Botak Hill: Teh’s case fixed for 23 September


From the High Court in Penang: Case management was carried out today and the hearing proper will be on 23 September at 9.00am.

According to Teh’s lawyer, two enclosures will be dealt with then:
1) an application by Teh to strike out the suit.
2) an application by the developer to secure a judgment in default.

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Anil, please highlight the case of Ong ES being attacked by the thugs belong to the state regime. Penang is now on a very slippery slope. Critics of the govt being brutalized by goons is a very dangerous trend. NGOs of Penang must stand up and condemn this act in the strongest terms.


NGO are all the same, they only side PR. Like Bersih which is supposed to be independent instead are siding with the opposition. Not so Bersih as it should be. Come to Vitamin M, Anwar PR and DAP Kuching will sleep with anybody even with UMNO. The tunnel, MRT and reclamation are a few examples and yet they have the nerve to blame on Khalid. Nasaruddin said it right and is waiting for the kucing saman. It seem the kucing have become the tikus. Oop and we are real bodoh for believing in them or is it smart.



Please watch this interesting youtube clip on Singapore PM Lee Hsien Loong’s 2014 National Day Rally explaining the Central Provident Fund (CPF) and how it works hand-in-hand with home ownership to help provide for Singaporeans’ retirement:

Phua Kai Lit