Bukit Gambir – other perspectives of the destruction


More photos of Bukit Gambir taken by a couple of concerned Penang residents.

Look at that road!

And here’s a satellite image (thanks to blog reader moot for the heads-up):

View Larger Map

And look at all the other land-clearing at the hill-top:

View Larger Map

Hope the MPPP can make public the name of the developer and the company. It also needs to clarify whether permission was sought and if approval was given.

What a shame this is happening to our hills.

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9 Jun 2013 6.27am

Over to you LGE. We put you in a position to govern the state with your CAT motto. Please get to the core of this development immediately! First term holidays are over! Get about setting things right in the state! Please!

6 Jun 2013 12.56pm

Something has got to be done to find out about the massive clearing and the raping of the hills.
I live at Bukit Gambier and I can see much movement going on the hills.

Island Joe
Island Joe
29 May 2013 11.20am

A small landslide happened last night at Bukit Gambier causing a retaining wall to fall. Unbelievable. We can see it and the so called professionals can miss it. Might be a prelude to something bigger if the rains continue like last night.

Island Joe
Island Joe
22 May 2013 11.05am

Some friends spoke to the contractor up there and they seem to be working for this project. But no sign board put up so something dodgy is happening: http://www.iproperty.com.my/developments/developmentreview.aspx?pid=2826 There is an existing development by the same developer next to the temple nearby there which was apparently approved by the BN government and it looks so dangerous. They’ve been blasting the rock and putting earth works for months and doesn’t look safe. Total disregard for the environment. If this is a preview of something they’re doing further in on a bigger scale. God help us. Right now, there is a… Read more »

21 May 2013 9.41pm

Just passed through. There were bright light on top with people movement. It seem they are working overtime

Gerakan K
Gerakan K
21 May 2013 7.22pm

Please update us. Did LGE blame Gerakan for this botaking operations ???

21 May 2013 9.40pm
Reply to  Gerakan K

GK, LGE did not blame Gerakan but you stupidily blame LGE DAP ignoring the rape of Cameron highland