Botak Hill images they haven’t shown you

Botak Hill aerial view - Photograph: A concerned Penangite/Penang Hills Watch

The Star featured Botak Hill on its front page today, with some worrying images. But perhaps its drone did not go high enough. A concerned member of the public sent these images to Penang Hills Watch last year.

Photograph: A concerned Penangite/Penang Hills Watch

Penang Hills Watch said the photos showed “very worrying signs: gully erosion, multiple landslips and trees tumbled down by rains and instability of the slope. If left unattended, it will take a lifetime for the hill to recover!”

Photograph: A concerned Penangite/Penang Hills Watch

So much for the work to restore the hill. With the state of the degraded hills, any surprise if floods dumped mud in many parts of Penang last November? And now they are building highways, with more to come, on the hills of Penang, adding to the mess…

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M Pillay

Anil, why not organise everyone goes botak and demonstrate peacefully at Kontar this Friday?

Cygnus Knight

Get thousands of people to shave their head bald at Komtar concurrent ly to enter the Malaysia Book of Records.

Lim Goh Poh

I will go if Penang Forum will organise one.


Good in demonstration but why not organised campaigns to take buses! Foremost, pg fourmmers to take buses.

Lim Goh Poh

Most homes in Pensng also botak with concrete garden without a plant or tree. So no different.


That is the way of building a road along hillslopes. Otherwise how? Who will pg forummer do it? In the past the British built the old karak road to go to Kuantan and the mantin pass to seremban The same with old Changkat Jering road. These roads were very winding, burn more petrol resulting in polar melting and increase in co2. Of course the slow lorries causes accident as one has to make judgement in overtaking. . When british built hillslopes, no one complain? Then umno gpomen increase some stretches from one lane each way to two lanes each way… Read more »

Cygnus Knight

About time for Penang Forum folks like Salma and Mah Hui to shave head bald like Selangor Speaker Ng Suee Lim in ‘Bald and Beautiful’ to raise awareness of Botak Hill matter in Penang?


This site only know how to criticize Pena g government. Good things no mention.


A biased justice?


Yes, no solution. Most foummers travel by cars. Faster and save time as compare to taking public transport. So if there trams of brts, useage will not go up. Only ah peks, migrant workers and ah dees will take public transport. They are good in organising protests but not encouraging others to take bus. Tung lang himself grumble waiting for 50 mins for a bus and bus does not go straight. They have to drop and pick up passengers too.

Penang Lang

Like you always criticize old BN government, good things no mention. The development in Penang is scary.


What scarcely? All the flat lands are taken and developed. Of you are good. Tell us where are the flat land or land available? Where to put buses and roads? They don’t need land? Even internet need land for the towers.

Penang Lang

This is what you get for having no opposition voice in Penang.


Orso why no opposition to parties to use of cars?

Johan Khun Pana

Such steep contour is a good backdrop for a Made In Malaysia movie about planet Mars. Add an orange colour filter , use CGI to remove bushes and it is good to go.

Cygnus Knight

Penang a hub for drug syndicates

Possible reason why sime youngsters in Penang can afford to drive BMWs?

Alfred Ang

Get rich fast by illegal means? First money game, now drug trafficking. Hopefully local girls do not get into prostitution ring to get rich for branded goods.


Is this Cleaner, Greener, Safer Penang? CM Chow, I know you did a great job of ‘tha cheng chi’ (take the bullets) for Niao Kong when you faced the angry public over environment disasters like Botak Hills (not one but many). I also know you had sincere empathy for those affected by flash floods last year not least the massive flood mud damaging homes, properties & vehicles. But now, you seem to conveniently forget what you faced on ground zero last year – the disasters, the damages, the deaths, the anger & the curses. You seem to tango right away… Read more »


Why ah pek still want to complain he has to wait 50 mins for rapid bus? No compassion for over work engine taking a rest and yet telling others to show compassion

Michelle Quah

Sabrina Syed exactly

Sabrina Syed

… my goodness. These politicians nothing else but destroying just to make money.