The corporate ‘takeover’ of Penang Island’s eastern coastline

Land reclamation in front of Queensbay Mall, facing Pulau Jerejak - Photograph by a concerned Penangite

Bit by bit, relentlessly, large stretches of the coastline of the eastern half of Penang Island have been handed over or sold to property developers, who are planning mostly higher-end projects.

The strong fencing (albeit temporary) in the photo above may be seen as a metaphor for the way coastal stretches are now being hived off to private interests.

The latest is Pulau Jerejak, part of which is now going to be closely associated with Ideal Property and Uda Holdings.

Popular location names in Penang will soon be identified with the developers associated with those territories.

Let’s take a quick look at the developers that are now in the driving seat along much of the eastern coastline of Penang Island and their respective ‘territories’, starting from the North East all the way to the South West.

The Queens Residences at Queensbay project
The Queens Residences at Queensbay project

Location – Developer – Project name

  • Tanjung Tokong – E & O – Sri Tanjung Pinang Phases 1 and 2 (about 1,000 acres of reclaimed land)
  • Gurney Drive – Zenith-Ewein – Wellness City of Dreams (50 acres of reclaimed land near Gurney Plaza)
  • Jelutong expressway – IJM – The Light (on reclaimed land)
  • Bayan Mutiara – Tropicana – Penang World City (includes reclaimed land)
  • Queensbay Mall coastline – Ideal Property – Queens Waterfront project (includes reclaimed land)
  • Pulau Jerejak – Ideal Property/Uda Holdings – resort, hotels and residential
  • Batu Maung-Bayan Lepas – Mah Sing – Southbay City and Southbay Plaza
  • Bayan Lepas-Gertak Sanggul – SRS Consortium (Gamuda/Ideal Property/BSG) – “Southern Reclamation Scheme” (almost 4,500 acres of reclaimed land)

(Have I missed out any other major project?)

A couple of these large projects had their genesis during the BN administration, pre-2008. Post-2008, more stretches of the coastline have landed in developers’ hands.

In the past, reclaimed land was regarded as leasehold land, perhaps in recognition of the fact that such land was once part of the sea, which belongs to all of us. But now, more and more of the reclaimed land is being controversially turned or converted into freehold, which results in higher home prices – and more profits for the developers. See a legal opinion on this here: ‘Can reclaimed land be converted to freehold?’

The sense of living on an island will be lost when much of the view of the seafront is going to be blocked by these enclaves, largely catering to the well heeled – not exactly homes priced within reach of the average person on the street.

How much of the seafront will be accessible to the public (a basic right) if, along certain stretches, homes are built right up to the edge of the sea?

How did it come to this?

Next stop, mainland Penang?

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You missed out Komtar The Top and Penang Hill The Habitat.

Ong Eu Soon

But more ridiculous in Johor if you see the Forest City project.


The lower income folks in Penang are getting restless each day as they see that the development today does not benefit them directly, only for the enjoyment of the rich.


lower income busy cari makan and rich printing money. different world. lower income see gst cooking oil roti prata and petrol goes up. why not reduce taxes. tgif that there is work in pg. but many went to singland kangaroo land and kiwiland. penang does not have first class facilities behind time.


Lower income Penangites could be busy working to earn money in Singapore, and could return later to see Pulau Jerejak becoming the rich people paradise?


pg lang work in red little dot island. they see development around. so with singing dollar they come back and sing in pulau jerejak but some one has to bark louder…


Bring back Gerakan so that development could be paused.


gilakan is in federal. dont be wool pull over eye. see their slogon is another project by gomen. see how little loan borrow from our relatives in china.

Peng Keong

Check up Bukit Banyan at Sungai Petani as a cheaper alternative to the concrete jungle Penang island. It has just been officially launched by Kedah MB:


thanks for info. see tun lang and penang think penang is the lonely planet in universe that has development. penang forum should set up branches in kedah, and voice concerns about development in SP. so pg is not only place that has development


SUNGAI PETANI: Paramount Property (Utara) Sdn Bhd plans to launch over the next eight to 10 years landed and high-rise properties with a gross development value of about RM700mil in the Bukit Banyan township in Sungai Petani. Paramount Corp Bhd chief executive officer Jeffrey Chew Sun Teong said that annually there were would be RM70mil to RM90mil worth of projects launched for Bukit Banyan. Paramount Property (Utara) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Paramount Corp, a property-based company listed on the Main Market of Bursa Malaysia. When fully completed, there will be 4,480 units of property in Bukit Banyan, of which… Read more »


RM45K for a house at SP is a good steal for retiring Penangites.


who is making the fastest and most blame? all we see from you is blame and blame and blame for year. there will be more from you with donald the duck as c c.

Ho Say Leow

Penangites seldom go outdoor like strolling along the beaches or walking in the green park. They rather watch TV play computer games at home, so many not aware what have been taken away from them!


Again. you rather Jamal Yunus, Ali Tinju and Hadi’s PAS do EVEN WORST?


Not even on Ground Zero of Dangerous Development, your no option which means no hope for a change for Penangites don’t hold rain water.
Come to Penang this rainy season.
Drive thro’ flood waters.
Stay in homes facing landslides (Mt Erskine).
Drive up to Botak Hill & see the extensive environmental damages (I can be your guide).


Come to Ground Zero Disaster Penang.
See for yourself, the real-time environmental disasters.
No need to be politically-apologetic to the point of harping hopelessness without perceived alternatives to CAT.
Try asking Komtar 28th Flr for MIA Penang Local Plan, if you can mention yourself as a fan of LKY,
maybe you will be lucky to access it in a small room. is a wake up call to CAT political traders selling the souls of Penang in the name of “No Money, No Talk”. So, don’t try to put fears in us like that Niao Kong chanting compensations.


Come down south. See how dry and dusty everywhere. Drier it is, more water we use and quickly the dam water goes down. History and science is very clear. To search for life, we have to search for water in space exploration. Civilisation is built near water. With water, cities can rebuilt. Without water, civilisation kaput.

james k

Unfortunately this can’t be reversed as the contract and MOUs or whatever have been signed with the developers.

One way is for the local authorities to make it compulsory for developers to include public spaces along the coastline, ala Karpal Singh Drive, the hawker centre next to Karpal Singh Drive, Gurney wharf, Straits Quay marina walk, etc, where the public can have access.


wait and see when it is completed. devil’s island like pavilon or fantasy island?


When it is completed, we may see another opportunity for big time money spinner to Komtar CAT –
Casino Meow Meow.
That will most probably be after the fact of hidden signing of project approvals in the name of Cosmopolitan Penang, so no protests lest “who pays for compensation” threats.
Simple playing-the-fool as that.


komtar is state gomen vote by rakyat. when state rich people will also rich. but now you rich but will your earnings turn to state welfare and volunteer to donate to rakyat just like you volunteer as watch dog over hills and bark and bark blame and blame as very good example over hill watch?

Julian Candiah

Have to congratulate Ideal Property who havecome leaps and bounds the last few years to be a tour de force in Penang property. As a consortium member of the winner for the billion dollar Penang Transport Masterplan and now for the Pulau Jerajak Development. Even the State, as powerful as it is, for nearly 9 years under the new State Govt (and before under BN) who were 49 % pct shareholders (via PDC) of the Pulau Jerajak holding company, couldnt manage to convince UDA to develop the island.


ask uda? ada $¥£€? will be another jv where the other pays ans udang receives.


This is how local communities suffer in the name of massive development (unchecked): Closed access to Teluk Bahang hurts community Penang Public Works Committee big shot: “Such roads are usually meant for loads of up to 11 tonnes. Cement lorries can go up to 20 tonnes,” he said, adding that it was an offence to drive vehicles having more than the maximum allowed weight.” We know there are lorry hantu illegally driving with loads way over max. permitted, but was there any daily enforcement @ the exit of sand / rock mining sites & entry of construction sites by… Read more »


what is bn toll be doing? public roads are controlled by gilakan bn gomen. you do not know since it is not cat on what no mata. show you are no gilakan dedak by setting up road watch.


Anil, “No Money, No Talk” is the absolute daily mantra of CAT & Niao Kong & Arrogant Team.
Add a complementary mantra “Blame Anything”, & the Fooling Game is Absolute Vodka Spinner.
Add a last but not least, “You Want To Compensate”, Penang has an Untouchable, Unaccountable Regime (CAT’s A actually stands for Arrogant).

Penangites better to get rich fast… or else get ‘shipped out’ in this disgusting CAT’s game of social engineering by an uncaring state gomen called DAP – Developers Associated Politicians.


Do not suggest people to get rich by illegal means to enjoy the offerings from these developers. Already it has been reported that some undergraduate ladies are selling their bodies to afford the luxury bags and smartphones.