Could Penang be like this some day?


If Vauban in Germany could be like this

why not Penang? What is stopping us from becoming more sustainable?

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Thanks, Anil. From the comments made, I see that there are 2 kinds of Penang residents. The Hopeful and the Hopeless. The Hopeless will always whinge about how something cannot be done, putting all sorts of obstacles in the way of a great opportunity. This is a common attitude amongst many Malaysians. They will find ALL the excuses in the world for not improving their lot and continue to wallow and whinge in self-pity and make themselves martyrs of circumstance. They blame everything and everyone else for their suffering and keep whining till the cows come home. For these people,… Read more »


Lim Guan Eng is too RAW to improve Penang??? I beg your pardon Dr Hamid. I sent an email to Chow Kon Yeow to tell him that the parking space in front of Bandar Baru Ayer Itam supermartket (Pulau Tikus) was an eye-sore (full of rubbish – pieces of paper, tissue papers, plastis bags, empty bottles…). Weeks later when i came back to Penang, it was so much cleaner. I also read that mud balls were thrown into the sea to clean up the beaches in Gurney Drive. Therefore, to be fair, Pakatan govt is working. We cant expect changes… Read more »

Dr.Hamid Ibrahim

When I landed in Penang in 1950 I thought it was Heaven on Earth. It was so beautiful. Trams on the Penang road. But today my goodness, it is HELL. No-one wants to visit. Penang but it can definitely be turned like Singapore. The Authorities – City Council and the people must cooperate in keeping the city clean. The Rules and Regulations are there – but it is futile nobody follows them. I do not think Eng Guan can do anything to improve Penang – he is too raw. I was a Local Govt Administrator for more than 10 years… Read more »

Khoo JIn Hup

Maggie is right. But the problem with Malaysia is everything can be “selesai tanpa receipt”…they close down dirty eateries…pay money…selesai. You car is clamped…pay money…selesai….. I went to the police HQ to pay my car summons the other day. (One of the workers) saw me walking in, holding a parking fine, and he offered to selesai for me…I gave him the money (x amount, 50% less than the fine), he asked me to wait and he dissapered upstairs. Lo and behold, he came back with the fine paid (y amount, which is less than x, the difference is his commission).… Read more »


Hahaha. Look at all these people reply. They are dodging the issue. Talk about other issue already. Look likes you found your answer. The people don’t want to change, all expect government only.


Traffic Congestion……..Why not emulate Singapore policy?

1) Weekend car policy…..Ooops, that means need to get the nod from Ong Tee Keat

2) COE? Good for state government but you think Penangites would really buy the idea of having inflated car price

3) ERP – Electronic Road Pricing. Charge motorists exorbitantly for overused roads

4) Hike parking charges, rentals or even introduce Hong Kong’s style of bidding for parking lots

Plenty of polcies but it boils to Penangites not just the state government if Penangites wanna change.


Yes, Lim Guan Eng and his team should buck up and do something to make Penang shine again instead of wasting time digging out past mistakes. However, I also understand some of their predicament. Malaysians have a 3rd world mentality and racial stuff are always being played up by all communities and politicians whenever the government wants to take action for a better Penang. Malaysians do not like to follow rules, that’s the problem. In America, the enforcement is strict. Your restaurant is dirty, they close you. You park indiscriminately, they clamp your car or tow it away and you… Read more »

autumn cloud

agreed with Han2 on his 5 points. Traffic congestion is a tough issue as there is too many vehicles and too many small roads. The irresponsible and selfish drivers who illegally parked their cars and obnoxious driving adds to the congestion. Most of the MPPP workers are still from the past government and I believe some are not ready to co-operate with the present government. Guan Eng really need to have someone oversee to the rubbish and maintain cleaniless in Penang. It is heart wrenching to see the destruction of a once beautiful island. The inability of Malaysians to preserve… Read more »

Khoo JIn Hup

Let’s start with something simple and not be that ambitious. 1. Indiscriminate throwing of rubbish. This needs to be everybody’s mindset. Just go up Pearl Hill, and you would find construction debris. Look at the drains, they are all clogged up. Hawkers discharging food in the drain. This would also cause flash floods. The flood are now random, depends on where the drains are clogged. 2. We need to control the illegal hawkers. Look at Jalan Sungai Kelian and Jalan Oldham in Hillside, Penang. The whole place is full of illegal commercial restaurants, shops, etc….using residential premises. This also causes… Read more »


Lee Kuan Yew visited Penang a while ago and he shook his head …

My aunt’s friends, mother and son just recently visited Penang and they vowed that they will never come back again…

Penang is truly in a mess since the past 18 years…

Lim Guan Eng, you truly have to buck up and transform Penang. There are lots and lots of things you all need to do…

Gerakan, please be very ashamed of yourself !!! You are dead in Penang !!!


this must not happen in Penang. I love my car. Sorry guys. Ever thought of moving there tho Anil?

SP Tay

Dream on…..two things preventing it from happening:

1. Weather….hot & humid….imagine stinking in yr office after cycling 15 minutes or more…

2. People’s mindset….I don’t think yr typical Penangite (read Chinese) would want to do that…

Well, we can always find excuses for not pursuing a more sustainable path. – Anil


Penang would be 500% better than what it is today by just improving the following 5 main factors :

i. clogged drain and rubbish;
ii. flash flood;
iii. haphazard parking;
iv. considerate motorists / motorcyclists, and;
v. food outlet hygiene.

We do not have to do much more, just these five will transform Penang back into the original “Pearl of the Orient”!

Good points. What about the traffic congestion though? – Anil


How about money, education, mentality and pretty much a whole lot of other factors? More importantly, it’s not as hot as it is over there as it is in Malaysia.