Camerons highway mudslide shows risks of proposed Penang hill highways


Food for thought for those intent on building the Pan Island Link Highway and other highways along the hills of Penang.

Think hard. This is a sign of things to come in this era of climate change. Don’t let greed cloud your thoughts.

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Just a friendly reminder to PH leadership. The Rakyat voted PH to get rid of the BN/UMNO kleptocrats. Therefore no unity government with the devils. Don’t ever harbor this concept of unity government and don’t make fools out of us Rakyat, despite Zahid’s courting. UMNO is just too toxic to be a partner in a unity government, regardless of que sera sera.


DSAI likely to court PAS later in the name of Islamic unity. Therefore Tun M is now courting ex-Unno folks like Rais, Syed Albar etc to enhance Bersatu position to rival PKR. Like it or not we will see more pro-Malays and Islamic friendly policies in Harapan. Minorities like Chinese and Indians will have little influence in Pakistan soon. DAP will soon face the same fate as MCA and Gerakan in BN.

Cheah Kim Chye

DAP and Amanah must be firm to be equal partners in Harahan and not be sidelined by the ambition of Anwar’s Islamic agenda to collaborate with PAS or to rival PAS to be more Islamic. DAP and Amanah must be assertive while Tun M is PM, as Anwar is unlikely to be accommodate when in power.


Please tell Dr Lee, tian chua, sim who are in pkr



Already no response to his voters on library request.

Cygnus Knight

Umno is currently rudderless, leaderless and directionless said former party youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin.

In an interview with BFM’s Morning Grille yesterday, Khairy said party members hear of Zahid’s “meeting with this and that person” but were left none the wiser on where the party is supposed to go.

“He has to come clean on which direction he wants to take the party. All these covert and clandestine manoeuvres (are going on).


Umno hoping Anwar can offer them a chance to form unity government, but still hope to have PAS as ally just in case Mahathir hold on to PM long long.


Anwar now make Super Liberal as new bogeyman for unsecured Malays.


Level the hills next to highways to prevent any landslide occurrence.


Again, they are now starting a big plan to reclaim 650ha of the B’worth shorefront ?
Pieww !!!

GEORGE TOWN: The Penang government today revived a plan to reclaim the shorefront of Pantai Bersih which had been delayed for nearly 20 years, through an updated agreement with a company which said it would take nearly RM2 billion to do so in six years….


Developers Association Penang


Penang Forum do not bother about Butterworth issues?

Maybe can set up Bagan Ajam Forum as a branch?


GEORGE TOWN, Sept 28 — The state government signed a supplementary agreement with Rayston Consortium (Butterworth) Sdn Bhd to reclaim 650ha of land off the northern part of Seberang Perai.

The signing of the Rayston will push to start the reclamation project that was delayed since it first signed the deal in 1999.


‘Change old law or wither democracy’ PETALING JAYA: A 62-year-old law needs to be changed to ensure our federal and state governments cannot sue a person for defamation. This is to counter a landmark judg- ment by the Federal Court that has raised fears that freedom of speech in Malaysia may be jeopardised. Lawyers, politicians and civil groups are calling for the Government Proceedings Act 1956 (GPA) to be amended to prevent the government from filing defamation lawsuits against individuals, which many say will deter the public from criticising the authorities. Lawyer Syahredzan Johan, who is political secretary to… Read more »


The above videos showed the vehicles dangerously close to the ferocious waterfall. Where were the highway authorities & polis to guide these motorists safely away (at least 300 metres) from this apparent danger of a massive landslide should the hill give way? Note: If you look at the gradient of this affected hill slope, it is estimated to be more than 50 degrees! How can??? And the slope is only held by thin covers of small shrubs & not big trees with strong roots! I wonder what has happened to the road (in the making thro’ virgin rainforest) linking from… Read more »


Malaysians generally have good driving skills, unless they own lesen terbang. So such terrain close to waterfall is a real challenge to them.


Yes, should blame the pommies like Cameron and Fraser for building resort in highway using motor roads. They should be like our original settlers orang asli. They trek up. Same with bkt Bendera. Should trek like tung lang. But he smart. Those balak build roads to cut and transport timber, tung lang made them worse. Riding on them


Ah pek, go and ask your soil scientist about shallowvroots and does it mean dont live in highlands. Tell those gurhkas, sherpas and tibetians all come and live in sea level like peng land. No wonder people are coming to live in pg and yet you are chasing the away. On the other hand, highlanders warn pg about tsunami happen along coast up 6 m high waves.