Bukit Relau: A simple question (updated)


Update: It looks as if the Botak Hill land was indeed rezoned. Now the question is, was it rezoned before 2008 or last year? Who was responsible for the rezoning and on what grounds?

The Malay Mail indicates that it was rezoned by the State Planning Committee last year.

But Jagdeep Singh Deo was reported as saying the re-zoning of ‘Bukit Gambir’ from a hill zone to housing was carried out on 9 August 2007

Which is it?

Original entry on 7 June 2013:

No point beating around the bush when all we need is a straight answer to a simple question.

Was the destroyed hill-top land in Bukit Relau converted from hill land to ‘residential use’, and if so, how and when?

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During our parents` generation there is not much development. almost everything is centered in the urban area. Very few people think of owing a house or car. We live like what is depicted in the house of 72 tenants. Its not just in Malaysia but also elsewhere like Hong Kong & Singapore. Now its different. We need everything that is the most updated from h/p, cars, electrical appliances, houses and almost everything else. We are chasing a dream of owing anything that we can lay on even if it is beyong our means.

Ed G

Precisely why intervention by the goverment in terms of sound policies, clear and proper regulations and strict enforcement is needed.


mash, its not possible to pin all our woes on one factor. I also dare say that our government is partly a reflection of our society’s values. We have become more and more materialistic. We are naturally ambitious, and it keeps growing. My parents (I love them very much) kept reminding me to study hard and get a high paying job – but never once said to look after our natural resources and environment. I had to figure that out by myself when I was studying overseas. Whereas an orang asli living of the forest probably inculcate in their your… Read more »


Might the fact that LGE is an accountant explain everything? He is inclined to only see the dollars and cents, not beauty and sense. Don’t care if the hills are stripped barren, erosion clogs our rivers and the floods get worse and more frequent, as long as development brings money. Don’t care if the goose that lays the golden eggs is killed; he cannot see that far. Do you guys know that his idea of what development entails allows for a highrise tower to be only 20′ from the common boundary?! It used to be 50′. Your neighbour can put… Read more »


The 1st wave of hill settlements in Penang Island came about when the Chinese immigrants who were mostly Hakkas of agricultural vocations settled in the serene hills of interior Balik Pulau – Relau hill axis. My ‘chor kong’ were the ‘sin khek’ wearing the iconic pig tails & black attires who worked from pre-sun rise till sunset. They lived in homesteads rearing poultry (chickens, ducks, pigs), cultivated vegetable farms & rubber tapping. And there were no individualistic ego-based lifestyle of own bungalows but shared homes of extended families. Their agro-based economic contribution was undeniable especially to the town folks of… Read more »

subhas chander

All readers of this Blog ,PLS read what both Tunglang and Mash have written. Both have penned it well as per this topic/issue. It is a crying shame indeed that this rape of a valuable segment of our precious environment was allowed to happen. And yet the penalty that was meted out was totally pussyfooting. In fact the unscrupulous developer should be compelled to replant the whole area in addition to a daily fine till he gets the job done .LGE may be a competent administrator but he must listen to the views and voices from ground .And above all… Read more »


Anil, I think there could be a crook somewhere. The government needs to act and smoke him/her out fast. I hope the government reads your blog frequently 🙂

After that, the government needs to draw up a better plan to protect the hills. As I mentioned just now, buy up the land. Or encourage the owners to donate to the public. Then gazette the whole hill area as a reserve forever.


Sure someone monitoring this blog especially when comes to criticize DAP.
rajraman.The votes – or + can tells someone is damn upset.


Take it easy, brother. Some are simply ‘jealous’ or outright defensive of whatever. The right to voice a personal opinion is enshrined in any of us which is called human rights to oppose.
Cheers Kopi-O kau kau to more jealous-ed richie hill development of insanity & corruption-loop-holed thro’ bureaucracy.

Datuk Y.B. Loh

First, what is wrong about the conversion, regardless if it is from DAP or BN or UMNO. There is provision in the law for conversion of land/s. You just need to apply. If you are the owner of a land or a house, you can always apply to convert. if you are not, then you are probably jealous and complaints. Currently if you have not bought a house or land, you hope the prices would drop. If you buy one tomorrow, you would hope that it would appreciate. Second, the only law that is broken is to start work without… Read more »


There will always be a loophole just like the developer selling an LMC which should be 72k but upgraded to 180k – 200k by using 2 agreements. The first agreement is 72k and suppllementary agreement is 80-100k. The result they do not have to build a real LMC of 72k


gerakan k
how will your 1malaysia champion solve problems.
as silent as black hole.
alvivi denies bail for bailable charge.
your Ibrahim and Zul enjoying their life meanwhile.
one set of laws for ordinary and another for UMNO.
wow, that’s your 1malaysia champion way of solving problems


The Star claimed sales over RM100 millioon of its lifestyle condos in just concluded property fair at Gurney/G Hotel. Read report a condo costs RM700 per square feet hear Tanjung Tokong (was RM500 per squarefeet 2 year ago). Such HYPE-up sales talk only benefits the 1% while the suffering 99% population will be burdened for generations ! Penang Gomen falls into Concrete Lifestyle Development masterplan ??? We look forward to social-conscious reporting in Buletin Mutiara and may be for once Lilian less polishing (don’t be like Wong CW) and tell it straight from the heart ??? Pearl of Orient enclosed… Read more »

Ong Eu Soon

lim guan eng thought if he got a big mandate he will be strong, nobody can challege him any more. Lim had failed Penangites not once but again and asgain. The hill slope or hill top development and the above 250ft sea level development. We only heard his assurance and accusation against the previous administration. But this above 900 ft hill top development, you just can’t said that you are not responsible. To remind you that lim guan eng was so keen about the underground tunnel b efore the election, now with the latest gossip in town that the china… Read more »


Whoever breaks the law, needs to be punished severely. The state government needs to act and communicate effectively, because as the last election frequently shows, perception alone can defeat you. Anyway, on another topic. These land on the hills are clearly private property. The owners naturally expect to make money out of it or at least use it – otherwise why pay quit rent, cost of looking after it. I wonder if a win-win situation can be achieved. The owners giving up the right to develop for something in return. Maybe the government can help them develop some form of… Read more »

YB Loh

My goodness! You have just answered the 2nd question with the first question! It was rezoned so that the land price would shoot up.
Ideally I would like to convert my residential house in the heritage area to commercial so that the price would shoot up.


Tigerz67: “I wonder if a win-win situation can be achieved.”
This is not the right precedence.
It is likened to raping an innocent virgin girl & ‘transform’ her to a call girl for a ‘win-win’ solution beyond reasonable court of law judgement. And the rapist just got a lady judge’s wring-of-the-dirty-middle-finger-fine as light as pom-pom girl’s feathers. This is utterly insane for any right thinking man (without any wealth but great deal of morality) in the street of inner city George Town.
No Cheers Kopi-O kau kau to such ridiculous ‘win-win’ lorong (back street) solution.

Ed G

I simply connot find any connection between ‘the sacrificing lush greenery on hilltops for posh, exclusive bungalows for a few rich people’ and the socialist, egalitatrian policy of the DAP. If the DAP (and PR) are true to their conviction of being people oriented, they must go down real hard on the developers who strayed off the line just to get the message across to everyone, especially those mercenary developers, that their attempt to force a fait accompli situation will not be tolerated and be dealt with harshly.


UMNO DID IT – by state government.

rajraman. By a stroke pen it’s can be revoke but is the state Government willing to do it?
No and never will.The blaming game begin again and i will get negative votes..
– or + votes don’t stop me to gives a piece of my mind.

Eng Hock

To get YB Lim Guan Eng to clarify, just e-mail him directly and get him to respond.
The rakyat is sick of hide n seek.
If LGE to blame, why The Star has not got Gerakan/MCA to be open ?
Fishy smell awaiting to explode ?!


Don`t trust any parties. all are the same. BN reneged on their words to abolish sedition while PR LGE is now played out and under by the developer. We vote to get the best of what we think it will be.


It will be bungalow over the hills and there will be flat & apartment down under

billy cudk

Indeed simple questions need only simple answers. But am indeed hesitant to hear what MPPP would reply with regards to the current land status. Sometimes the answers are obvious. I hope am terribly wrong and “boleh-land” antics do not rear its ugly head.

No sensible businessmen would put in millions to build an “illegal” development…would they?

Gerakan K

LGE will solve it CAT way. Please wait 1 magical month for satisfactory answer. In UBAH we trust, 30-day guarantee we are looking for.

Ahmad Sobri

I hate to write this, but, it seems things are not looking good for Lim Guan Eng. Please walk the talk. People would rather live with corrupters than betrayers. Those big swath of land cleared, cannot be excused. And who converted the land to residential use? I was given the option to broker a similar piece of land, 36 acres, can you please convert it to residential use? I would rather Lim Guan Eng not break the law, as Penangnites, once betrayed, they will never forgive you. To betray Penangnites trusts after such overwhelming support for PR is unforgivable, one… Read more »