Botak Hill: Green Adun’s defamation case tomorrow


Tanjung Bunga Adun Teh Yee Cheu is scheduled to appear at the High Court tomorrow in connection with a defamation suit filed against him over his protest and comments on the environmental degradation at Bukit Relau.

General Accomplishment Sdn Bhd and one of its directors, Tan Kok Ping, is reportedly suing Yee Cheu.

Let us express our solidarity with Yee Cheu. He speaks out of concern for Penang and as the people’s elected representative.

Meanwhile, a scaffolding structure appears to have been put up on the hill. What are they trying to do there?

Keep a close eye on this one.

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Ed G

In the article dated 18 Nov 2013 in this blog entitled ‘There will be no development in Bukit Relau: Tycoon’, Tan Kok Ping was reported to have broken his silence on the hill-clearing citing the lack of feedback from his management team. He was further quoted in the same article to have said that he was ‘willing to pay’ thousands of ringgit to ensure the land ‘returns to normal’. My comment on 19 November 2013 at 12.17pm is as follows: ‘Tan Kok Ping should prove the sincerity of his words by restoring the land to its former state without any… Read more »

tokidoki s/o rilakkuma

Hope there is no punch up like what happened to Eu Soon ( ) !


Ong Eu Soon is on the headlines of most of the Chinese newspapers today for the wrong reason, with bruised face to show. Anil’s readers ought to be careful with their words now?

wee chin

Wonder who is Tan Kok Ping greatest supporter !!!!!!!!!


Amazing that the hill remains botak till this day. Building a wall before they continue construction?


Wonder is dap lords over tan kok ping that the former can stop the latter from suing ye chiu???

Wonder who is tan kok ping’s lawyers, defamation suit ???


What I am disappointed in is the stand or lack of one taken by LGE and his gang. Why are they keeping quiet and rubbing shoulders with Tan Kok Pin when he is suing when of their reps who is speaking out for the good of the state and her ppl? Instead, they criticise BN who is far far away. We have an enemy of the state right here and they are not dealing with it. If DAP is not careful, what happened in Teluk Intan will repeat itself all over pg. If they are sincere, cut all ties with… Read more »


Why defamation suit? What is dap doing? To allow YB Teh to be sued for speaking out for the people. What kind of justice? Very sad indeed………………….


Do you know what is sandiwara


This looks like Teow Chew Pan @ New Lane of Hungry Ghost Month. Audio Effect: Cheng, Cheng, Cheng, Cheng. Thundering Voice: “Lu thiah ua e bin chui, guuuaaaaaa thiiiiiiii lu e chhuiiiiiiii”. “Lim pe se Tan, ko lu kau kauuuuuuuu” Audio Effect: Tok Cheng, Tok Cheng, Cheng, Cheng, Cheng, Cheng, Cheng, Cheng. Acting: Chasing & dancing round + round with spear & sword & Teow Chew x#y#z. And all the Si Kui at the front row of Red & Yellow seats clap in finale applause. After the show is over, all the Si Kui gather backstage to whisper: “Lu lang… Read more »


“Lu thiah ua e bin chui, guuuaaaaaa thiiiiiiii lu e chhuiiiiiiii”.
(You tear away my reputation, I sew up your mouth)
“Lim pe se Tan, ko lu kau kauuuuuuuu”
(Me Big (a Jelutong gangster lingo) with Tan surname, sue you cukup-cukup)


“Lu lang gau-gau cho hi”.
(You all clever-clever sandiwara)

Note: Orang bodoh-bodoh be eow cho hi.


Basically do not try up to stir problem with the spirits roaming in the 7th Month. Obviosly Ah Soon did not heed the warning with his recent disrespectful comment on the spirits …


Politics + corporate marriage of convenience (political support money + development leeway + kang tau) can often spell troubles. The undesirable recalcitrance of corporates tend to show the upper hand in the diabolical union of ‘I owe you, you owe me more’.
The receiving end is the Rakyat who are deemed bodoh-bodoh in the smoke-screen play-act of sandiwaras or Chinese stage shows.

Have you seen the one hundred face-changing act of Teow Chew Pan?
Sleek, deceiving & manipulative.

How I love Bruce Lee, the fighter for the marginalised people.