Climate signs “surpass worst-case scenarios”


The signs are there that climate change has surpassed worst-case scenarios scientists predicted just two years ago, reveals The Climate Change Science Compendium 2009, a UN report released on 24 September.

The report, released on 24 September, analysed 400 scientific reports released through peer-reviewed literature or from research institutions, according to a Reuters report.

An yet, here we are merrily continuing with our corporate-driven unsustainable development as if global warming doesn’t concern us and thinking that we and our future generations will be somehow immune from its effects.

Thus, climate chaos doesn’t figure in our economic planning or our  unsustainable development models. So we can continue building more highways, clearing rainforests, spreading our concrete jungles and focusing on unsustainable GDP growth above all else. It is as if climate chaos is just an unsubstantiated theory for environmental nuts.

It would seem that nothing can stop the profit-driven corporate agenda and our consumerist, materialistic life-styles – even when the very survival of our planet is at stake.

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recently, there has been some massive flooding in the Philippines and Vietnam which i think is also due to Climate Change. the tropical storms in asia are somewhat getting stronger stronger each year.


When many were killed in Victoria Bushfire, the greenies under the extreme left Senator Brown were very quiet over the incidence. But when Howard was running the show, they are behaving just like you- frenzy. When the Labour party did not fulfil their election promise as to cut down the carbon output, they are still quiet. Clearly, the greenies are a selfish lot with their agendas. I know many talk about green environment. But they also loves to drive gas guzzling cars during weekends, expansive imported food involving heavy carbon footprints



your actions show greenies are very rash, emtional, not rational and quick to anger.

You even do not know the first basic, fundamental principles. How can fire burn vast areas without wood? People wanted to do some clearing. But there are greenies said cannot even fell a single tree!!! What bushy you are talking? The fire fighters have to dose every ambers what the fire may start again.

Greenies are just making fires without wood!!!


I see…. People wanted “to do some clearing” and “greenies said cannot even fell a single tree”. “The fire fighters have to dose every ambers”. You have taught me so much about how Australia manages its land and how CFA controlled the fire. You’re truly learned. There is nothing Soohuay or anyone else can teach you.

soohuey, not soohuay

@kingkong September 29th, 2009 at 8.27pm: I can’t believe you’re using Victoria bushfires as an example!!! It just shows how blatantly naive you are!! Country Victoria has suffered tremendously over the past decade because of falling of trees for monoculture plantations. The result is that the land is unable to retain as much water. Cutting of trees contributes to why the land is so dry!!!! Don’t speak when you don’t know what you’re talking about! HAVE YOU SEEN COUNTRY VICTORIA??? DO YOU KNOW HOW IT IS LIKE THERE??! Each time I go back, it gets worse and worse. When they… Read more »


Do not worry about human over population. Nature has its own way of correction. We may not like what mother nature do to cure the problem, the problem will be fixed. Climate change will be one way of culling excess population.

Ong Eu Soon

If this issue is brought up before March 8 election, there won’t be any arguement from Pakatan die hard supporters. Now with some states go to the Pakatan, the supporters become so complacent, thinking that by the next election, BN will surely lose. Before Pakatan even toppled the federal government, the supporters already all out to attack anyone who deem to offer a different view from Pakatan in particular LGE. You can’t talk about sustainable development anymore, it means you going to attack LGE. Did the supporters realised that LGE also begin to talk about sustainable development (with his own… Read more »

green living

Ken you are right, the biggest problem is there are too may of us. If we had bullock carts instead of cars the methane would probably damage the ozone just as much simply because of the quantity. however, the production and maintenance of a new bullock is a lot less damaging to the environment! no factories, no production lines, and no high energy consuming machinery.


soohuay Big talk by Greenies. In the recent Victoria State bush fire, many were killed and Greenies were silent because they are the party opposing to clearing the forest. As the result when the dry forest burn, they destroy towns, houses and kill people. They have their own agenda. Also they talk loud about Japs killing the whales but when their country is killing the kangaroos, they were silent. Greenies in western world wanted only a certain portion to eat cakes and KFC but they do not want millions in China and India to have a bite. With palm oil,… Read more »


……….tell them that is human nature…..why…..why…god save the world.


The root of the problem is over population. More people means building more houses and if land is scare as in Penang, this means high rises. Of course more people consume more of everything. Sustainable living may be possible if we reduce Earth’s population drastically. Even then, our oil and minerals are finite. Is there such a thing as truly sustainable living? It’s easy to rant at governments but do they have a choice? Materialism and desire for material progress is ingrained into humans. It’s not going to change any time soon. Trying to reduce carbon footprint is silly as… Read more »

Ong Eu Soon

If the state government only depend on Big Business to bring in DEVELOPMENT, you can forget about sustainability. There are plenty of sustainable development and best practises in development, but when I was offered the opportunity to brief the state government on flash flood mitigation. I was only allocated one hour for my four hours presentation. I was suppose to call for follow up meeting which I refuse to do so because you just can’t get your appointment; the politicians are too busy. The mechanism for public participation and consultation is still lacking. You are at the mercy of the… Read more »


Hey, I’ve just had an epiphany! This is all part of the 1Malaysia plan! I’ve finally worked out what is 1Malaysia: – 1 race (interpret this as you like) – living in buildings with 1 same design as their neighbours (I call them “photocopy buildings”. Just drive along any new housing development or look up at most of the new high-rise high-density condominiums, and you’ll know what I mean.) – surrounded by 1 (mono)culture plantations – with 1 view of the world as programmed by our education system It all makes sense! 1Malaysia – zero biodiversity, zero diversity of thoughts… Read more »


Do not forget the earth is changing its axis. This will probably account for most of the climate changes. At one time, the north pole was a tropical land due to this shift in axis. Not everything is man made.


I just finished watching some films from channel about “The Universe”.

The earth axis is changing in conical shape, your version of north pole was a tropical lans was NEVER happened. BUT the plateaus in north and south poles were in tropical or other climate before drifting to present positions.

Besides earth polar axis changes, the shape of earth orbit rotating against the sun is changing too from time to time and our solar system spatial movement in the galaxy all causing climate change on earth.


An error, tropical lans shall be read as tropical land.


@nkkhoo: Even if we accept the *minority* belief that changes in our climate is merely due to natural CO2 cycle, we still cannot deny that our government is squandering Malaysia’s natural environment to the extreme! The amount of wastage from lifestyle and consumerism is waayyyy too much. Our natural flora, fauna and landscape is something our future generations can never get back once it is lost. They are turning Malaysia into a very sad place to live in in the future. Just ugly ugly concrete structures surrounded by oil palm oil palm everywhere! Btw, I must stress that oil palm… Read more »


All scientists agree that global warming is a real event, only differ on its root causes. The root causes have to be identified first, and shooting blindly may be catastrophic to our human kind.


@kingkong: Greenies DO know the solutions. There are lots of practical green technology and lots of sustainable developments that have already been successfully implemented. Sustainable developments have been popping up all over the world in the past decade! Hence we’re quite knowledgeable on how to develop sustainably – from personal housing to mega developments to planning of entire communities/cities. Many governments overseas are looking into sustainable development. Unfortunately in Malaysia, due to lack of exposure and awareness (Yes, it’s time to crawl out of your shell now), many don’t understand and don’t care, so there is no pressure on the… Read more »

Ong Eu Soon

Dear Anil, I am probably the only surviving ancient astronomer and meteorologist. My prediction on the weather has proven to be right. If only modern human being learn to treasure the ancient knowledge on astronomy and meteorology, they will not behave foolishly like what they are doing now. If they can foresee disasters the way I do, no one with the right mind will dare to fool around with the nature. Too bad, we have too many politicians who want to bring DEVELOPMENT to us, assuming we are unmodernized, backward, retrogressive, archaic, medieval and stupid. Read my writeup on Imminent… Read more »


read about the dust storm affecting the citizens living in sydney, pity the ones with respiratory problems. i shudder to think why can’t the goverments all over the world dont want to co-operate and fight this global warming. heck thishas been going on for soooooooo long. peaceful citizens all over the world are suffering and it will definately get worst

Phua Kai Lit

Dear Progressive Friends

1. This website consistently posts excellent
articles on adverse climate change:

2. The video “An Inconvenient Truth” is worth

3. The strategy of vested interests is to muddy the debate on adverse climate change although the
scientific consensus is that the situation is serious.

green living

Will the planet die – perhaps it will suffer and recover but the human race and all the other inhabitants will eventually kill themselves off through their utterly sad stupidity. There are too many of us, and we are unhappy souls who seek comfort in status items and materialistic things we don’t need. knowing the difference between need and want would go a long way. but most people are miserable and these materialistic object offer some sort of comfort. When I first stepped on these shores I was really impressed with the extended family network – something totally lost in… Read more »


There is another film rebutting global warming report published by UN is a biased scientific study.

The film says our earth natural warning cycle may contribute more than CO2 for today’s global warming issue.


A popular WWF saying.
“Once the buying stops, the killings will stop!”

I wonder, how it works on humans?
“Once the humans stop living, the planet will stop dying!”

Go read the many reports about population OVER-growth.
The planet just cannot sustain us anymore.
What can I/we do? There is just too many of us around.
I sympathize with your view Anil but after reading all these articles I wonder what is going to happen to the next generation?
Maybe, even our generation may see a climatic repercussion never felt before!!

Morning Dew

I believe part of the reason many were seduced by the allurement of a materialistic lifestyle is because they know no other way of living their life. From very young parents drum into their children’s heart and mind the need to excell materialistically. In school the whole education system is geared towards producing productive automaton to feed the materialistic greed of society. The government continue to encourage similar materialistic lifestyle and development because no one told them that there are other better ways of development.

The whole nation is habituated into feeding the vicious cycle of a materialistic lifestyle.


Anil, The population is growing. They need places to stay. Even in the kampongs, they will have to fell trees to build more houses or cut trees for firewood. If wooden houses, they have to fell more trees. The roads to kampongs have to improve otherwise if one is on emergency, how do the ambulances reach and help them. The hospitals have to have the latest equipment and facilities to ensure lives are saved. If we ride horses, there will be dungs all over the places and more mad cow or mad horse disease Greenies like you knows how to… Read more »