‘No to further land reclamation,’ say Bayan Bay folks


Some 150 residents from half a dozen condominium complexes along Bayan Bay turned up this morning to register their protest against further land reclamation along Bayan Bay.

S H Tan reports from the protest this morning:

The Action Commitee comprises representatives from six condominiums in the area ie. Gold Coast Resort, Putra Marine Resort, Bay Garden, Bay Star, Villa Emas and Putra Place Condominium. It is chaired by Sharifah Hamidah.

The six complexes have 2000 condos in all, housing some 10000 residents.

Some 150 residents braved the heavy rain to attend he meeting held in the Gold Coast Resort lobby at 10.00 am.

Press statement

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A Q & A was held after the meeting, which ended at 11.30am.

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Anil is right. The likes of nkkhoo and ong eu soon are clamouring for attention. nkkhoo was clobbered by many commentators when he did his self promoting acts on the online Free Malaysia Today. Absolutely shameless.


Yes, unlike Anil, these two bloggers are merely noise makers with no proven record of constructive and realistic feedback/suggestion. nnkhoo did not respect views of his readers and counter the argument by calling names. They have been criticized badly on FMT and even on Zorro blog.


This issue is about quality of life and good governance. It also reflects poorly of our development planning system where public input is required by law. If there is no law and proper system like any developed country then there will be chaos. House buyers should have access to information from the Council about the development plan of a particular area. If the reclaimation projects were not indicated in the structure plan that was exhibited to the public, then there is something wrong with the State in allowing this to happen.


The only way to limit such development that takes a bit out of the quality of life is firstly to remove BN from Putrajaya and THEN massive investment to develop the mainland with links that is simply uneconomical.

So back to the resident – they first should complain to Putrajaya and tell BN to vacate and spend money to link the Island at big losses.


My elderly neighbour grew up in Pantai Jerejak, back in those days when it was a village next to a mangrove swamp. He can well remember where Bayan Bay sits now was tidal swampland, ya…

I do agree any proposed land reclamation has to be properly studied for environmental impact, but the natural environment and human environment. But a knee-jerk reaction isn’t the way to go…


Haha, BN already bag 10000 votes

Nazri Aziz Bukhari

Dei, … BN already won 10,000 votes? Porah! Don’t you understand what Anil wrote?

2,000 condos housing some 10,000 residents! Can’t you see that those protesting yesterday were small children? You mean all those 10,000 residents are all registered voters?

Next time, please exercise your brain a wee bit when you make your comments. You really put people off with your, should I say, stupid comments?

Please for goodness sake …, stop making a fool of yourself here. Have some pride, or don’t you at all?


Haha, if he had any pride, he wouldn’t proudly proclaim he is uneducated. His conclusions prove his self declaration.



So people with no education is no pride ???

I CHALLENGE you to ask anilnetto.com, LGE and all dap leaders to repeat your statement.

Otherwise you are just a low IQ commentator with no respect to unfortunate people.

Another thing is, why anilnetto.com alowed such malicious personal attack, when its comment guideline clearly against such intention. Show me where ‘focus on the comment and not commentator’ principle?

Why anilnetto.com and you bully GK ???


Yes discuss the issue at hand but when someone tried to intentionally off topics and influence us politically to his favoured party with inaccurate or wrong facts and figures we have the right to retort back accurately and reasonably and Yes use your head and stop making a fool of your self was aptly right


GK Nobody is bullying you, We are just pointing out the facts. No need to challenge here or there. Just make your facts right. No half truth and true lies like your mentor PM and party UMNO & BN and we will not able to bully you if you want to put it that way


Finally. Hit the jackpot. Just make sure you do what you ask of others, e.g. gila??? komen bodoh etc.

Nazri summed it up quite well. If you expect people to listen to you, don’t come up with ridiculous assumptions to try to shore up support for your crusade.


Good one. Very logic. This are the type of comments we want to read.


Even small children understand the issue but big fools like those in power now don’t.


It’s good small children understand issues affecting them. It’s just that some people who are in bigger power say they shouldn’t be used as shields and should concentrate on their studies. And when they turn up at demonstrations abroad, these people also suggest they are too young to understand issues.

Good thing they are not shields here.


p.s. the shield children from the Reformasi era have reached voting age now.

Anyone remember the Pepsi logo: Choice of a new generation? Hahahahaha.


Gurney Drive will soon lose its beach front (if not already lost) with more reclaimation. I fully agree with what all of you have said above. My only issue is that the traffic along that place is horrendous now in front of Gold Coast, Putra Marine and Putra Place. So many cars parked on the main road because of the lack of car parks inside, For all projects above a certain price level, MPPP must put a minimum 2 car-park per household requirement. We can keep saying Public Transportation must improve, hoevever, when will that happen? Until then people will… Read more »


Sokonglah penggunaan public transport di penang.
Send some comments menyokong Anil untuk public transport yang lebih sempurna dan baik.

Penangites tolong PUT EGOs away and don’t drive cars unnecessarily and pakai Rapidpenang buses !!!


Typical selfish group. They have bought property and stayed in the reclaim land, yet urge not to reclaim any more land. Wah… suddenly these groups become earth lover, so care about earth…These groups made no different from the ones stayed in Coastal Tower, Twin Tower in Tanjung Bungah, themselves stayed on top of the hill, yet urge govt not to develop anymore hillside condo.


Everybody wants his / her best things in life.
It doesn’t matter now who has it first in the first place. No seconders it seems!

I want Penang Heritage in culturally sensitive / vulnerable places intact and preserved for future generations.
No amount of money can exchange or corrupt my view on that. Not even a reclaimed island with 2 coconut trees and a green glassed home in the middle of Penang Channel.

Syiok Syiok

Putra Marine Resort folks not aware that their condo balcony view on Jerejak Island will be blocked when new development over reclaimed land ?

Looks like the property value there might be severely affected now that reclaimation work is sure to be carried out.


When one purchases a property, there is no guarantee that the view you buy will always be there. There is even no guarantee that the empty plot of jungle beside your condominium will not be invaded by another monstrous project, just as your condominium had earlier intruded upon the landed property in that vicinity. My landed property in a popular quiet residential area on the island had also, some years ago, been invaded by such intruders. Frustrated, I moved out and bought a house in a fully developed cul-de-sac area in Penang. That’s the only way to ensure that I… Read more »

Syiok Syiok

If no greater penang at greater bayan when further reclaimation joined up penang island with pulau jerejak !


True, then the Bayan Bay condo residents can have nature reserves at their doorstep! No need to pay further maintenance fee. How marvellous.


Aren’t those residents protesting living on reclaim land?? So what now. You can buy reclaim houses or condos, why can’t others reclaim and sell theirs. Damn selfish.


That’s right. If the residents and property owners at Taman Saw Kit had successfully complained, the whole seafront of Bayan Bay would not have existed.

It is not right to prevent other from moving in just because they are there first.

What they are entitled to is an assurance or even guarantee from the authorities that the traffic dispersal system is according to acceptable standard.


Its political instigation in view of the coming election

Pretty Obvious

I agree. What goes around comes around. These people are a bunch of hypocrites.

Traffic dispersal is potentially a problem and is the responsibility of the state government and so is the duty of the same government to provide housing whether it is by the state or by the private sector to cater for a population that will inevitably increase over time.

Yu Beng

My son asked me why did they build Penang bridge when they could reclaim land to join the island to Butterworth.

He is only 6 year old after witnessing those land reclaimation in Penang.


If you look at the Butterworth pier, its just a matter of 3/4 of a mile wide. It can be easily reclaimed. But no I want the island as it is, the heritage intact for future generations. Yes agree with TungLang

Warga Emas

I bought Villa Emas to enjoy seaview.
Then reclaimed land in front of my block by Gold Coast Condo block our sea view.
So now I shall buy new project on reclaimed shore in front of Goad Coast Condo to get better view of Jerejak & Penang bridge.

Why don’t Gold Coat Condo buyers care about we Villa Emas residents before ??
So stop being hypocrites.

Reclaimation is commercial and don’t make it too political. YB Sim currently has served us well !


any cheap sale lelong of properties along bayan bay after reclaimation started, do let bargain hunters like us know, ok ?


Gold Coast condo residents should compensate Villa Emas residents as a goodwll gesture for that reason.

Otherwise, they should not deter others from reclaiming land in front of their condo.

Maybe this is the working of karma?