Botak Hill (Bukit Relau) – More photos emerge


A few more photos have emerged from a group of hikers and nature lovers showing the extent of degradation on Bukit Relau.

Check out this article on Erosion worsens on Bukit Relau despite slow repairs

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Anak Penang

LGE says no one above the law.Also will update the rakyat but…. till now, any news? We must keep on pushing LGE & the Gang.

Goh Teow Lor G

If polis can go after gangsters, why not Penangites push hard … Botak Hill Gang?


This morning stopping at the Sg Pinang Jelutong Road traffic junction, I could see the botak so clear and very much bigger. You can bet there will be more clearing. Is Kapal and son eye blind. Definitely no, they can also see it very clear but their … heart and eyes are … like BN….

Awang Selamat Ori

Sekarang dapat beli LMC ka, saudara Yang?

Macam mana nak mohon?


Awang Selamat Ori : You can get the form at 3rd floo0r Komtar and submit it but you will have to wait may be even after 5 years you will not be able to get it. But if you have kang tau you may buy it direct from the developer as some developer are selling direct. So you see you might be waiting in vain. Even if you want to buy from developer its still very hard as their staff will inform all their friends and relatives and it will be snapped up in no time better than selling kacang… Read more »


One song to share with you guys


Cheers Kopi-O kau kau to looes74.
Soon there will be no rivers left in Cosmopolitan Penang, no thanks to ‘Chay Sua Khua Hai’ fengshui pursuits of the richie & famous whose “Got Money, Can Do Anything In Penang” attitude is supported by a strait-jacketed state gomen.


I think if we monitor / publicize this botak Hill every week, the state government has no choice but will do something, right? That is the last hope for me 🙂

Anil, keeps up the good work. We, the ordinary locals will support you. Luckily you never join the rocket in last GE. All the best!


More and more photos, more and more evidence, so what ?? The PR LGE govt will not blame it on themselves or the developer but on to you the rakyat who have been taken for a ride into believing that their boll… CAT Competency, Accountability and Transparency. In fact its the same sheet as the BN UMNO lies & deceits. Don`t worry you will see more sandiwara from kapal and son. I have experience (it). A 72k LMC upgraded to 200k was being sold to a Selangor reisdent with a Selangor address while Penangite registered with the Perumahaan continue to… Read more »