Chin Huat and Sarawak autonomy


One of the arguments used to justify the move to deny Chin Huat entry to Sarawak is that the state has a degree of autonomy to make such decisions – but autonomy for whom?

This is a comment left by a blog reader in response to another commenter who had said the state has autonomy to make such decisions:

The reason for change is very, very simple. Sarawak’s current autonomy is the autonomy of one man and his band of cronies, not the autonomy of its people.

Under that autonomy, foreign spouses of selected individuals can be bumiputera, while genuine bumiputera such as Penan have a hard time getting ICs, and are increasingly marginalised.

Under that autonomy, one family and its companies take in revenue that are easily more than 10 per cent of Sarawak’s GDP.

Under that autonomy, a handful of companies have come to control Sarawak’s economy — from shipping to supermarkets and hotels to instant noodles, newspapers, plantations, timber, housing, with perhaps the only area still not under their control the undertaker business.

Under that autonomy, the richest state in the country in terms of natural resources still has amongst the highest rate of poverty — with the poverty of the rural people, where so much of that natural resource wealth is located, being at least 10 per cent, as measured officially, and likely much higher if measured more strictly.

So, under that autonomy, people the man and band of cronies don’t like are kept out, while foreign workers flood in. Think of it, immigration autonomy was meant to protect Sarawakian jobs.

But who is kept out? Not people who are threatening Sarawakians their jobs. Look into any plantation — over 90 per cent are foreign workers. Indeed, look into logging operations and, unlike before, an increasing proportion are also foreign workers. Look at the wood-processing plants in Bintulu — easily 40 per cent are foreign workers. Now you know why the wage rates are so low, and why Sarawakians in the thousands and tens of thousands leave to look for jobs in Malaya, in Brunei, in Singapore and further afield.

Under the autonomy you speak of, Sarawakians are threatened over how they vote, as if it’s not the people who select the government, but the government who select the people. Indeed, it’s looking very much that way — as what happened in Sabah. If the present bunch of leaders don’t like the people’s decision, they may well decide to change the people. Already, Suai-Niah is 1/4 foreign, Sebauh is 1/5 foreign, Belaga is rapidly getting there as is Marudi and Tatau.

Yes. Change is needed for real autonomy: the autonomy of the people.

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Just in case Chin Huat is reading, hi, Chin Huat, long time no see.

I have a special favor to ask you and Anil Netto, and it involve something very simple.

I just came across a very simple site:

I do not have anything to do with it, but that site does give me some inspiration – that people can do something similar in Malaysia – maybe for the state of Selangor and Penang.

Please refer to what they are doing at and see if there’s anything we can implement here.

Francis Ngu

Clearly denial of his entry has paradoxically heightened the Autonomy of Sarawak issue. More Sarawak people will take this up in good time.

semuanya OK kot

For real violations of East Malaysians’ rights, look into the 18-point Agreement for Sarawak and 20-point Agreement for Sabah. These 2 entities joined Malaya to form Malaysia only on the basis of this primary document.


That was ‘abuse of power’ by Taib’s BN government to obstruct fellow Malaysians like Wong Chin Huat from entering another state. No where in the world you find this scenario where its citizens are restricted from moving freely within one’s country. Malaysia is in real mess today – 47 years, they have fully transformed their bank account, and they still want another 5 years? Say “NO”! Sarawakians, CHANGE is not an option. YOU must make it happen! Down with Abuse of Power Down with Curi Tanah Down with Curi Balak Down with BN!!!!!!!!!! Santa soon is coming your way early… Read more »

Gerakan K

Pakatan ways “Lu tolong gua, Gua tolong lu”:

Pakatan promises Sarawak religious freedom, more cash (

Andrew I

They always send a boy to do a man’s job. You can always spot a troll a mile away. They can’t even come up with a decent pseudonym. Charlie Chaplin did win an Oscar, but he wouldn’t have wanted to replace his own surname with it… it was awarded posthumously.

Gerakan K

My brave Mr Taib:

Taib calls Alkitab stamping stupid (

That statement alone will add extra tens of thousand votes from Christian community to BN pockets.

BN +1 PR 0

Andrew I

Wow, I didn’t know a statement was that powerful.

Gerakan K

Sarawak autonomy ??? Whoa, so serious meh ???

Maybe ugly guys are not welcome in Sarawak ??? Just maybe.

Andrew I

Have you looked in the mirror lately? Get the one that answers you.


The autonomy on immigration is guaranteed and agreed by Malaya under the Malaysia Agreement. That paved the way for the formation of Malaysia. Take this away means cheating the Sarawakians of the rights guaranteed to them when they agreed to FORM Malaysia as equal partner to the Federation of Malaya. So this is not the issue to be questioned. What you are bringing up is the abuse of this autonomy to preserve taib’s rule. That is a different issue altogether but no different to other abuses of laws such as ISA, PPPA, Sedition Act etc for the same purpose of… Read more »


If there is autonomy on immigration for the interest of Sarawakians, why are we seeing:

Foreigners can easily enter Sarawak
Alleged rapists of Penan girls can enter Sarawak
Illegal loggers can enter Sarawak
Money launderers can enter Sarawak
Bogus investors can enter Sarawak
Leechers of state coffers can enter Sarawak

But some Malaysians cannot enter Sarawak:
Malaysians for A Better Sarawak
Malaysians for Corruption-Free Sarawak
Malaysians for Free and Fair Elections in Sarawak
Malaysians for the Rights of all Sarawakians
Malaysians for Justice to Penans in Sarawak
Malaysians for Rainforest Protection of Sarawak

Gerakan K

Whoa !!!

Anil, are you trying to challenge Utusan ??? Who is this WCH anyway ???

WCH has no value whatsoever in Sarawak election. He is no LGE, LKS or Anwar. You can make big news if LGE, LKS or Anwar denied entry to Sarawak. Sorry for this WCH.

What are you trying to achieve with this nobody (not even = small potato) ???

Focus your energy to “taroh kaw kaw” Mr Taib, ok ??? That will be more reasonable.

Andrew I

If he is a nobody, why be chicken and deny him entry in the first place?


It does not matter whether Wong Chin Huat is a small potato or a VVIP. He is a true blue Malaysian who never forget his civic duties and will work in the best interest of the Rakyat.

You have any further issue with that GerakanK?