Batu Ferringhi residents launch petition against overdevelopment


Batu Ferringhi residents have launched an online petition expressing concern about high-rise high-density projects that could mar the tranquil setting (what remains of it) of this popular coastline.

This is the link to the petition.

Meanwhile, the Penang Structure Plan 2005-2020, which is the overriding planning document for Penang (just below the National Physical Plan), has this to say about the area. Note the densities specified:

Priority Areas and Development Corridors

DSU5 Secondary development corridors will focus on upgrading and controlled development, low scale and low to medium density; for purpose of housing development, limited tourism/eco tourism, limited commercial, agro industry, handicraft industry and other village development of low impact.

DSU5 L1 to define development in the Secondary Development Corridor as follows:

Tanjong Bungah – Telok Bahang Corridor represents the existing tourism corridor which has undergone rapid development with 5 star hotels. Infill development that is low to medium density will be permitted for zones that have been designated for general housing (15 units per acre), low density housing (6 units per acre), and general /limited tourism and commercial (plot ratio 1:1). Features of natural beauty such as beach resorts, hills and forests will continue to be preserved as main assets of development in the corridor. For Telok Bahang, village development and eco tourism will be given focus with the Pulau Pinang National Park as the main focal point. Local commercial development that will be encouraged are support activities to tourism development in this corridor….

DSU9 L3: Develop settlements that have functions and specific characteristics according to their potential and uniqueness.

Batu Feringghi, Tanjong Bungah and Telok Bahang are settlements identified as having specific function as Tourism Centres (Beach Coastal Towns)

DS14 To consolidate and improve the tourism industry as one of the main economic generatrors in the state of Penang to the third sector 52% and second sector of 45% in the year 2010.

DS14 L4: Conserve and safeguard the physical environment and heritage which are considered as major tourism products.

If at all the Structure Plan is out of date, then it has to go through a proper review process and be put for public display and feedback.  It cannot be arbitrarily overridden.

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24,000 private homes in S’pore sitting empty–sector.html

I think there are many vacant units in completed condominium projects in Penang as there were no lights at night. Supply exceeding demand?

Property bubble could burst soon in Asia as it is reported that many property agents in Singapore and Taiwan have quit along with the closure of many property agencies.


I think Ken is blogger nkkhoo from Muar who used to comment frequently on this blog.

gk ong

Hawker Foo Wah Wye, 68, who has live in Kpg Chetty for 40 years, said the residents could not oppose the project as they were residing on private land. He said each house in the village is compensated for with a low-medium cost apartment on the site. “They are compensating us with a 3-bedroom apartment measuring 700 sqft, which is supposed to be ready by 2017,” he said. “We are poor people and we do not oppose this project,” he added. “We want it to be completed fast.” He said he moved out after receiving a lump sum of RM14,400… Read more »


For your info they are being given preference for the apartment at 70,000 and its not free. Once they have been alloted they will have to see the developer to sign the S & P. and apply for a bank loan. When they see the developer, the unit will not be just 70k. There will (allegedly) be 2 agreement. The first agreement for 70k and the second agreement upgrade with some tile will come to approximately 110-150k. The total cost of the house (allegedly) will be from 180k to 220k. This is a govt that bluffing … the people that… Read more »


should be thankful that you can get a free unit from the developer.


Thankful with caution, my friend.
Nothing is absolute vodka free.
Unless one is prepared to fork our hard earned money to top-up a ‘freebie’.


Ambalan ; Check out the fact first before commenting its free.


iSupercally please advise Hawker Foo Wah Wye accordingly if your allegation is true.

gk ong

NST today frontpage headlined Kampung Baru 2.0, heralding high rise high density in the traditional malqy enclaves in KL. Apparently all cities in Malaysia are facing such development, not just in Penang.

Kampung living is fast vanishing in the cities.

raja raj

It reminds me of the 330-acre of prime land of JB’s malay enclave Kampng Majidee that has been acquired by Southkey for mixed development consisting Mid Valley Megamall (to be the largest shopping mall in Southern region) and Mosaic Condominium (marketed as ‘Opulent Skyline Living). See

The malay residents of Kampung Majidee cashed out for durian runtuh to enjoy true kampung living in the hinterland of Iskandar.

gk ong

Some 100 residents protesting the development of the Datum Jelatek luxury condominium in Taman Keramat, Selangor, today turned aggressive and broke into the construction site to halt a project that they felt would turn the area into a “Chinese district”.

The malays fear they could not afford those expensive condominiums. So it is good to have mixed development of high end and affordable homes in a single area.


Now you wake up (in fear or tremble)?
As I predicted many moons earlier, the people may take matters in their own hands.
Cheers Kopi-O kau kau to this precedence of people’s reaction.

Karma is unfolding, my dear. Never underestimate the bo-bin-chui + bo-lui.


Look at it from the socialist point of view with an open mind sans May 13 threats. People are fed up being treated as pawns in this emigration commodities business by politicians who see nothing but aggrandisement of land development not for the Rakyat but for its own political portfolio & corporate ‘kam cheng’ interests, which fool the undiscerning from investors to bankers to UNHRC. This is not a sole unique case of people’s revolt but a repetition of such injustices worldwide. Which gomen you want: A gomen that cares more for greedy corporate interest to the extent of selling… Read more »

gk ong

No need to evoke May 13.

Sometimes we forget that if rakyat have high income, then there is no issue of affordability of house ownership.

Under BN, the country cannot proper with high income due to factors like low efficiency, no meritocracy, over reliance on foreign labour, low productivity, poor governance, high corruption, outflow of talents, racism, … resulting in low value Ringgit while living on slogans, elusive visions, and high debts.

Look across the causeway and you will see the difference.


PKNS confirms that 1,097 Bumiputera buyers have registered their interest to buy 674 units of Datum Jelatek condominium in Taman Keramat, dispelling claims by some that the project would turn the area into ‎a “Chinese district”.

Blogger nkkhoo said Perkasa and Umno malay radicals are twisting the facts to bash Pakatan:

roger woo

Danga Bay in JB will soon become a new Chinatown as many condominiums there are sold to PRC and Singapore chinese. It is a unique feature of Iskandar development.

Annie Kheng

Housing Crisis for Generation Y:

Ridiculous property prices and the tightening of housing loans have made it nigh impossible for young working adults to buy their first homes without help from their parents. Are we producing a generation of renters?


Annie, absolute vodka! The future generations are going to rent than to own their homes, sweet, homes. Smart phones, MyVis & credit spending take precedence – all in the name of bin-chui. The social scene is changing, the young are going to be lifelong slaves to financial institutions. As for unaffordable homes, I will squarely blame it manipulation of land prices, speculation of properties & false marketing of unattainable lifestyles to create demand over supply. The chase of such dreams lead to reckless spending. The rat race will go longer & harder. Pity those X, Y & what else generations… Read more »


I think a Baby Boomer like you should not worry too much for your kids.

Take this as an opportunity for them to strive harder to earn the money to purchase their own home. Do not adopt NEP approach by providing ‘tongkat’ to assist them in home purchase as you will actually hurt their competitive spirit in the real world. Use your money for your retirement (do not count on your kids to support you in later years) and go for overseas holiday to see the world while your Ringgit still has the value.


Harjeet is right. Do not add stress to your old age worrying for your kid’s affordability to buy a home.

Gen Y should be able to figure it out if you have done your part to provide them a good education to get good paying job. Enjoy your retirement days with your CPF travelinga broad for holiday (Switzerland is more expensive now with the sudden appreciation of Swiss Franc along with the plummeting value of Ringgit).

gk ong


Most of us do not work in Singapore, so no CPF in SingDollar but only EPF in Ringgit that is facing pressure of constant depreciation, that could possibly be offset by BR1M.


This was what I saw from HK in the direction of Macau when I was on assignment in Shenzhen in 2005:
Lantau Island of giant towers – almost 60 storey high.

To me, what I saw were ‘joss-sticks’ monstrosity, which I fear now is being copy-cat by CAT.
Is that what we want? For lack of excuses than more tower housing of higher density reaching the foot of heavens?


The giant Buddha at Lantau Island is great for Buddhism and has earned Hong Kong tourist dollars!

raja raj

If you want to monstrosity of your faith, go to Sao Paolo to see Christ the Redeemer outstretching hands to embrace you.

gk ong

Tunglang should have gone to the Phillipines to witness Pope Francis who is unlikely to set foot on Malaysia.


Sorry, I am happy I didn’t go to Philippines.
After Pope’s visit, earthquakes of 4.9 magnitude in Mati, Davao Oriental, Philippines!
Something is seriously wrong.
Not to be rude, whatever one’s religion is, no amount of outstretching embracing for big public show of one’s religious face will redeem oneself from the wrath of God.

Humility in the heart is much much better than all the cosmopolitan bling-bling to showcase ‘one has arrived’ but hopeless … in the eyes of social justice.

Now, at least I can save more money for my eco-purpose trips to the Belum Rainforest.

gk ong

Is this depriving the lower or middle income groups the opportunity to live in Batu Feringghi?

Or the existing residents selfishly trying to protect the exclusivity and perceived high value of their properties?

Ponder these 2 points before signing the petition.

Penang Is Not Hong Kong

Why ponder?
Penang is losing its unique charm day by day.
Money cannot buy back its glory, but this petition can stop this trend of madness to develop every inch of Penang.
With proper planning, every rich, middle-income and poor Penangite will have a home.

Penang is not Hong Kong. Your 2 points are poor excuses too lame to consider.


Spot on Penang not Hong Kong

Lovers Isle Lover

Go read the many reasons for signing and sign the petition.
More than 2 points to ponder.

Annie Kheng

Actually it is good to have affordable homes in Batu Feringghi and Tanjung Bungah.
The children from the ‘High Society’ can then mix freely with those from poor families.
This will reduce elitism in our society and narrow the rich-poor divide.

Hopefully BN can have more public transportation here as promised by Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor:

roger woo

I agree fully.
Good to have affordable homes in Batu Feringghi.

Kah Seng

Some links to nearby Tanjong Bungah maps that include the 2000 Blue Print maps, 2005 Structural Plan maps, the Halcrow Report scanned. If someone can give me the latest Structural Plan in soft copy, I can put them up