Bukit Gambir landslide breaks through retaining wall


A landslide near Halaman Bukit Gambir 1 after heavy rain toppled a 20-metre stretch of retaining wall and a section of fencing put up by a property developer.

This is the area in question:

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You can see a photograph of the damaged wall here.

What does the special high-risk hill-slope committee have to say?

What will happen to projects higher up Bukit Gambir when there is heavy rain? Whose responsibility is it to maintain retaining walls after the completion of projects?

Meanwhile, the Penang Forum Steering Committee has issued a statement on hill-clearing.

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31 May 2013 7.47am

With our unpredictable weather on the ‘angin’, I can be quite certain another Highland Towers tragedy v.2 on the replay in Penang island, but with more brute force of Nature.
The hills are not silent as many recalcitrant developers would love to think ignorantly. This incident @ Bukit Gambir is a warning sign to cut back & refrain from more ‘bleeding’ of our forests & hills.
Hills are not cement, bricks, glass & steel to be twisted, molded & shaped. It is ‘alive’ as we human beings are.

Gerakan K
Gerakan K
30 May 2013 6.00pm

Do not waste time with LGE. He got super mandate from Penangites. As long as nobody die from landslide, it is all OK. That is the message I got from most penangites.

30 May 2013 11.18am

Why would LGE bother about this problem? His official residence is not there on Bukit Gambir. No wall fell in his bedroom. Nor is the DAP Party HQ. No mud flooded their conference room. And since Penangites voted overwhelmingly for the DAP, this means LGE and Penang DAP considers that Penangites “support hill slope development”. (Not to mention a questionable undersea tunnel…) Besides, LGE clearly does not respect the Penang NGO Community. As he said in an interview with Himanshu Bhatt on FZ.COM today (30 May), the Penang NGOs “…may not represent anyone except themselves”. And thus, although he is… Read more »

29 May 2013 6.52pm

YAB CM LGE, you are going to have Near likeness of Bukit Setiawangsa in Kuala Lumpur in the making! In that incident, the 60 embankment gave ways at night after a torrent too. Fortunatly the home owners managed to get to safety and in the end only Jamaluddin Jarjis’s bunglow had to be demolished! As there was no casualty it was a big relief for all occupants on that hill! We have wondered for years how long will that Highway looking embankment will last back in 2000! Sure enough it gave way in 2013! Men can only do so much… Read more »