Botak Hill shock: How was hill land rezoned to ‘housing’?


The state government must clarify this report and explain how hill land could be rezoned to ‘perumahan’ (housing).

Source: NST
Source: NST

Press reports are referring to an approval letter by the State Planning Committee in November 2012. The letter reportedly approved an appeal to convert the land from hill land to ‘perumahan’ (housing). See the NST report here.

Why wasn’t this conversion made public earlier, when the Botak Hill news first erupted.

Guidelines only allow property development up to a height of 72 metres (250 feet) except under special circumstances. In this case, the land clearing discovered in 2013 was well over that threshold.

This doesn’t look good at all. Whither CAT?

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gk ong

The LRT project is a BN bait to lure votes?
Wait long long as the project will take at least another 15 years, if it ever take off?

ps: You Are Not Alone, song by Michael Jackson is getting popular again thanks to DPM?


If you would like to play the role of DAP’s apologist here, at least try to make some sense or put forward some logical arguments instead of talking gibberish.


calvinsankaran – apparently you cannot think and readily accept BN sweetener and syiok sendiri.
Good that Ong put the questions for us to reflect.


Time to nominate tunglang as GE14 Sia Boay candidate as independent adun? Logo for election can be Chendol or KopiO?
Can depend on to source fund for election campaign n deposit fund?
If so be prepared to face NgWeiAik and HuanPCM?


The battle has already begun since that Botak Hill sandiwara. Public outcry against animalistic ravage of Madame Pykett went unheeded but instead it was ‘condoned’ using time-expiry counter ruling of cunning+crafty minds. Arrogance of the highest order never before since Merdeka unabashed in the name of CAT is the unmatched trademark of Niao Kong. But Penangites are no more fools of CAT rhetorics. An arrogant cat can point its accusing paws or meow another lie, but nobody is going to listen like fools before @ Han Chiang Padang 308. Enough time has passed for Niao Kong to listen carefully: “Penang’s… Read more »


Typical sour grapes from those who can no longer afford Penang expensive homes, but still not poor enough to qualify for PR1MA?


Go drink Sg Pinang Black Tea concocted by the venerable Niao Kong.
Sour grapes or not is none of your business of bodek-kucing-dari-belakang.
Jumping to conclusion is making a fool of yourself.
Anyway, you got paid or not (for worthless trolling) is non of my concern.


reign, the battle has begun.
Be very afraid for your Niao Kong.


Tunglang ; You are right on spot. We have been … fool for so many years. Fine 30k, lie down and let it cool and after that bit by bit botak it all. By the time that last botak has been done its been too late and the developer and them will be laughing to the bank. If we don`t send this CAT back, Penang will be in its worst mess never seen before.


Welcome to the state that puts “Development Above People” ! The real question is how many more such cases that were not disclosed to people?

The yo-yo CM now says the cable car is a tourism project. If so where is the money coming from and can he show us the cost-benefit of this (yet another) white elephant ?


Maybe commentator Yang has a point.

The case of the missing Cat, last seen in 2008.


The CAT has now become a fat cat.


Literally. Fat & deaf & arrogant from too much cementing.
The point is CAT cannot work with the Feds, neither can it work with Penangites’ aspirations. It only sees Money & Swapping of Assets like a desperate ke-kang. And it is not human at all.

Awang Selamat Ori

Power corrupts absolute power corrupts absolutely!

Do you think there is corruption in the State government? They are only ruling Penang, if they are the Federal Government, don’t you think they are worse than BN?

Fikir fikirkanlah!


Bang Awang. You are not alone to think so rightly. The ways of politics + corporate (suspected) kam cheng are craftily played but a higher level than BN’s. The rule of law & justice is but a pusing + gostan + penafian theatrics of CAT. The state assembly is no more a people’s genuine representative for humanistic rule of decency & transparency of intent & purpose. Only one earthly rule it has no power of itchy paws to change or UBAH (in the manipulative politico-emo exhilaration of the masses): The UNESCO ruling for World Heritage Status George Town. Otherwise, it… Read more »


This is Niao Kong’s greatest sandiwara from 28th Flr Komtar Tower of Cement Associated Transformation (CAT) frenzies for Pulo Pinang. Suspected ‘kam cheng’ of the highest order without a tint of shame, remorse & public servant conscience of an executive position given freely based on earnest trust of Penangites. We Penangites are taken for … fools under the deceitful mantra of “Greener & Cleaner Penang”. My foot! The play-act of verbal support & show of displeasure to sue kau-kau the recalcitrant developer (after the discovery of Botak-ing) & sending ‘its’ subordinate Chow Kon Yeow to ‘ta-chheng-chi’ (face the public wrath)… Read more »