Bukit Botak: Selangor protects settlers’ rights


Well done to the Selangor state government for protecting the rights of 270 settlers through its acquisition of land in Bukit Botak, Selayang.

This goes to show that where there is political will to protect the people’s interest, there is often a way – even though there was already an agreement with a developer.

You just need to do the right and just thing to safeguard the people’s interests.

Go here for full report.

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Lez Leslie

How many people actually understand what the issue is all about? I don’t because very little information is made available. Helping the settlers sounds very noble and is to be lauded but is it the right thing to do. Selangor may be rich but when the coffers run dry, the real test begins.

I find the comments by Wira and Amoker are more balanced.


If helping the settlers is not worthy, what is, Rocky?

Helping you is worthy or not?

Hope that one day you will become a settler, then you know how you feel.


It’s not worthy to help those (settlers) …

Lez Leslie

Selangor State being run smoothly? You must be kidding. Amateurish at best. Still we have no choice but to be tolerant and hope the mess left behind by the Bolts and Nuts can be cleared up soon

Gerakan K

LGE need RM50 million for his pet project. That is why no money for Kg Buah Pala.


To acquire Kg Buah Pala land would have cost the government 150 million dollars. We cannot do that for just 24 families whereas the 50 millions for the convention centre would benefit the people and state in the long run.


Ai yo yo, ai yo yo, Mr. Anil, Gerakan K, Ya, Allah! While we are busy discussing about the RM50million convention centre, the missing jet engines, the Allah issue, Teoh Beng Hock/MACC, it is reported today that RM10 billion allocated to Khazanah under the second economy stimulus plan, cannot be accounted for! Is the report credible? Can all these issues be deliberately staged, to divert the attention of the Rakyat?… Ya Allah, we are just into the 6th day of the New Year and just count the number of issues that had surfaced! Ya Allah, what is actually happening to… Read more »


Mr Anil,

Is it true that our Honourable Prime Minister, Najib Tun Razak, leader of the BN, may be questioned by the French authority regarding the Scorpene submarine deal … as reported today?

What is really happening to Mr. Malaysia, Mr. Anil? Only six days into the new year, everyday a new scandal unfolds. Malaysia definitely boleh!


Dear Mr. Anil, Thank you for your reply. As Malaysians, we can only hope that such scandals if true must stop to save this wonderful country. The end is near if nothing is done to stop this decay! Something must be done! It is just too huge for any country to stomach. Is there a chance for Malaysia? Will those in authority please see the true picture and stop the rot? Everytime something is played out to fan the sentiments of the Rakyat by certain quarters, something huge is definitely on its way. For once we can see PAS contributing… Read more »


Stop giving excuses to LGE. While Selangor’s budget is bigger than Penang’s, the state government of Selangor has much much more liability and responsibility than Penang. If Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim can run the Selangor state government so smoothly there is no reason why Lim Guan Eng can’t do the same for Penang. Both started out without any document in the cabinets, remember? And stop bringing in 3rd parties such as Gerakan or Umno in the comparison. This is a comparison of Khalid Ibrahim and Lim Guan Eng, where one has rakyat in his heart and the other has “Screw… Read more »


Lets not compare. Selangor has more budget than Penang and LGE will spend when he can. Ithink both PR states have shown willingness to at least find ways to help. Dun believe UMNO BN will do anything but to reap the max.


The annual budget of selangor is in the billions.
Penang can only afford some 400 millions.
There is little difference between the price of urban lands in those 2 states.
It is advisable for this small state not to be foolish with money.

However, we want to see the state use the money wisely for the people in the maintenance of existing amenities. If the money allocated is not enough, scrap potential white elephants and give more money to proper maintenance.

Intelligent and simple solutions to traffic woes are possible. If you need ideas, don’t hesitate to ask.


A stark contrast ?

In Penang, the residence of Kampung Buah Pala (lost their village under) both Koh Tsu Koon and Lim Guan Eng.

In Selangor, the residence of Bukit Botak got the help from the MB.

Looks like the Menteri Besar of Selangor does have the Rakyat in mind while the Chief Minister of Penang screws the Rakyat, just like his predecessor.

Gerakan K

These settlers in Selangor must feel very lucky. Thumbs up for Selangor MB.

p/s: All ex-Kg Buah Pala residents must not read this news to prevent sudden heart attack.


At least now the KBP folks have a RM600,000 double storey house each, bro. Imagine what they will get if the State is still under Bolts and Nuts? That is why we must know how to make use of our votes!

Cheers, bro.


LGE & PR in Penang just as Khalid PR in Selangor has done a first. Kg Buah Pala resident have been offered a 500,000 double storey house. Thats good enough considering that the coffer of the state does not permit the acquisition of the Kg Buah Pala land which is much more expensive than in Selangor.


It just goes to show that what democracy can bring to the Rakyat! Surely, the PKR led Government had done many first with regards to taking care of the Rakyat’s needs. A caring Government can only come about when there is competition. Surely, the Selangorians should be proud of their wisdom of choice during 308. This is something unheard of during BN’s time! Certainly, LGE led Government has much to learn from PKR led Selangor, though both are from PR, but the actions of the PKR led Government is more caring, though DAP led Government in Penang is seen to… Read more »


LGE too kedekut because he lacks the experience spending large sums of monies without battling an eyelid. The PKR led Government in Selangor can do it simply because they have access to huge State funds. But seriously, there is no excuse for LGE not to attend to the predicaments of the folks near the Botanical Gardens, whoever the culprits, as the well being of those staying there must be of paramount importance. The toilets should not have been built if that is the kind of standard they are offering to the public. If they cannot afford to build a toilet,… Read more »