Blowing RM10m on a car park


The Penang government should perish the thought of spending a further RM5.5-6.75m on a new car-park to replace the RM4.3m ‘Kancil car park’.

A committee reportedly found the architect and consultant to be responsible for the poor design of the car park – can we have their names? – but where was the building plan and who approved it?

In the first place, the area for the car park is small, and if the ground floor is allocated for buses, then the ramp to the upper floor is going to be steep.

But why are thinking of more multi-storey car-parks? What happens when the car-park is unable to cope with higher traffic volume? More car-parks? More construction jobs? We love all these concrete structures, don’t we?

That would be at least RM10m blown on a silly car-park – equivalent to 5 per cent of the MPPP’s annual budget, even if it is coming out of state funds.

Those millions of ringgit would be better spent on improving public transport access to the Penang Hill railway station. Think of shuttle buses, for instance.

Why is the state government so reluctant to consider public transport options and to move in that direction?

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Ong Eu Soon

Even if you want to rebuild the car park, all the recommendations are not practical. For argument sake, the only feasible solution is to build an elevated mechanical car park that will eliminate the constraints posed by the limited space of the car park site. All you bodek kaki want a car park to be built but offer no solution exception try desperately to shoot down any pro-public transport options. If the replacement car park is to be built without using elevated mechanical car parking system, it will have the same problem of steep ramp and difficult turning corner that… Read more »

Ong Eu Soon

If the car parks in Tesco or Farlim Sunshine are not feasible, then build a multi storey car park some where near Tesco instead of Penang Hill Station.


Ah Soon, that is not practical. If you want to built a MSCP near Tesco, I believe building one near the hill station will be a better solution. Common, there are more outstation visitors than locals. So you expect them to find their way to Tesco? Most of them will be staying away from Tesco. Driving around penang for them is already a difficult task what more you expect them to drive around looking for Tesco.

Ong Eu Soon

If they are not local most likely they will use Penang Bridge. What make those outstation tourist difficult to find Tesco? Only a big time bodek kaki like you forever will find excuses for your political idol.

Sze Tho

How amusing. Big mouthed naggy old man calling everyone else names. Sign of inflated ego combined with lonely existence. A life devoted to condemning and criticizing others. Pathetic ..


DEfinetly, Tessco and Sushine Square is not a fool to let a fool to make use of her carepatk. Tessco and Sunshine Square does not need this extra to pull in customer. I thought a person that called other people no brain must be very bright himself…but seem like he is worst than that talking thru his ….

10,000 strong commuter…where … he got this figure….hahahaha.


Can convert the car park into a hawker centre (seriously)?
We can do with a centralised hawker centre in Air Itam and get all those roadside hawkers congesting the narrow roads and drains to do their trade there.
Or on a lighter note, maybe give it to the mat rempits for their racing circuit … without harming innocent people with their antics.


I stay at Farlim and try not to shop at Sunshine Farlim because it is such a pain to go there. Parking there is such a hassle. I can imagine the congestion if the Penang Hill crowd parks there

Nk Khoo

More parking spaces have to be readied b4 any park-and-ride plan is implemented. Shifting a problem in an area to another area is not the right solution.


No need for car park.

Make everyone ‘park & ride’ a bus to this destination.


I was up at Penang Hill yesterday. Was at the bottom station at about 8.30 am. Quite empty and able to pick a nice spot to park my car. By the time I came down, the road side was filled with cars and buses. Yesterday, was still a school day but some schools had excurssion trips. Defintely, need proper parking space of cars and buses in that congested area. Not practical to have shuttle buses as many from outstation will find it inconvenient. Am sure there are smart architects, planners and consultants who can come up with creative solutions, of… Read more »


the ‘saling bekerjasama’ attitude which happens between local authority (MPPP) and state development body (PDCC) is being used at the wrong side at the first place. MPPP has failed their part in inspecting the drawings before approving it for construction. whether they are incompetent or just purely ignorant of their duties to serve the people, only MPPP and PDCC has the answers.

Nk Khoo

Seriously I doubt MPPP has competent engineer to monitor and approve the building plans. There was only a qualified city planner in 90s (a friend of mine) with MPPP. BTW, he left the MPPP long time ago. And so-called expert panel appointed by LGE (after third attempt) is no better than third-world experts. The chairman is a dean from UTAR and yet the panel can publish 1.5X design margin is acceptable in the civil engineering. This is another international joke on how screw-up our so-called expertise. Let use a commonsense, why the panel proposed demolition IF safety is not a… Read more »


It shows how competent you are as to the Architectural and engineering partice in Malaysia. It has nothing to do with the Council. If someone wants to build a power station, King Palace or nuclear facilities, you expect the Council to knows everything? You want to engage cheap architect or engineer to design Bakun dam or do do your project? The Board of Architect or Engineer should investigate and struck off his practice if the design is wrong. Or otherwise he reimbuse through his professional indemnity.

Nk Khoo

Second professional opinion is still needed during the approval process, otherwise let shut down MPPP approval procedure.

JKR has it own engineers to approve and monitor public projects, how on earth MPPP is so special? MPPP is outside Bolehland ar?

You are the one believe nonsense from the LGE expert panel who claim MPPP does not need to answer for approval process.

You are the one incompetence and blinded, not other brained Malaysians.


So you are recommending “Jangan Kerja Rajin” to do the job? What so expert is Jangan Kerja rajin and you also belong to that group? Base on what you say for such a simple car cark, you want JKR to approve and assess them. So, you have make JKR nothing but jaga kereta!! In this country, there are hundred or thousands of ramp carparks – in Office basement, condo, shopping centres etc and yet your brain ask JKR to be jaga kereta. It shows how stupid you are. The Architect, Surveyor and Engineer Board is housed in JKR HQ. If… Read more »

Nk Khoo

Your brain is so tiny to understand any approval carries responsibility.

You belittling JKR for your bigotry. JKR is more professional than MPPP in approval process.

Nk Khoo

Your stupidity is beyond limit.

Only public projects are under JKR, your car park is your private business, nothing to do with JKR.

What harm for MPPP to invite JKR to provide second opinion on a public project if MPPP politikus appointed by LGE cannot read technical drawing?

Your company must be delighted to hire you who sign paperwork blindly.


Why have to write twice and nothing concrete to justify but just wanted to shoo the messenger. It show you know nothing. If JKR is so professional, why they do not design the 2 Penang Bridges or the Penang port. They are Public projects. Even the NS highway arepublic projects and private engineering companies are employed.
Another rubbish from so claim smart alec.



How dare both of you ask for better public transportation to penang hill. That will invite polution and more development. Leave Penang Hill Alone!

Ong Eu Soon

The other option if the car park is full during weekends or public holiday, the state government can negotiate with private car park operators near Tesco to provide parking at nominal fees since during weekends or public holidays the car parks for office building are empty!
Don’t try to defeat my ideas with all those lame excuse that make you look really like a fool. You either is a real bodek kaki or an underground agent sent by someone else to sabotage PR.


Keep your opinions to yourself rather to be political in nature!!
Better you go and join Gerakan to achieve your political aims rather then calling others fools…….
A bigger fool will call others fools!!!!

Nk Khoo

Another option, state government buy the car park land from Tesco and build a multilayer car park for Tesco customers and tourists to Air Itam.


So it will become Tesco Bus Station and service major parts of Penang with added noise, smoke and dust pollution. Ah Soon Khor has to produce the EIA report.

Nk Khoo

Then why your sifu tries to create more access routes to Penang? He likes more pollution in island?


So you are also not thinking – fllowing your sifu building more buildings and stations. Just parroting

Gerakan K

Masuk masuk masuk. Parking parking parking. Depan tak boleh, belakang boleh masuk. Masuk masuk masuk.

Election sudah mari. Masuk masuk masuk.

Andrew I

Bo Hoot sudah bagi tahu hari ini dia nak lari lari kerana election nak mari mari.


Ah Soon khor, Tesco build carparks not for grandfather’s use. They are for their customers. Cow sense shows one cannot use another’s carpark. Even if Tesco charges carpark, why let them benefit? Is Soon Khor going to pay for the salaries of the drivers and maintence of the buses? How many buses are required. So from Monday to Friday, the drivers will be hitting houseflies but Sunday they have drive like Formula one to cope with the demand. You always hit at the wrong authority. Buses are under UMNO Government. Penang Hill may provide air-conditioned bus stop with free refreshment… Read more »

Ong Eu Soon

If you claimed that the bus services are under the jurisdiction of the federal, then it should be easier for LGe to endorse the ideas of Park and Ride scheme for Penang Hill and let the federal government take the blame. Your friend doesn’t even has the gut to endorse any public transit options! Meanwhile while waiting for demolition and rebuilding the car park, can the state government negotiate with Rapid Penang to provide the shuttle bus services for short term solution? Anyway the Tesco car park is free for all, people can park there and take a bus to… Read more »


Tesco to provide free car park to MPPP? Dream again. Maybe they will consider so if Guan Eng were to give them a piece of state land elsewhere for a nominal fee. Of course, some idiots here may take off at a tangent if that ever happens. πŸ™‚

Ong Eu Soon

Just like the BEST service which operated on peak hours only, the shuttle bus services for Penang Hill can be arranged only on public holidays or weekends. Why so difficult?


Mr. Ong, BEST operated during office hour where most of the carpark will are half empty. But during weekend and holiday, these carpark will be full. Please use your eye.

Ong Eu Soon

With more and more shopping malls going to sprout up in the island. The competition will become more and more keen. A smart move that guarantee potential customers frequenting the shopping mall is to cooperate with state government to provide free car parks for a Park and Ride scheme. Tesco and Sunshine Farlim are not fool like you, they understand what it mean to their businesses when 10,000 strong commuters stop by at their car parking lots during long weekends or public holidays. Only a fool like LGe and his dumb supporters can’t see the business potential resulting from the… Read more »


Only THE DART FORCE like you has no sense. Why not you give your house and office car park free to others if they are not in use and empty? If you start to collect nominal sum, then you have to pay income tax on that because you are earning extra money. Otherwise you are just another thief and did not declare your earnings. If anything happen, is the driver and passengers covered by insurance otherwise you get sued until pants drop. You are not a even a traffic expert and how can you blame Halcrow tarffic studies if suddenly… Read more »

Nk Khoo

The special inquiry committee appointed by LGE is talking nonsense … If the structure of building is sound, then why they recommend to demolish it? It sounds fishy to me? What study or experiment has been conducted by the expert panel to prove the structure is safe? Safety factor used in the civil engineering is not 1.5 to 2X as in the Kancil car park, only airplane design is using 1.5X for obvious reason. In the empirical civil engineering, a safety factor of 10 is normally used. Can the committee calls a public consultation and briefing session to explain on… Read more »

Nk Khoo

No idiot will accept ZERO safety allowance in any building except this panel appointed by Lim Guang Eng.

There are dynamic loadings or vibrations besides the normal static loading? Besides, did the civil engineer studied the resonance frequency and its avoidance?

The piling safety factor is about 1.5X according to expert panel, and they know exactly the safety is compromised, and yet they do not make the recommendation based on professionalism.

Any qualified civil engineer wanted to correct me on building safety factor allowance?

Nk Khoo

The building is designed to last for 50 years.

1.5X safety factor for piling is asking for disaster to happen.

The design is flaw, but the expert panel intentionally (appears) to cover up for political reason.

Go ask any qualified civil engineer in Penang, they will tell you the expert panel is not acting professional in their recommendations.


the name of the architect/consultant for kancil car park was published in the chinese papers today.
Anil can check it out and publish for mass consumption.

I advocate feeder public transport to bring tourists to the hill of Bukit Bendera.

Ong Eu Soon

This is a challenge to any future architect who want to design the Penang Hill car park. If you can’t design one with a gentle gradient say 1:16 or 1:20, please stay away from the project else I will come and haunt you with another demolition order.

Nk Khoo

Install a few car lifts is still cheaper than rebuild.

Those geniuses proposed rebuild should ask a question to themselves?

Do they demolish their own safe house just because of a steep staircase?

Ong Eu Soon

It is ridiculous for the state government to go ahead with a 6 storey replacement car park when the problem of steep ramp from the ground floor to the first floor will be too difficult to solve as there is limited space to make the ramp less steep. Why want to waste our money on another car park which will have the problem of steep ramp? Why can’t we opt for public transport? Why do we need a car park when it hardly be able to cope with demand? Why can’t we have shuttle bus services from Tesco or Sunshine… Read more »


aiyoo…didn’t you see the news about the BN sponsored Yellow T-Shirted ( most probably the Mat Rempits’ backers bought too many T-Shirts so they kindly donated the excess to the trishaw riders) Trishaw Riders demonstrating and ranting at LGE for providing shuttle buses and you still want more shuttle buses? Who’s next to bay for LGE’s blood? Yellow T-shirted Taxi Drivers pulak! Like that, die lah, LGE!


Ya, I too would like to know the architect, consultant responsible for the poor design of the car park and persons who approved it?

But I reserve my judgement on the ‘demolish and starting over again’ till there are more data to justified doing so and guarantee of getting it right this time.


The public need to know the name of the architect and consultant so that future projects should not be awarded to them for such unprofessional job. They should be on the blacklist of future projects.

Nk Khoo

The architect is Khairy Fazir (?) Translated from Chinese characters, ε‡―ι‡Œε°”ζ³•ε…Ή.

The official in charge for tender and construction is Haji Muhammad Rashid (?) [ε“ˆε…ΉθŽ«ε“ˆζœ«ζ‹‰ε…Ή]