Concerned Penangites hold vigil for landslide victims

The vigil this evening - Photograph: Evelyn Teh/Penang Forum

A group of Penangites held a vigil this evening for the workers who lost their lives in the Bukit Kukus landslide on Friday afternoon and the Tanjung Bungah landslide victims at the Granito construction site exactly a year ago.

The vigil was held close to the entrance to the Bukit Kukus paired road construction site.

Photograph courtesy of a concerned Penangite

These are the names of the faceless victims, most of them migrants from a foreign land, who were sacrificed by the misguided policies and decisions of people they never knew.

Remembering the victims of the Bukit Kukus and Granito landslides – Photograph by a concerned Penangite

Pity the families who have lost their breadwinners, their hopes and dreams now shattered.

Remember how those activists who warned about messing with our hill slopes were labelled as alarmists?

How many more victims do we need to be sacrificed before policymakers come to their senses?

The state government stubbornly insists it will go ahead with hill-slope ‘development’ projects, with better safety controls.

Its poor monitoring and enforcement in the past, however, does not inspire confidence. What will happen during construction work for more “paired roads” and the monster Pan Island Link highway along the hill slopes of Penang – especially when it rains heavily? Will anyone be able to sleep soundly?

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I suggest Penang to flying half-mast of Penang flag for 1 week !


Half mast bendera on top of The Top Komtar as a sign of acknowlegement to fend off future mishaps

M Pillay

Surplus unsold homes (developer sales value above RM500K) in Penang last reported in The Sun newspaper at 3900+ units.
Including those sold yet unoccupied you can imagine the scale of excesses.
With recent landslide whether natural or human cause, the demand for hillside homes should hit rock bottom that would discourage Penang home to approve more such human life costly development.


Break the housing monopoly by The Cartel of developers
Stop booking new condos to ideally choke their cash flows, then whole MAHlaysiaSINGkarpo people can learn from cooperative home resist program initiated by penanglang what an honourto win ivory grade rewards of truly affordable homes in the pipeline.
Do try this approach


I suggest the entire CAT Gomen Exco led by CM Chow & MBPP have a ‘che-me’ (Chinese funeral night virgil) at the tragedy site, comes rain or moonshine to show some genuine respect to the dead innocent foreign workers.


A wake up call. Hillside properties will have landslide risks in the future due to laxed enforcement and cut-corners development. It will dampen the demand, hopefully, to deter further encroachment by greedy developers.


The whole day, my heart was sad + angry thinking about the victims of this tragedy & heartless state management of dangerous hill development. Every time, an ambulance or Polis LandRover (for transporting dead bodies) came rushing with siren along Jalan Paya Terubong towards the site, my hunch told me another body / bodies were discovered. I looked towards the sunset sky, the orange clouds hinted me tomorrow would be another rainy day. Clouds not of beauty but sadness & fear. As I wrote this comment (8.43pm), another siren came rushing along Jalan Paya Terubong. For this weekend & the… Read more »


The evil DAP government make the previous cash is king BN government looks like an angel. There had never been a single landslide during BN rule..right..not even one…yeah.. In fact..Penang never had any landslide in its history..hehe


“All plans that involve construction or development on hill slopes must be reviewed for workers’ safety measures, mitigation measures to ensure the stability of slopes, and environmental damage and impact,” said Aliran in a statement today.


Chow said that the local authorities need to double their enforcement on construction sites in the state and blacklist contractors.

2 X 0 = 0

M Pillay

Whatever Ideal # times 0 = 0
No pun intended.


Cleaner, Greener, Safer & Healthier Penang? My foot!
Better for CM Chow & his team of low EQ to ditch the above slogan into the black filthy Sg. Pinang for good. Nyiamak CAT.


All well and good, now the former CM and current CM seem to be extremely dry of ideas, solutions etc. ma…


why is the guy with orange banner smiling..?


HAHAHAHAHA!!!! Money talks and b… walks right? Lim Li Lian was in tears about her grandparents walking out in tongkats to vote for DAP, Pakatan et al. And now she feels betrayed. “God have mercy on our souls” she says. But that’s the punchline. Because [some] only worship money. And that is why the project will go ahead, come hell or high water. Go ahead and censor my comment Anil. I don’t give a …. But you and I know, [some] worship money above all, and that is why this island will continue to suffer. Justice flows like a mighty… Read more »


a very good show put up by the activist indeed…clap clap


hopefully the presence of these people did not disrupt the search and rescue operation…

M Pillay

Misanthrope spoke out of frustration s or could be the voice of the departed soul, rip.


I have some posted comments awaiting moderation! Anil, this is Malaysia Baru, not CATocracy. Is justice flowing like a mighty river as hoped???


Ah pek it is not only you.