maybe the forum here should be the witness on who should apologise.

Ong Eu Soon

LGE is a willing party in the mess of botanical garden, he refuse to do anything when confronted by NGOs. This led to the NGOs to say that they should bring the issue to the street instead of talking to him. The attack on Nik Ali is an after thought. It is you who blindly supported LGE. I used his own words to criticize him the way he criticize Nik Ali. LGE claimed that he has been bullied to submission by Nik Ali, do you believe that? LGE justified that by saying he afraid of losing federal funding, but when… Read more »

Ong Eu Soon

To accuse LGE of doing little to the state is not too much. See how lately he has transformed from CM to PCM. In a single day LGE can called (several) press conference making him the Press Conference Minister. Journalists are complaining that they are having too many press conferences with LGE. Other than making noise what else can LGE do? The Penang Hill train upgrading project, he is also a willing party. LGE refuse to listen to NGOs on the feasibility of having a single stage train service. Without realising the difficulty and dangerous, LGE blindly supported Nik Ali.… Read more »

Ong Eu Soon

The whole world know that KTK is a 0 KPI minister. Why LGE still continued what 0 KPI has left behind? Why (his administration) approved the All Seasons Project in Farlim? Just because 0 KPI has approved it before? Now the developer has began the construction work. The developer is building the condo too close to Lebuhraya Thean teik, is this what LGE (administration) has approved? Finding it too difficult to cut the hill, now the developer (has allegedly) deviated from the original plan that has been submitted for approval. When will LGE take action? Waiting for me to expose… Read more »

gary yeoh

Ya lah, contractor needs to buy yen yen (Japanese currency) first as (maybe) crane from “look east” mah. Satu lagi project BN cannot be rush one. Also 1Malaysia Green project very complicated, need con-sultan also otherwise how to spend RM70K(?)

Andrew Aeria

Huh?!? Six days to bring down two arches? What kind of cranes is Ng Yen Yen commissioning for this straight-forward job? Cranes a.k.a. birds? Those large, long-legged and long-necked birds of the order Gruiformes, and family Gruidae, is it?