Botak Hill as you have never seen it before


Why the road up Botak Hill? Some of these images were projected during a dialogue between the Penang chief minister and Penang Forum on 11 January 2014.

The photos were mostly taken by concerned Penangites during the last quarter of 2015, the rest earlier.

Many weere alarmed when they saw the road emerging in the second half of 2015. Why the road up the hill?
The MBPP is supposed to be monitoring the mitigation work.

But the Penang Forum steering committee said the mitigation work appeared to be making things worse. Calling the situation “an unmitigated disaster”, Penang Forum reps pointed out there is a big difference between restoration and mitigation. The mitigation work appeared to be undertaken by engineers whereas restoration requires ecological specialists in the field. More on this later.

This is the MBPP engineer explaining the the rationale for the road:

Are you convinced?

At the 11 January dialogue, the chief minister invited a Penang Forum rep to be part of the team monitoring the mitigation.

Peang Forum steering committee members were also invited for a site visit up the hill which will take place tomorrow.

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28 Jan 2016 8.21am

our malaysian ecologist can work against karma making young shoots into jungle boy trees like maggie mee instant noodles. why cant they do it to famous durian trees? we donf need to wait long for the durian fruits

27 Jan 2016 12.58pm

Penang Forum attendees can make an effective statement to the public to gain attention to the damaging hills created by greedy folks, by all going bald (botak). Otherwise, ost ordianary folks appear no care at all or oblivious to what’s happening.