BFM Radio interview: Tanjung Bungah tragedy – who’s to blame?


This is the BFM interview with me on the Tanjung Bungah landslide traged ythat was aired at 8.30am today across the Klang Valley. See what you make of it.

There’s a lot more I could have said, but it was just a 10-minute interview.

From BFM Radio:

Criticism of the Penang state government continues unabated following Saturday’s Tanjung Bungah landslide that has claimed 11 lives thus far. Civil society groups in Penang expressed disappointment over the alleged lackadaisical attitude of the Penang Government and elected representatives over the matter. A coalition of 20 NGOs known as Penang Forum had highlighted the issue on hillside developments since last year with the Penang Hills Watch initiative.

Today, we ask if the Penang state government responsible for the tragedy? And if their proposed “commission of inquiry” into the landslide will allow a broad investigation or will be narrowly focused.


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Waiting for the day Channel News Asia (Sumisha Naidu or Melissa Heng) interview Anil Netto, on Penang political landscape before GE14.

Eric Kuek

BFM Radio should interview Feng Shui master Lilian Too or Joey Yap next, as some buyers of the Granito @ Permai affordable housing project in Tanjung Bungah, Penang are bracing to forgo their yet-to-be built units after a fatal landslide at the construction site. Two buyers who had paid the five-digit deposit for the highrise homes costing just under RM400,000 expressed uneasiness and uncertainty after authorities ordered a suspension on construction work, theSun Daily reported on its website today. “Feng shui here has also been affected,” a 30-year-old bank worker identified only as Leow told the daily. He was reported… Read more »

Lord Jim

Lilian Too will likely sell you her feng shui merchandise to ward off the afflictions.

Andrew Aeria

Well done Anil. Tis’ a pity that Penang has been failed by this state government as well. We voted for change in 2008! Not for same!


Not for same!
Not for environmental disasters!
We didn’t ask for a CAT with scissors addiction (for hill botak-ing frenzies).


You can vote for another change. Bring back umno.then no more grouses. Any grouses see you in hotel Hilton kamunting.


Bring back Umno-Gerakan?
You will lose all those Penang road signage that have Chinese words in no time.


Russel, this shrieking is getting more & more incomprehensible!
Shrieking to get attention?


Who is to blame, konon! What about (a) Highland Towers (b) the other large landslide in the same vicinity in Ampang, KL (c) factory deaths (d) LRT and MRT deaths?

Investigating the personal wealth of the leading diplomats from neighbouring countries that supply manpower will be very revealing.

Ugly Betty Fan

Tanjung Bungah tragedy – who’s to blame?

The Penang lang. Who asked them to be so … stupid? It takes many … stupid person to put one … in charge. Good job…

BTW. Good job LGE. My Indon friend called me. Penang is so famous and featured on the world news. The publicity for this incident to Penang is more effective than all the promos from Tourism Penang.


Are you a fan of Pretty Lostma?

Gwynn Jenkins

Thanks Anil Netto


DOE rejection, NGO’s warnings, residents’ protests, Tanjung Bungah ADUN expression of concerns. Still Arrogant CAT AOKed this housing project. Now, that lives were lost, Arrogant CAT starts to meow all sorts of reasons from One Stop Agency collective AOK, flat land mah to work site errors. It still cannot reflect back on the numerous hideous hill developments gone haywire. The next landslide / land slip / boulder crash is waiting to unleash its terror. The lesson here is too apparent: CAT Gomen will never admit its mistakes to make amends (UBAH to political-developer tango) b’cos lives are cheap in Penang.… Read more »

Tan Guay Choo

Not only in Penang that hill slopes land are being cleared and developed. We have in Taiping, condo of 25 floors are build near the Bukit Larut which had and is still causing problems like floods. The residents of the tamans near this condo are worried of landslides too. When there is rain, signs of landslides are evident, as mud water flows down from the cleared land slopes. This is not the end yet, more high buildings are going to build in this area. Who can help? Complaints have been made to the relevant departments even before the building is… Read more »


This development is at hill bottom.

The BLAME GAME begins. Why is it in Malaysia its always about ‘pointing’ fingers’ rather then coming up…


Solutions after the fact of disasters is like
“let’s play with fire, we have Tiger Balm to soothe the pain!”
Everyday, I look at the frenzied Bukit Kukus hill cutting patches getting bigger & bigger at Paya Terubong (for a better view go to Eco Terraces).
My hunch (instinct) tells me something I would not like to share now.