Look at the Big Picture


We tend to be obsessed with FDI and economic growth rates. Many of us overlook the bits we don’t see – like the depletion of natural resources, the toxic chemicals used, and the waste the corporations and consumers discard.

We fail to see the hidden costs in the overall economy and how corporate interests have overwhelmed the interests of ordinary people.

And often, we also do not see the alienation of the human being – from our own selves, from our fellow human beings, from nature – leading to an overall spiritual alienation or disconnect.

Recycling is good, but it’s not enough. We must examine and reduce our consumption.

We must do away with a system aimed at enticing people to consume more and instead create an alternative, more sustainable and people-friendly model.

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frank tan
31 Jan 2011 7.54am

Today we are invaded by chemicals produced by man. When we destroy nature we will naturally be destroyed by nature.Please watch the voice of children:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uACrQrzJGBM


30 Jan 2011 10.21am

Why? It started with: “Greed is Good” is the mantra. Covetous the supreme law of progress. Perception the golden trick of mass marketing for filthy profits. Why (again)? To fulfill the above 3, after the fact: Must have more money in the Swiss banks (corporations) More money to keep up with the Joneses (you & me) More money to be happy (you & me) Why (again)? To fulfill all of the above, after the fact: Progress and consumerism the accepted global norm rather than the global disgusted exception. ‘Indoctrinated’ ‘realistic’ thinking to fulfill the big cycle of mass extraction, mass… Read more »

Syed Ramli
Syed Ramli
2 Feb 2011 11.39am
Reply to  tunglang

BN has been promoting wastage in its drive to achieve vision 2020.

The government servants have been taught so in BTN classes.

The children is slowing embracing this ‘concept’ each time they raise their finger to indicate 1malaysia.

tunglang may remain a lonely crusade to fight agaisnt this tide.

Jeffrey NG
Jeffrey NG
29 Jan 2011 10.59pm

(do away with) all the advertising … and things will be back to normal. The high consumption is the result of brainwashing by these advert Guru. Without advertising to encourage consumption, demands will slow down and so will demands on raw materials.

29 Jan 2011 1.51pm

In Bolehand you only see “1Picture”!..how the Ketuanan UMNO … created an unsecured and unhealthy environment…

29 Jan 2011 12.59pm

Anil, in the name of money and status and power, anything goes. This is already happening in Penang for the last 20 years, picking up rapid pace the last 5 years as more and more rich fellas make this place their cheap spending spree and investing ground. The most glaring is the property market. For the eager champions of superficial economic growth tied to peer (neighboring countries or regions) comparison without holistic thoughts, this is good for materialistic life and preservation of economic prosperity as if for perpetuity (?). (Please have a look at US to get a better appreciation… Read more »

31 Jan 2011 11.10am
Reply to  tunglang


If the young people can indulge in McDonald’s Prosperity Meal and Starbucks coffee without any concern to their pocket, it is about time for you to wake up to the reality of Capitalism.

Otherwise, you can move to live comfortably in Kelantan without the menance of advertising and consummerism.

31 Jan 2011 7.11pm
Reply to  Harith

Harith, either you don’t fully understand the destructive cycle of massive greed, overt-materialistic covetousness, deliberate scarce resource depletion and resulting reduction of quality of life and purchasing power or you don’t care a damn about your earth and your children’s future on earth. Pity people like you are doomed for the blind worshipping of overt-materialism and self-indulging satisfaction, whether you are highly educated or not. BTW the free Penans are much, much better then you minion of materialistic slavery. The distinction stops here when you can’t see the danger ahead, always relying on the superficial mantra of ‘money makes the… Read more »

Syed Ramli
Syed Ramli
2 Feb 2011 11.34am
Reply to  tunglang

tunglang should not be so defensive.

Capitalism and Cunsumerism is engulfing the nation, not only Penang. Even Tun Apanama also producing ultra-expensive roti at Pavillion to bring the malays to ‘higher standard’ for no reason.

Maslow if alive today would have amended self-actualisation as having the money (owned or borrowed) to enjoy higher priced goods and services to satisfy one’s ego and to demonstrate that one ‘has arrived’. This is the 21st century and tunglang may have to learn this from his grandchildren.