Close up of illegal Bukit Gambir destruction (Photos) (Updated)


Update: One week has passed and yet, we still have not been told the identities of the landowners and the developer (the real parties behind them) involved in this scandalous hill-top destruction. Why the pussy-footing around this, apart from a light tap on the wrist (stop work order)? CAT, please.

23 May:

Close-up images of the illegal and scandalous destruction of Bukit Gambir, Penang, in full view of the authorities.

Thanks to blog reader Island Joe for sending in three of the above images.

The Malay Mail carries a report saying that there is no planning permission from the MPPP for this project. So why has no action been taken at this wanton destruction?

Meanwhile, there’s this project which claims that it is 110 metres above sea level on Bukit Gambir. The bungalows are apparently going for RM4.8m to RM6.3m! And this is the website for the project.

Has this been approved? How is this project possible when the threshold above which no development is allowed is 250 feet above sea level?

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Bob Ho

Its called Bukit Gambir Beverley Heights by Metrio Property. Starting at 4.5M and above.


I think the Gambir Hill we are talking about fits the project which is at 110 metres or about 360 ft. From ground straight up, yes its about 360 ft. Compared the flats further up which is slightly lower and only about 16 stories. 360 ft is about 30 storeys


Does the MPPP or govt have the right to reject the developer approval plan for development of double or triple story bungalow if it fall within the rules, acts & guidelines of MPPP and the the state govt. Yes condo is not allowed above 250 ft but bungalow and landed residential is excluded if I am not mistaken. Have anyone hike up to No 3 & 84 from the youth park. Once you reach No. 3, you will see a big notice board indicating that it is private land and that it will be developed in the near future. The… Read more »


ask Guan Eng,to whom the stop work order has been issued on 25 April,2013.


There is a relau forest reserve, I am not sure whether this piece of land in within the reserve or not.


ask Guan Eng about his promises on hill slope development above 250ft. Now with a big win he will tell you he has the mandate to do anything he want. Keep your mouth shutup since you desperately wanted Guan Eng to win the election. Now you got what you want don’t complain.

Island Joe

Something a bit fishy here. The silence from both sides of the political fence is deafening. Neither side trying to score points makes me think neither are blame free. A matter of a developer providing campaign contributions to both sides? Hope I’m wrong. This could be PR / DAP’s Rubicon moment and make an example of an errant developer and set the tone going forward. Surely a big fine, jail, and having to put the hill into its original condition (incl replanting of trees) at the developer’s cost will send that message across. Someone mentioned that a freeze on any… Read more »


Given that some developers are truly recalcitrant by all devious means & loopholes (in local authorities?), a good example being the Pykett bungalow ‘murder’ (destruction) in the dead of night, there should be establish harsher fines to deter such recalcitrants in the near future. Revoke their licences for 20 years is one deterrence to their over-ambition for a slot in the Forbes magazine of the extreme wealthy & rich list. Another is compensation to the people who suffer environment damages & inconveniences where such recalcitrant developments take place. It is high time political entities stop “you help me, I help… Read more »


Developers have 8 – 10 and more subsidiaries companies. Close 1 and you still have 8 or more. Go have a close look at the various projects undertaken by the major developer. An example Belleview properties. They have launched many projects but for each project there is a different developer name undertaking that project.

Anti-Greedy Developer

Yang, you are right. They (developers) play “chao lor” – many subsidiaries.
Tunglang, you are right. They should be dealt with according to laws. Even rallies.
“Chao lor” is no way to do business – when environment is destroyed by greed and tidak apa attitude.


There is no reason why the name of the companies and all its directors and shareholders should be kept a secret. And there is no reason to delay the process to investigate who the owners are. All you need to do is ask your lawyer to do a land search and you have the owner. It is that simple. Action must no only be taken but must be seen to be taken.


Yes it is as simple as that. Why don’t you go have a try.. You know it cost money to make s search


I would do it if it were my job but it is not. Why should ordinary Malaysians have to do the work of the MPPP and the state govt? We voted them in to do their work. You are right it costs money for us to make a search but the money is paid to the land office which is under the state govt. Why then is it so hard for the state govt to find the owners of the land? Ong Eu Soon has a point too that if they are able to send out stop work orders, they… Read more »


Stop work order has been issued on 28 April, 2013. If MPPP doesn’t know who is the developer, the stop work order is issued to the ghost of Bukit Relau?



Gerakan K

Still no comment from LGE ???